You are currently viewing Essay on International Labour day for School Students

Essay on International Labour day for School Students

Essay on International Labour day: Labor Day is also called by these names-

  • labour day
  • labor day
  • may Day
  • May Day
  • Labor Day
  • International Workers’ Day

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Essay on International Labour day

When is Labor Day celebrated?

International Labor Day is celebrated all over the world on “1st May”. The progress of any country depends on the farmers and workers (labourers / artisans) of that country. Just as a strong “foundation” has an important role to erect and support a house, in the same way workers (employees) have a special role to build a society, country, industry, institution, business.

Labor Day is considered the brainchild of Peter McGuire , who was a carpenter and union leader.

History of Majdoor Diwas in Hindi

Labor Day is said to be a popular festival day of the world. This day is dedicated to the working class who, by shedding their blood and sweat, make an invaluable contribution to the progress of that country by working day and night in different parts of the world. On turning the pages of history, one gets to know the reason for the beginning of the practice of celebrating Labor Day. which is something like this-

The Haymarket incident in the city of Chicago, USA

In the year 1886, on May 4, there was a gathering of workers at Haymarket Square in the city ​​of Chicago . The workers went on general strike at that time. The main reason for the strike was to make the workers unaccounted for. The laborers wanted that they should not be made to work more than eight hours a day. Local police were also present there so that no untoward incident should happen on the spot. Then suddenly a bomb was thrown at the crowd by some unknown person. Due to this incident, the Chicago police present there took action to disperse the crowd of workers and started firing on the crowd. Some of the protesters died in this incident. This incident related to the problem of the working class attracted the attention of the whole world.

After this, it was announced at the International Socialist Conference in 1889 that May 1 would be celebrated as International Labor Day in memory of the innocent people killed in the Haymarket massacre and this day would be a holiday for all workers and workers.

The purpose of celebrating Labor Day

The condition of the working class and working class in the earlier times was very pathetic. The laborers were made to work for ten to fifteen hours a day. The work places were so odd and unfavorable that there used to be incidents of sudden death of laborers at work there. Due to these circumstances, some workers’ problem solving unions and socialist unions in America started raising their voice for the welfare of the workers.

Later in the year 1884, in the National Convention of the city of Chicago, the working time for the working class was fixed at 8 hours per day. It was a historic decision. May Day was first celebrated in India in 1923 in Chennai.

How is Labor Day celebrated?

Labor Day is declared a holiday in many countries. The working class organizes big rallies on this day. On the day of May, the working class gather at a particular place and organize special programs. The conference is organized on this day by the International Labor Organization (ILO). For the progress and progress of the working class of the country, many times special aid and gifts are also offered by the government to the working class on this day.

This type of help is provided free or at low cost in the form of ration, clothes, education, pucca house loan at cheap interest, jobs or in any other form. Labor awareness programs are broadcast on Labor Day by broadcast media like TV, newspaper, and radio and big politics also make many important announcements for the welfare of the working class on this day.

The rationale of Labor Day at present

More than a hundred and fifty years have passed since the beginning of Labor Day. There are no such problems now than before, nor are there only big and strong labor unions left to celebrate Labor Day. Now most of the jobs have also changed from blue collar to white collar.

That is why some people are of the opinion that now this festival has no importance. But we should not forget that if this day had not started, we would not have been able to think about the rights which we use so easily today and perhaps even today the working conditions in offices and factories would not have been good.

If the workers did not show unity on the day of Labor Day, then perhaps even today we would be working seven days a week and lakhs of crores of children would also be facing the brunt of child labor , and pregnant women also struggling to get leave. Therefore, we should not forget the contribution of Labor Day and celebrate this day with joy and gaiety.

Should white collar workers give Labor Day a facelift?

In today’s fast-paced life, a person leaves office but is unable to leave work. Millions of people work for hours on laptops and computers even after coming home. So in a way today’s white collar workers have replaced the blue collar workers of tomorrow. In such a situation, perhaps these workers should ask for time to live their part of their lives… should raise their voice and provide a platform to their talk on Labor Day.