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10 lines on my Dream House / Few Lines Home on my dream home

Hello reader, Owning a dream house in a well developed city is a dream for everyone. And, many kids / students get the home work to write few lines on my dream house topics. In this 10 lines essay on my dream home, student try to portray the picture of their dream home using words.

Here, we have provided a version on this essay which kids can use for their school homework or edit it if required

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10 lines on my Dream House

  1. My dream home has a pretty garden
  2. The front door is of bright red color
  3. It has big windows and doors
  4. Drawing room walls are painted with pink colors
  5. The kitchen wall is of blue color
  6. Bedroom is decorated with flowers
  7. Outside, there is a pool
  8. It has lots of rooms
  9. My dream house has a big terrace
  10. The terrace is open so that I can view stars at night

Few Lines Home on my dream home

  1. My dream house is like a cute cottage surrounded by a beautiful garden.
  2. The front door of my dream house is bright green color
  3. There are many big windows that let the sunlight come inside
  4. The living room has big and soft sofa with lots of flowers
  5. It also has a fireplace to keep me warm.
  6. The kitchen is very big with lots of fruits
  7. The wall of my bedroom is decorated with cute wall papers
  8. There is swimming pool in my backyard
  9. It also has a small house for my pet dog
  10. The terrace is open and very big