10 Lines Essay on Save Water in English – Few Sentences / Short essay

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10 Lines Essay on Save Water in English

10 Lines Essay on Save Water in English

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10 Lines on Save Water in English

  1. Water is an essential resource for the existence of life and life cannot live without water.
  2. It is the second most important element for the existence of life after air.
  3. Every living being like human, animal, plant and tree all need water for existence.
  4. For humans, apart from drinking water is used for cooking, bathing, washing clothes etc.
  5. Water is a precious gift of nature, which is also used in agriculture and other industrial sector.
  6. Lack of water leads to problems like sanitation issues, drought, poverty and hunger.
  7. Lack of water is also responsible for pollution, global warming, various diseases etc.
  8. Lakhs of people either die or migrate from places where there is a scarcity of water.
  9. The scarcity of water has turned the fertile area into a barren land where nothing can be grown.
  10. Water conservation, reducing wastage, afforestation and water recycling can be beneficial to save water.

15 Lines on Save Water in English

  1. Without water, human life and any creature on earth cannot be imagined.
  2. There are two types of water, one is sweet water and the other is salt water.
  3. Sweet water is potable, whereas salty water we cannot drink, it is mostly found in the sea.
  4. There is a continuous shortage of water from the earth, so we should save more and more water.
  5. Apart from drinking water, it is also used to generate electricity.
  6. Apart from this, it is used for farming.
  7. Our earth consists of 71% water but only 3% of it is fit for drinking.
  8. Most of the earth is surrounded by rivers and oceans.
  9. Trees and plants also need water.
  10. Water contains hydrogen and oxygen.
  11. We should conserve water and save it from wastage.
  12. The open running tube must be closed.
  13. Rain water should be used for washing clothes.
  14. Must be away from factories, reservoirs so that water is not polluted.
  15. Water is life, and it needs to be saved in order to survive.

Some Lines on Save Water in English (Few Sentences)

  1. Saving water is an initiative of water conservation.
  2. Water is a tasteless, colourless, odorless substance, which is present everywhere in the world.
  3. It covers about 71% of the earth’s surface through seas and oceans.
  4. If we want civilization to progress, we have to start saving water.
  5. Water scarcity is the result of drought, contamination and pollution.

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