Delhi University Syllabus 2019-20: Download DU Entrance Exam Syllabus

Delhi University syllabus 2019-20 is available here for all streams and for all semester like B.a, B.Com, B.Sc, Honours or programme courses. All the students who are currently studying can download University of Delhi Syllabus PDF from this pages. With wide variety of sources available like UG, PG, PhD, Mphil and much more Delhi university is known to be the most popular university in which student from through the world come for study.

Delhi University syllabus 2019-20

Students can download the DU Syllabus 2019 form the links given below.

Commerce & Business StudiesDepartment of CommercesMaster of Commerce (M.Com.)Master of Business Administration (International Business) MBA(IB)Master of Business Administration (Human Resource Development) MBA(HRD)
Department of Financial StudiesMaster of Business Administration (Finance) (MBA) (Finance)
Applied Social Sciences and HumanitiesDepartment of Business EconomicsMBA (Business Economics)
Music & Fine ArtsDepartment of MusicM.A. Hindustani Music (Vocal/Instrumental-Sitar/ Sarod/ Guitar/ Violin/ Santoor) M.A. Karnatak Music (Vocal/ Instrumental (Veena/ Violin)M.A. Hindustani Music – Percussion (Tabla/Pakhawaj) 
ScienceDepartment of AnthropologyM.Sc. AnthropologyM.Sc. Forensic Science
 Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Centre for Biomedical ResearchM.Sc. Biomedical Science Course
Department of BotanyM.Sc. Botany
Department of ChemistryM.Sc. Chemistry
Department of Environmental StudiesM.A./M.Sc. Environmental Studies
Department of GeologyM.Sc. Geology
Department of Physics & AstrophysicsM.Sc. Physics 
Department of ZoologyM.Sc. Zoology
Department of Home ScienceM.Sc. Food and NutritionM.Sc. Human Development and Childhood StudiesM.Sc. Development Communication and ExtensionM.Sc. Resource Management and Design ApplicationM.Sc. Fabric and Apparel SciencePost-Graduate Diploma in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition – PGDDPHNPost-Graduate Diploma in Health and Social Gerontology – PGDHSG
 Pt. Deendayal Upadhyaya National Institute for Persons with PhysicaMaster in Prosthetics and Orthotics (MPO) two year duration (Annual)Bachelor in Prosthetics and Orthotics (BPO) 4½years duration (Annual)Introduction of new course curriculum of Part Time Bachelor in Prosthetics and Orthotics condensed course (only for three batches) two years duration (Annual) excluding internship. 
Inter-disciplinary & Applied SciencesDepartment of Bio-ChemistryM.Sc. Biochemistry
Department of ElectronicsMaster of Science (Electronics).
Department of GeneticsMaster of Science (Genetics)
Institute of Informatics & Communication (IIC)Master of Science in Informatics (M.Sc. Informatics)
Department of Plant Molecular BiologyMaster of Science in Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (PMBB) course.
Department of MicrobiologyMaster of Science in Microbiology.
Department of BiophysicsM.Sc. Biophysics
Mathematical SciencesDepartment of MathematicsM.A./ M.Sc. Mathematics
 Department of Operational ResearchMaster of Operational Research course (MOR)
 Department of Computer ScienceMaster of Computer ApplicationsM.Sc. Computer ScienceMCS-210 (Deep Learning)MCA-526 (Deep Learning)MCA-Deep Learning MCA-410
 Department of StatisticsM.A./M.Sc. Statistics
ArtsDepartment of EnglishM.A. English
 Department of PersianM.A. Persian
 Department of HindiM.A. Hindi
 Department of PsychologyM.A. PsychologyM.A. Applied Psychology
 Department of MIL & Literary StudiesM.A. in TamilM.A. in BengaliM.A. in Comparative Indian Literature
 Department of PhilosophyM.A. Philosophy
 Department of Germanic & Romance StudiesM.A. in Italian StudiesM.A. in French StudiesM.A. in German StudiesM.A. in Hispanic Studies
 Department of Slavonic & Finno Ugrian StudiesM.A. Russian
 Department of Library & Information SciencePost-Graduate courses B.LISc. and M.LISc.
 Department of UrduM.A. Urdu
 Department of ArabicM.A. Arabic
 Department of SanskritM.A. Sanskrit
 Department of Buddhist StudiesM.A. Buddhist Studies
 Department of PunjabiM.A. Punjabi.
 Department of LinguisticsM.A. Linguistics.
Social ScienceDepartment of Adult Continuing Education & ExtensionM.A. Lifelong Learning & Extension
 Department of East Asian StudiesM.A. East Asian Studies
 Department of GeographyM.A. Geography
 Department of HistoryM.A. History
 Department of Political ScienceM.A. Political Science
 Department of Social WorkM.A. Social Work
 Department of SociologyM.A. Sociology
 Department of EconomicsM.A. Economics
Cluster Innovation CentreCluster Innovation CentreM.Sc. (Mathematics Education)
LawBachelor of Law (LL.B.)LL.M. (2 year/3year)
Management StudiesMaster of Business Administration (MBA) (Full Time)Master of Business Administration (Health Care Administration)Master of Business Administration (Executive)
Mathematical SciencesDepartment of Mathematical SciencesB.Sc. (Hons.) MathematicsB.Sc. (Programme) Physical Sciences/Mathematical Sciences.B.A. (Programme) Mathematics based papers.B.Sc. (Programme) Analytical Chemistry.Generic Elective (GE) for Honours Courses.Generic Elective (GE) for B.A./ B.Com. Courses.
Department of StatisticsB.Sc. (Hons.) Statistics.B.A. (Programme) Statistics based papers.B.Sc. (Programme) Mathematical Sciences.
Department of Computer ScienceB.Sc. (Hons.) Computer Science Programme.B.Sc. Programme Physical/ Mathematical Sciences.B.A. (Programme) Discipline Course in Computer Application.General Electives for Hons./ Non-Hons. Programs.
Department of Operational ResearchO.R. papers for B.Sc. Mathematical Sciences.O.R. papers for B.A. Programme.General Elective courses for B.A. (Hons.)/ B.Com. (Hons.)/B.Sc. (Hons.).
Faculty of Commerce & Business StudiesDepartment of CommerceB.Com. (Hons.)B.Com. (Pass).B.A. (Programme) Commerce based papers.
Faculty of ScienceBhaskaracharya College of Applied SciencesB.Sc. (Hons.) Polymer Science.Sri Venkateswara CollegeB.Sc. (Hons.) Biological Science. 
 Department of BotanyB.Sc. (Hons.) Botany.B.Sc. Programme Applied Life Sciences with Agrochemicals and Pest Management (Botany Component)B.Sc. Programme in Life Sciences(Botany Component).
Department of AnthropologyB.Sc. (Hons.) Anthropology.
Department of Environmental StudiesSix month Ability Enhancement compulsory course (AECC-I), Environmental Studies.
Department of Home ScienceB.Sc. (Hons.) Home Science.B.Sc. (Hons.) Food Technology.B.Sc. (Prog.) Home Science.B.A. Programme Home Science based papers:Nutrition Health Education.Food Technology.Apparel Design & Construction.Human Development & Family Empowerment.
Department of ZoologyB.Sc. (Hons.) Zoology.B.Sc. (Programme) Life Sciences.B.Sc. (Programme) Applied Life Science with Agrochemicals & Pest Management.
Ambedkar Centre for Biomedical ResearchB.Sc. (Hons.) Biomedical Science.
Department of GeologyB.Sc. (Hons.) Geology.
Department of Physics & AstrophysicsB.Sc. (Hons.) Physics.B.Sc. Physical Sciences (Discipline Physics).B.Sc. Physical Sciences (Discipline Electronics).
 Department of ChemistryB.Sc. (Hons.) ChemistryB.Sc. (Programme) Life Science.B.Sc. (Programme) Physical Science.B.Sc. Applied Life Sciences with Agrochemicals and Pest Management.B.Sc. Analytical Chemistry.B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry.
Faculty of Music & Fine ArtsDepartment of MusicB.A. (Hons.) Hindustani Music (Vocal/ Instrumental).B.A. (Hons.) Karnatak Music (Vocal/ Instrumental).B.A. (Hons.) Hindustani Music – Percussion (Tabla/ Pakhawaj).B.A. (Prog.) Hindustani Music based paper.Generic Elective (GE) – Hindustani Music for other Hons. Courses.
Inter-disciplinary & Applied SciencesDepartment of BiochemistryB.Sc. (Hons.) Biochemistry.
Department of MicrobiologyB.Sc. (Hons.) Microbiology.
Department of Electronic ScienceB.Sc. (Hons.) Electronic Science.B.Sc. (Hons.) Instrumentation.
Department of Physical Education & Sports SciencesB.Sc. (P.E., H.E.& S.) Programme.
Applied Social Sciences & HumanitiesB.A. (Hons.) Multi Media and Mass Communication.Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS).Bachelor of Business Administration (Financial Investment Analysis) BBA(FIA).B A (Hons) Business Economics.B.Voc. (Retail and Logistics Management).B.Voc. ( E-Taxation and E-Accounting).B.Voc. (Applied Computer Sciences).B.Voc. (Forensic Science Techniques).B.Voc. (Communication and Mass Media Production).B.Voc. (Multimedia, e-Learning and m-Learning). 
ArtsDepartment of ArabicB.A. (Hons.) Arabic.B.A. (Programme) Arabic.
Department of Buddhist StudiesB.A. (Prog.) Buddhist Studies. 
 Department of Germanic & Romance StudiesB.A. (Hons.) French.B.A. (Hons.) German.B.A. (Hons.) Italian.B.A. (Hons.) Spanish.B.A. (Prog.) French.B.A. (Prog.) German.B.A. (Prog.) Spanish.
Department of LinguisticsB.A. Programme Linguistics.
Department of Modern Indian Languages and Literary StudiesB.A. (Hons.) Bengali.UG Course Bengali.UG Course Sindhi.UG Course Tamil.UG Course Telugu.MIL core Courses (Assamese, Gujrati, Kannada, Malayalam, Manipuri, Marathi, Odia).
Department of PersianB.A. (Hons.) Persian.B.A. Programme Persian.
Department of PhilosophyB.A. (Hons.) Philosophy.B.A. Programme Philosophy.
Department of PsychologyB.A. (Hons.) Psychology.B.A. (Hons.) Applied Psychology.
Department of PunjabiB.A. (Hons.) Punjabi.And Other Honours Courses.
 Department of SanskritB.A. (Hons.) Sanskrit.Undergraduate Course for Sanskrit.
Department of UrduB.A. (Hons.) Urdu.B.A. (Prog.)/B.Com. (Prog.) Urdu.
 Department of HindiB.A. (Prog.) Hindi.B.Com. (Prog.) Hindi.B.A. (Prog.) Prayojanmoolak Hindi.B.A. (Hons.) Hindi.B.A. (Hons.) Hindi Patrakarita evam Jansanchar.
 Department of EnglishConsolidated Syllabus of BA(H) English Semester 1 Syllabus of English Paper in B.A.(Prog.) Consolidated Syllabus of BA(H) English Semester 1B.A. (Hons.)English General Elective Course in Semester -1  B.A. (Hons. ) English Discipline Course in Semester-1B.A(Hons) English – Core Course 1 and 2 in Semester-1 B.A.(Hons.)_ Journalism in English Semester-1
Cluster Innovation CentreCluster Innovation CentreB. Tech. (Information Technology & Mathematical Innovations).B.A. (Hons.) (Humanities & Social Sciences).
Social SciencesDepartment of EconomicsB.A. (Hons.) Economics.B.A. (Prog.) Economics.B.Com. (Prog.) General Elective Course.Introduction of syllabus of Basic Computational Techniques for Data Analysis paper of Department of Economics in B.A. Programme (CBCS) SEC IV (6th Semester).Department of GeographyB.A. (Hons.) Geography and B.A./B.Sc. (Prog.) Geography.
Department of Social WorkB.A. (Hons.) Social Work.
Department of Adult Continuing Education & ExtensionGeneric Elective Courses for B.A. (Hons.) Journalism.
College of Vocational StudiesB.A. (Vocational Studies) Human Resource Management.B.A. (Vocational Studies) Management and Marketing of Insurance.B.A. (Vocational Studies) Marketing Management and Retail Business.B.A. (Vocational Studies) Material Management.B.A. (Vocational Studies) Office Management & Secretarial Practice.B.A. (Vocational Studies) Small and Medium Enterprises.B.A. (Vocational Studies) Tourism Management.
 Department of HistoryB.A.(Hons.)History Semester-1 and History paper in B.A. (Prog.) Semester-1
 Department of Political ScienceB.A.(Hons.)Political Science Course Semester- IPolitical Science Course in BA Prog Semester- I
 Department of Sociology
B.A. (Hons.) Sociology Semester-I (Discpline Specific Elective Course)Urban SociologyAgrarian SociologyEnvironmental SociologySociology of WorkSHM_ModifiedIST_ModifiedVisual CultureReading EthnographiesB.A. (Hons.) Sociology Semester-I (Generic Elective Course)GE 01 Indian Society Images and RealitiesGE 02 Family and IntimacyGE 03 Rethinking DevelopmentGE 04 Gender and ViolenceGE 05 Sociology of Social MovementsGE 06 Sociology of EducationGE 07 Sociology of MediaGE 08 Population and SocietyB.A. (Hons.) Sociology Semester-I (Skill Enhancement Course)SEC 01_RWRSEC 02 TEFMB.A. (Hons.) Sociology Semester-I (Core Course)CC 01 Introduction to Sociology ICC 02 Sociology Of India-1CC 03 Introduction to Sociology IICC 04 Sociology of India II_ModifiedCC 05 _Political SociologyCC 06 Sociology of ReligionCC 07 Sociology of GenderCC 08 Economic SociologyCC 09 Sociology of KinshipCC 10 Social StratificationCC 11 Sociological Thinkers ICC 12 Sociological Research Methods-ICC 13 Sociological Thinkers IICC 14 Sociological Research Methods-II
EducationB.A. (Prog.) Education.
Medical SciencesAmendment in the MDS Ordinance.

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