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earn money from mobile Without Investment

How to earn money from mobile Without Investment For Students

How to earn money from mobile:  Money is not everything but without money nothing happens and this is the reason why money is necessary for every person. This is the reason why nowadays people run after jobs to earn money and spend thousands and lakhs of rupees in education to get a good job. But it is not necessary that you do any job or business to earn money. In today’s technology-rich era, there are many other ways to earn money. You can earn a lot of money even sitting at home. For this you will not need much, you just need a Smartphone and Internet Pack, and with its help you can save a lot of money. But how? Let us know in this post

How to earn money from mobile

In today’s post, we are going to tell you 7 easy ways to earn money from mobile , with the help of which you can easily earn money. So let’s start.

1. Earn money from  mobile with your skills  :

In today’s time, if anything gets you the most employment then it is your ability i.e. your skills. If you have any kind of skills which are related to the Internet, then you can easily earn a lot of money with the help of your skills with the help of your SmartPhone. If you do not have any skills which are related to Internet then you can learn them. Like you can learn Article Writing, SEO, Website Building, Programming, App Developing etc. With their help, it will be easy for you to earn money from mobile.

For this, create your account:

How to earn money from mobile Without Investment For Students

Once you become perfect in your skills, then through this you can earn a lot of money sitting at home from your Smartphone. But how? It’s a simple thing, by selling your skills. You can use your skills by providing services to people in return for which they will give you money. Now it comes to how we will find our customers, then your smartphone will do the same work. You can download applications like Fiverr, Freelancer from Playstore. There you can prove that you are worthy of this work by showing your abilities and if people like the work done by you then they will definitely give you orders. Through this medium, many people are losing money these days.

2. Earn money from mobile by selling goods online :

One of the easiest ways to earn money with the help of Android Smartphone mobile is to sell goods online. With this you can save money in two ways, one is by selling the old item and the other is by selling a new one. Let’s talk about both. Talking about the first method, we all have a lot of old or useless things in our house which we do not use. Many of you even call this stuff as junk. This may be more or less in your house. Instead of keeping such items stored at home, you can sell them online. For this you can install apps like Quickr, OLX in your phone. With its help you can earn a lot of money.

Now let’s talk about the second method which is selling new goods, if you do any business like clothes, cosmetic goods, fancy items etc. then you can earn a lot of profit by selling your goods online. You just have to keep one thing in mind that either your goods are of very good quality or you are selling your goods at the cheapest price. For example, if your T-shirt being sold for Rs. 199 is available on any other website for Rs. 149, then no one will buy your T-shirt. If you do it targetting, it will be even better because it gives more benefits. For example, if you are releasing a T-shirt which has Superman printed on it, then you should show it only to such people who would like to buy it.

For this you download Meesho App which automatically creates an online store for you.

If you work properly then in this way you can earn not only thousands but also lakhs.

3. Earn money by doing Affiliate Marketing from mobile:

Now you will think how to earn money from mobile by doing affiliate marketing? Whenever you go to any big mall to buy goods, you must have seen that there are some people who ask you what to buy and when you tell that you have to buy this thing, then they tell you that you have to go to this shop. Have to go and take my name. Let me give the example of a mall in Surat where every shop deals only with sarees. There are more than a thousand shops in that mall, when we went there we found many people who suggested that you have to go to that shop and take my name. You can call such people marketers and this work as marketing, now you are wondering why I am telling this, then this is our third way to earn money. We call this Affiliate Marketing.

In today’s time, there are many websites which offer you to buy goods online, you know these websites by the name of E-Commerce Sites, examples of which are Amazon, eBay, Flipkart etc. Many people buy from them these days. If you become a middleman between them then you can earn quite good money. You don’t have to do much, just that if someone wants to buy a laptop, then you have to get him to buy the laptop in some technical way, he will have to pay the same amount of money but you will get commission. For this, first of all you have to create an account on Flipkart and Amazon Affiliates and create the affiliate link of the product you want to sell. Now if someone buys something from your link, you will easily get a commission of 10 to 12 partitions. Now think once that if you sell 3 laptops worth Rs. 40 thousand in a month, then you will earn Rs. 12 sitting at home. You will get Rs 000. If you are expert in selling things in this way, your profit can reach lakhs. You can do this work sitting at home from your phone.

To become a part of Amazon affiliate, register here:

Use your PC or computer to create an account in it, later you will be able to use it from your mobile phone.

4. Earn money from mobile through applications:

Because in the post we talk about earning money from SmartphoneIf we are doing this then how can we leave the applications because in today’s time there are many such applications with the help of which you can earn money. If you work a little hard, this earning potential can reach even thousands. But how? Know ready. Actually, today there are many such applications in Play Store or App Store which give you an opportunity to earn money. Many of these applications are fake but there are many genuine ones which actually pay money. Some make payment with the help of PayTm while some send money directly to the bank account. I have also earned money using many such apps, but because I did not work hard, I did not earn that much, but I have earned so much that you can spend double your pocket money every month. If I tell you the names of some, I have earned the most money from apps like OneAd, Champcash, Taskbucks, Earn Talktime.

This market has now expanded much more than before. Now if you work a little hard, you can earn a lot of money. I am saying this because nowadays people are earning lakhs of rupees with the help of apps of MLM companies. In this, you just have to register people in the App and if you register such people who really work hard, then you can eat comfortably for a few years. Why? Because now those people will do your work. There is level income in these, that is, if you get someone to join who gets other people to join, then you also get money from him and then if he gets someone else to join, then he will also get money. Every MLM App has some levels like this, some 8, some 12 and some 15, You just have to see which app will be safe and which will not. For this you can take help of its reviews. If you cannot work so hard then you can take the help of those apps which give you money only for playing games and downloading apps. This will definitely cover your monthly recharge.

5. Earn money from mobile by doing online paid surveys:

All of you must be aware of this process. You all are aware of the name Surveys. Many times there have been surveys related to various issues in which people’s opinions are sought to find out something. Take an example, if someone wants to know whether Congress has more chances of winning or BJP, then he will ask 100 people who will win and according to the votes received, he will be able to decide who will win approximately. So few people do not get very accurate results, but still some good things are found out. You might not believe it but people also pay money for such surveys, the simple reason for this is that now the times have changed and people do not do anything for free even if it is taking out 2 minutes to give opinion on some issue. For example, if I ask you to tell me who you will vote for, So you will ignore my point and concentrate on your work and will consider me useless but if I give you Rs 200 to answer the question then you will not miss such an opportunity. Right, that’s why people pay money to get results through surveys.

We do not get this money directly but we definitely get some deduction from indirect taxes. Now it is not so that companies will search for you and then give you money in exchange for your opinion. Any company that wants to know your opinion gives money to other companies. You have to join these companies. If you search on Google you will find a lot. When you create an account on this then it gives you this task. This task can be of any type, such as giving opinion about a product. In this, you may have to give your opinion on anything from Surf to Watch of any brand. Although companies say that you can give a review only if you have used it, but nowadays everyone gives a review which is wrong. Now it is not necessary that you are asked for your opinion everywhere because they can also make you do other types of things like playing games, Getting registered on a site and apart from this, such companies also pay money for referring their own website. You can easily do all this work sitting at your home through mobile and through this you can earn good money.

6. Earn money through social media:

If I ask you all what do you do through social media i.e. Facebook and Whatsapp, then everyone’s answers will be different, but if I say that you only waste time, then I am probably absolutely right. Because in India most of the people use social media only to pass time. It is a good thing that people now promote their business through social media, but there are many other uses of social media which you may not even notice. If you have a good following on platforms like Facebook or Instagram and many people are connected with you on Whatsapp or Twitter, then you can earn a lot of money by making them your customers. Just your customers i.e. your followers should be more active.

But how will you earn money from this? It is a very easy question. There is not just one but many ways to earn money from this. We have already talked about the most important way which is Affiliate Marketing, you can earn huge commission by selling goods through social media. Apart from this, you can publish Sponsorship Content in which you can tell about the things of other companies and for this that company gives you money. Another best way is to join SAP PPC program in which you have to share the link of a website and in return you get money. You get this money on the basis of clicks, in which the more clicks you get, the more money you get.

7. Earn money from URL Shortener:

How to earn money from mobile Without Investment For Students

If you are reading about earning money from mobile and internet for the first time, then you must have heard this thing for the first time. You cannot earn much money from this, but since I am talking about earning money in simple ways here, this method should definitely be in our list. First of all, let me tell you what is URL Shortener? URL Shortener means a tool to shorten URL i.e. link, with its help you can shorten your URL, like earlier there was Google’s URL Shortener website named with the help of which you can shorten the URL. Were there but you did not get any benefit from it.

But there are many such websites which give you money in exchange for shortening the URL. But why and how? When you shorten a URL from these websites and share it with someone, that person has to see some ads before going to the main URL. That URL company gets the money for these ads and it gives some part of it to us. But it all comes down to how we will earn money from it. First of all, you have to find a good URL Shortner company and then create an account on it. After your account is created, you will have to shorten the URL and share it with people. The more people click on that URL, the more money you will get. According to some figures, you can get 1$ to 5$ for 1000 clicks in India. Now if I tell you the names of some good URL shortener companies, in my view the best ones are,,