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Essay on Madan Mohan Malviya | short and long for students

Essay on Madan Mohan Malviya: Many great men and personalities have made India proud with their excellent works and good behavior.

One of them was a hero of the people because of his extraordinary image of scholarship, decency, and humility. Even the British judges used to marvel at his sharp intelligence. During his lifetime, Mahamana, Madan Mohan Malaviya, who devoted his life in journalism, advocacy, social reform, mother-language and service of Mother India, was the ideal man of this era. His vision was to prepare such students for service to the country by educating them, who can raise the head of the country with pride.

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Such a great personality Pandit Mahamana Madanmohan Malviya was born in an ordinary family on 25 December 1861 in Allahabad city of Uttar Pradesh, India. His father’s name was Brajnath and mother’s name was Bhunadevi. Since these people were the original inhabitants of Malwa, they were called Malviyas. Even today, the teacher class remembers Malviya ji, the foremost among the national leaders, with reverence and respect.

Malaviya passed the law examination in 1893. “The biggest success of Malaviyaji in the field of advocacy was to save the accused of Chauri Chaura incident from hanging. . 170 Indians of Chauri-Chaura incident were sentenced to death, but Malaviya ji’s intelligence and skill on the strength of his ability and logic got 151 people out of the gallows. The fame of this wonderful case spread not only in the country but all over the world.
Malaviyaji established Banaras Hindu University for the service of the nation as well as for character building of youth and to maintain the vibrancy of Indian culture. Residents should be educated. Without education man is considered animal. Malaviya ji was engaged in the promotion of education in the streets and villages of the city. He knew that a person can understand his rights only when he is educated. The nations of the world which are at the peak of progress today are because of education.

It is said that, when Pt. Madanmohan Malviya ji repeated the resolution of the establishment of Banaras Hindu University among the people from all over India at Triveni Sangam in Kumbh Mela, only then an old lady donated a penny to Malviya ji for this work. as given.
During the construction of the university, a special incident happened in the life of Pt. Madan Mohan Malaviya ji, when Malaviya ji went to the Nizam of Hyderabad for charity, the Nizam flatly refused to help. But Malviya ji was not the person to give up so quickly. He was waiting for the right moment.
By chance a Seth died at the same time. In the funeral procession, the family members were walking while showering money. Then Malviya suggested a solution and he too joined the funeral procession and started collecting money. Everyone was surprised to see Mahamana doing this, only then a person asked, “What are you doing!” On hearing this, Malaviya ji said, “What should I do brother? Your Nizam refused to give anything and when I return to Banaras empty handed, what will I say when people ask what to bring from Hyderabad? Brother, the donation of the Nizam is not right, but only for the corpse.

When the Nizam came to know about this, he was very ashamed and apologized to Mahamana and gave a lot of grant for the university. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it is the result of Malaviya ji’s soft behavior and will power, Banaras Hindu University. Banaras Hindu University has also played its role in the Indian freedom struggle. Banaras Hindu University is the pride of India for its best recognition in the world. Shri Sunderlal, Pt. Madanmohan Malviya, Dr. S. Scholars like Radhakrishnan (Former President), Dr. Amarnath Jha, Acharya Narendradev, Dr. Ramaswamy Iyer, Dr. Trigun Sen (Former Union Education Minister) have been the Vice Chancellors here.

Malaviya ji was a knower of all three languages ​​namely Sanskrit, Hindi and English. The life of Mahamana ji is a great source of inspiration for the students. He was loved by the masses because of his simple nature, anyone could talk to him. As if they were his father, brother or friend.

Friends, I would like to tell you an incident from the life of Mahamana ji-

It was a matter of time after the establishment of Banaras Hindu University, sometimes the teachers used to give monetary punishment to the defiant students for their mistakes, but the students would reach Malviya ji to forgive that punishment and Mahamana would forgive him too. Used to give The teachers did not like this and went to Malaviya ji and said, ‘Mahamana, you are boosting the morale of the defiant students by waiving the financial penalty. This increases indiscipline in them. This encourages evil. You don’t forgive their punishment for maintaining discipline.’

Malaviya ji listened carefully to the teachers and then said, ‘Friends, when I was a first year student, I was fined six paise fine for wearing dirty clothes one day. You think, in those days students like me did not have two paise for soap, then from where would they get six paise for punishment. Remembering how to fulfill this punishment, my hands automatically write forgiveness on the applications of the students. The teachers became unanswered.

Gandhiji used to call Malviya ji as Navratna and himself as his priest. Mahamana ji, had a love for the students. Apart from this, he also had a lot of love for the university. Once upon a time, Mahamana ji was inspecting the hostel when he saw that a student had written something in the corner of the wall.

Thereafter, Mahamana ji took out a handkerchief from his pocket and cleaned the wall. Knowing Malviya’s attitude towards the university, the student bowed down in shame.

Friends, how graciously Mahamana ji instilled a sense of respect for everyone without punishing that student. Surely friends, if we follow the conduct of Mahamana Malaviya ji in our life, then we can make the society civilized and beautiful along with ourselves. Mahamana ends the pen with the teachings of Pandit Madanmohan Malviya ji to the students.