Essay on My Hobby in English [All Class] 1500+ Words [10 Lines]

Get here Short and long essay on My Hobby in 1500+ words. Here we have written content related to hobbies and its importance. A hobby could be anything like Dancing, Swimming, reading, Football, Cricket, Singing, painting or playing any other game. Various compositions are present here for the sake of students like 10 lines on my hobby or a short paragraph on hobby or 100 / 200 / 300 / 400 / 500 words and more e.t.c

Essay on My Hobby in English – Short / Long

Interest is something that a person likes to do in his free time. For the complete development of a person, it is very important to have an interest in him. Typically, students in schools or collections and essay writing competitions are given the task of writing essays or paragraphs on my hobby (interest).
Essay on My Hobby for Class 3, 4 in 300 Words.

Essay on My Hobby for class 3, 4 in 300 Words


My favorite hobby is reading leisurely and informative books full of interest in free time. Whenever I go home from school, after completing my homework, I like to read books like this. I am 12 years old and studying in class 7. Now, I do know it well, that reading books may be an excellent habit, which makes me complete. This hobby is often developed by anyone, however, I found it naturally. Reading books keeps a person happy and busy. It is a good source of pleasure, knowledge, encouragement, and information. It makes us a successful person with discipline, just, reliable, punctual and even more important.

my interest

No person can remain alone and disturbed by reading books. I believe that this habit is more valuable than gold in the world. It gives us a high level of data, ideal ideas, good thinking, etc. to work in various fields. For those that are keen on reading books, good and filled with interest is sort of a good friend. He who does not have this habit, no matter how many worldly things and wealth he possesses, is still poor due to a lack of true wealth of knowledge. The habit of reading a book or a hobby can be attained by anyone trying even in young age.


Everyone has some hobby. Hobbies enjoy us. Having a hobby does not make us bored. In the vast world, every one has his own attitude and tendency, his interest and desire also are different. Due to this context, a person feels sweet and sweet and someone feels more tasty.
Essay on My Hobby for class 5, 6 in 400 Words

Essay on My Hobby for class 5, 6 in 300 Words


A hobby is a free-time activity. It helps us to use free time in a purposeful way. Hobbies are the simplest means of joy. Through this, we are also able to use time properly. They are best for free and leisure time.

My hobby – Television (latest news round the world)

My favorite hobby is watching TV. I enjoy watching TV in my spare time. Watching TV is my hobby, but this hobby of mine does not obstruct my studies. First, I finish my homework and memorization work and then watch TV. I think that my hobby is extremely good, because watching TV gives me information about different fields. I generally like to watch programs on the News and Discovery Channel as well as the Animal Planet channel. I also like to watch some good cartoons that give me practical ideas of making art and cartoons. My parents praise me for this habit and that they are very happy once they hear all the newest news from me.

Right now i’m 8 years old and studying in school 3, however, my hobby was developed in my childhood. Watching TV correctly plays a very important role in our lives. It tells us about the latest information about all the happenings around the world. Keeping up with the events happening around the world has become very important due to the increasing competition in the modern society of the present day.

Some people believe that watching TV is just a waste of time but, they are completely ignorant of the reality that, if viewed correctly, it leads a person to the path of success. There are many benefits of watching it, because it improves our knowledge as well as gives a lot of information related to our lifestyle. Many such programs are broadcast on TV which, in fact, raise our awareness of events round the world. Programs based on many topics are also broadcast on TV such as history, mathematics, economics, science, geography, culture etc. to make people more aware.


Our interest is something that shows us the way forward in the future. Keeping our interest in mind, we will understand during which field we should always move forward. And then we make our career in the same field. Therefore every person has a different interest in his life, judges are the reason for his success.

Essay on My Hobby for class 7, 8, 9 in 500 Words


People have many hobbies like -Kite flying, Sculpting, Reading books, painting, cooking, shooting, photography, fishing, listening to music watching television, embroidery, weaving, gardening, playing musical instruments, There are bird watching, stamp collecting, collection of old coins, etc.

Meaning of hobby

A hobby reflects a particular interest in a person from one of his other habits which is different from all his habits. Hobby is a very good thing that happens in everyone. Being fond of anything is a good habit that is very important to have in everyone, because it motivates the person to do the things he likes. It engages a person with an open mind. It never leaves us alone and protects us from mental illnesses.

I still remember that, when I was only 3 years old, I usually loved spending my free time in the garden. I loved going to the park every morning with my dad. When I was a small child, my father used to laugh at me when I saw him watering small plants. But now he is proud of me that, I did something to save the life of plants and understood their importance and value for the existence of life on earth.

A hobby is a part of our daily lives that we do every day. It helps in avoiding our daily pressure. It gives us a lot of pleasure and physical, mental and spiritual peace. It is like yoga and meditation, sometimes it provides even more benefits. This leads our brain to action and motivates us to do something better in life. It helps us to find our abilities and abilities and encourages them to experiment in the right direction. Our hobbies keep our minds fresh and peaceful, keeping us apart from the daily crowd of life.

My favorite hobby

My favorite hobby is gardening and I love planting new plants and watering them every morning. I feel great achievement and feel the reality of life by seeing the flowers and growing plants in bloom. It helps me stay healthy, strong, healthy and fresh. Watering trees and gardening daily is the best exercise for me, turning my brain and body towards positive.


Our hobbies serve to give us pleasure. Due to this context, a person feels sweet and sweet and someone feels more tasty. A hobby is a part of our daily lives that we do every day. It helps in avoiding our daily pressure.

Essay on My Hobby for class 10, 11, 12 in 600 Words


The hobby of doing anything or has its own different importance. We all do certain things according to our interest, which gives us happiness and enjoyment, the same is called a hobby. Some people have different hobbies according to their interests, likes, and dislikes.

There are many hobbies that we can develop; Such as dancing, singing, listening to music, painting, playing indoor or outdoor sports, watching birds, collecting antiques, photographing, writing, eating different things, reading, gardening, etc. Our hobbies help us in living, with the help of which we can build a successful career.

My favorite hobby

My favorite hobby is gardening, listening to music, cooking. However, I always like gardening. For me, gardening is like meditating, which improves my ability, interest, and ability to work. It gives me a high level of peace and makes my whole day useful. Every morning, I enjoy watching the flowers blooming in my garden, the plants grow slowly. I also enjoy watching the sun come out and hide in my garden every day.

I play badminton in the garden every day with my father in the evening and enjoy a walk with my mother in the evening. I watch the growth of new plants every day and water the plants every day. I have also planted some new and ornamental plants in my garden to enhance its beauty and decoration.

Fond of gardening

I am 14 years old and studying in class 9. I want to continue this hobby till the last moments of my life. They keep me busy, happy, and away from all the stresses of daily life. When I try to solve all my problems easily and without any anger and stress, they are very happy to see this. My mother always says that gardening is different and good interest than any other hobby; It blesses us because through watering the plants we give them life.

Since childhood, I give 1 hour daily to take care of it in my garden. I have made three beautiful green grass carpets using velvet grass. I have made a beautiful band of flowers in every corner of the garden and planted colorful roses, lilies, mogra, marigold, sunflowers, and other seasonal flowers. On the Christmas festival, I enjoy decorating a large Christmas tree with my friends and family right in the middle of my garden.


A hobby is a very good thing that happens in everyone. Being fond of anything is a good habit that is very important to have in everyone because it motivates the person to do the things he likes. It engages a person with an open mind. It never leaves us alone and also protects us from many mental illnesses. A hobby reflects a particular interest in a person from one of his other habits which are different from all his habits.

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