Essay on Raksha Bandhan in Punjabi for Class 7

Essay on Raksha Bandhan in Punjabi for Class 7: Raksha Bandhan, or Rakhi Bandhan as it is popularly known, is a Hindu festival which honors the bond of love and protection between brother and sister. Held each August full moon day since 1947, on this special day sisters tie their Brothers sacred thread called Rakhi around their wrists with promises to protect them no matter what comes their way; brothers offer gifts as signs of affection in return, promising always be by their sister’s side.

At this festive season, there are numerous gifts one can give their family members and friends as tokens of affection. A popular choice among them are box of sweets and dry fruits; additionally rakhi thalis are another favorite choice – often bearing messages or designs to convey sentimentality or celebrate special occasions – available both online and offline platforms.

Rakhi may have its origins in an event during the Mughal era when Chittor was under attack and Rani Karnawati sent silken thread to Humayun requesting assistance and protection for her city, in turn sending his army. Humayun responded and sent his army in aiding Rani Karnawati thereby protecting it and thus becoming known as Raksha Bandhan, or simply Raksha Bandhan! Today it remains celebrated annually as an act of gratitude and protection and hence its meaning is also associated with Rakshak or Rakshak and Bandhan is celebrated annually on November 9th by those born under Mughal Empire rule!

Rakhi Day marks not only a festival to honour brotherly relationships but is also an integral event in married women’s lives, reminding them of the significance of their relationships to both husbands and children – providing support in tough times when needed. Many young married women travel back home for this eventful ceremony when living in rural North India where exogamy still occurs – particularly those from villages practicing village exogamy which still allows cohabitating couples to practice exogamy practices such as exogamy.

Rakhi ceremonies involve rituals to honor Lord Shiva and offer him food gifts known as prasad (praise). Additionally, sisters use this opportunity to shower their brothers with gifts and feast upon delicious cuisine together – creating a memorable family event! Finally, Rakhi Day serves as a day when everyone comes together in celebration!

Raksha Bandhan provides an opportunity for family and friends to get closer together during an otherwise hectic year, making the festival the ideal way to reconnect and celebrate Indian heritage and history. Many families gather at ancestral homes on this day for ritual and brunch celebrations and establish bonds of kinship that were previously lost, honoring tradition with pride and honoring family roots at once!