You are currently viewing Essay on Unemployment in English (All Class) 1500+ words

Essay on Unemployment in English (All Class) 1500+ words

Download Essay on Unemployment in PDF from this page. Here we have provided the essay on the problem of unemployment for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 to 12. As everyone in this country should know about the consequences of being unemployed in a country. Also, multiple instances of essay like 100 words, 200 words or 10 lines are provided here to everyone.

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Short and Long Essay on Unemployment

Unemployment is one of the major obstacles in the development of any country. Unemployment is a serious issue in India. Lack of education, lack of employment opportunities and performance problems are some of the factors that lead to unemployment. The Government of India needs to take effective steps to eliminate this problem. One of the main problems facing developing countries is unemployment. It is not only one of the major hindrances in the economic development of the country, but also has many negative effects on the individual and the whole society simultaneously. 

Essay on Unemployment

Essay on Unemployment in 300 words for class 3, 4, 5

Unemployment is a curse for society. This not only has a bad effect on individuals but unemployment also affects the whole society. There are many factors that lead to unemployment. Here these factors were explained in detail and possible solutions have been suggested to control this problem.

Factors that can increase unemployment in India

  1. Increase in population

The rapid increase in the country’s population is one of the major causes of unemployment.

  1. Manda Economic Development

The slow economic growth of the country results in fewer employment opportunities for people, leading to unemployment.

  1. Seasonal business

A large part of the country’s population is involved in agriculture. Being a seasonal business it only provides work opportunities for a certain time of the year.

  1. The slow growth of the industrial sector

The growth of the industrial sector in the country is very slow. Thus employment opportunities in this sector are limited.

  1. The decline in cottage industry

Production in the cottage industry has fallen drastically and due to this many artisans have become unemployed.

Essay on Unemployment in English (All Class) 1500+ words

Possible solutions to end unemployment

  1. Population control

This is the right time when the Indian government takes drastic steps to control the population of the country.

  1. Education system

The education system in India focuses on theoretical aspects rather than skill development. The system has to be improved to generate skilled manpower.

  1. Industrialization

The government should take steps to promote the industrial sector to create more employment opportunities for people.

  1. foreign companies

The government should encourage foreign companies to open their units in the country to create more employment opportunities.

  1. Job opportunities

Employment opportunities should be created in rural areas for those who remain unemployed for the rest of the time by working at a certain time.


Essay on Unemployment in English (All Class) 1500+ words

The problem of unemployment in the country has been around for a long time. Although the government has initiated several programs for employment generation, desirable progress has not yet been achieved. Policymakers and citizens should make collective efforts to create more jobs as well as to acquire the right skills for employment. 

Essay on Unemployment 400 words for class 6, 7, 8

Unemployment in India can be divided into several categories including disguised unemployment, open unemployment, educated unemployment, cyclical unemployment, seasonal unemployment, technical unemployment, structural unemployment, long term unemployment, frictionless unemployment and casual unemployment. Before reading about all these types of unemployed in detail, we have to understand what exactly is called unemployment? Basically, unemployed is a person who is ready to work and is looking for an employment opportunity but is unable to find employment. Those who remain unemployed voluntarily or are unable to work due to some physical or mental health problems are not counted as unemployed.

Here’s a detailed look at the different types of unemployment:

Hidden unemployment

When people more than required is hired for a job. This condition is called as the hidden unemployment as removing these people will not affect the work. 

sessional Unemployment

As the name suggests this type of Unemployment is only in a specific season of the year. Usually works related to agriculture, Ice factory, resorts and sports industries are affected by this.

Open Unemployment

This means when labour in large number is not able to get a job which provides them with regular income. This situation arises when physical labour increases more as compared to the economy

Technical Unemployment

This situation arises due to the increasing technical machines and instrument to replace human work.

Structural Unemployment

This type of unemployment occurs due to a major change in the economic structure of the country. It is the result of technological advancement and economic development.

cyclical unemployment

A decrease in the overall level of business activity leads to cyclical unemployment. However, this incident is only for a short time.

Educated unemployment

Inability to find a suitable job, lack of employable skills and faulty education system are some of the reasons that educated unemployed remain.

Contract unemployment

In this type of unemployment, people either work on a part-time basis or do the kind of work for which they are more qualified.

Preventive unemployment

This occurs when the demand for the labour force and its supply are not properly coordinated.

Long term unemployment

Long term unemployment is one that continues in the country due to rapid growth in population and low level of economic growth.

Sudden unemployment

Such unemployment occurs due to a sudden drop in demand, short term contracts or shortage of raw materials.


Although the government has launched several programs to control all types of unemployment, the results have not yet been satisfactory. The government needs to devise more effective strategies for generating employment. 

Essay on Unemployment in 500 words for class 9, 10

Unemployment is a serious problem. Several factors, including lack of education, lack of employment opportunities, skills shortage, performance issues and growing population contribute to this problem in India. The negative effects of this problem can be seen on the entire society along with the personal effects. The government has taken several steps to control this problem. Some of these are mentioned in detail as follows.

Government initiative to reduce unemployment

  1. Self-employment training

The program, started in 1979, was called the National Scheme of Training of Rural Youth for Self Employment (TRYSEM). It aims to reduce unemployment among youth in rural areas.

  1. Integrated Rural Development Program (IRDP)

To ensure full employment opportunities in rural areas in the year 1978-79, the Government of India launched the Integrated Rural Development Program. 312 crores were spent on this program and 182 lakh families benefited from it.

  1. Employment in foreign countries

The government helps people in getting employment in foreign companies. Special agencies have been set up in other countries to hire people.

  1. Small and cottage industries

In an effort to reduce the issue of unemployment, the government has also developed small and cottage industries. Many people are earning their living with this initiative.

  1. Golden jubilee employment scheme

The program aims to provide self-employment and wage-employment opportunities to the urban population. It consists of two schemes:

  • Urban self-employment program
  • Urban wage employment program
  1. Employment assurance scheme

This program was started in 1994 for 1752 backward classes in the country. Poor unemployed people living in rural areas were provided unskilled manual work for 100 days under this scheme.

  1. Drought prone area program (DPAP)

The program was launched in 13 states and covered 70 drought-prone districts with the aim of eliminating seasonal unemployment. The government spent Rs 474 crore in its seventh plan.

  1. Jawahar Rozgar Yojana

The program, launched in April 1989, was intended to provide at least one member in each poor rural family with the employment of fifty to one hundred days for a year. Employment opportunities are provided in the vicinity of the individual and 30% of these opportunities are reserved for women.

  1. Nehru Rozgar Yojana (NRY)

There are a total of three schemes under this program. Under the first scheme, the urban poor is subsidized to set up micro-enterprises. Under the second scheme, wage-employment is arranged for labourers in cities with a population of less than 10 lakh. Under the third scheme, the urban poor in cities is given employment opportunities matching their skills.

  1. Employment guarantee scheme

The unemployed people are provided financial assistance under this scheme. It has been started in many states including Kerala, Maharashtra, Rajasthan etc.

Apart from this, several other programs have been launched by the government to reduce unemployment.


Although the government is taking several measures to control the problem of unemployment in the country, a lot still needs to be done to prevent this problem in the true sense.

Essay on Unemployment in 600 words for class 11, 12

Unemployment is a serious issue. There are many factors which are responsible for this. Some of these include lack of proper education, lack of good skills and skills, inability to perform, lack of good employment opportunities and rapidly growing population. A look at unemployment stability, unemployment consequences and measures taken by the government to control it further.

Unemployment related statistics in India

The Ministry of Labor and Employment in India maintains unemployment records in the country. Unemployment figures are calculated based on the number of people who had no work for a substantial period of time during the 365 days prior to the date the figures were matched and are still seeking employment.

From 1983 to 2013, the unemployment rate in India was the highest at 9.40% with an average of 7.32 percent and in 2013 it was a record of 4.90%. In the year 2015-16, the unemployment rate was 8.7% for women and 4.3 percent for men.

Result of unemployment

There are serious socio-economic issues due to unemployment. This affects not only one person but the whole society. Some of the major consequences of unemployment are explained below:

  • Rise in poverty

This statement is absolutely true that the increase in the unemployment rate has increased the poverty rate in the country. Unemployment is mainly responsible for inhibiting the economic development of the country.

  • Crime rate increase

Unemployed unable to find a suitable job usually takes the path of crime as it is an easy way to make money. Unemployment is one of the main causes of the rapidly increasing cases of theft, robbery and other heinous crimes.

  • Exploitation of labour

Employees generally take advantage of the lack of jobs in the market by offering lower wages. People unable to find a job linked to their skills usually settle for a low-paid job. Employees are also forced to work for a specified number of hours each day.

  • political instability

Lack of employment opportunities results in a lack of trust in the government and this situation often leads to political instability.

  • mental health

The level of dissatisfaction increases among unemployed people, which gradually leads to anxiety, depression and other mental health problems.

  • Loss of skill

Staying out of a job for a long period of time leads to dull life and loss of skills. This reduces a person’s confidence to a great extent.

Government initiative to reduce unemployment

The Government of India has started several programs to reduce the problem of unemployment as well as to help the unemployed in the country. Some of these include Integrated Rural Development Program (IRDP), Jawahar Rozgar Yojana, Drought Prone Areas Program (DPAP), Training for Self-Employment, Nehru Rozgar Yojana (NRY), Employment Assurance Scheme, Prime Minister’s Integrated Urban Poverty Alleviation Program (PMIUPEP), employment offices, employment in foreign countries, development of small and cottage industries, employment guarantee scheme and Jawahar Gram Samridhi Yojana etc. Not.

Apart from providing employment opportunities through these programs, the government is also sensing the importance of education and providing skill training to unemployed people.


Unemployment is the root cause of various problems in society. Although the government has taken the initiative to reduce this problem, the measures taken are not effective enough. Due to this problem, various factors need to be studied thoroughly to see effective and integrated solutions. It is time that the government should recognize the sensitivity of the matter and take some serious steps to reduce it.

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