You are currently viewing Essay on Winter Holiday in English [All Class] [1500+ Words]

Essay on Winter Holiday in English [All Class] [1500+ Words]

Get Essay on winter vacation in english language for school students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. Usually students get homework to write an essay on what they have done during their winter vacations in short or long paragraph. Here we have provided multiple variation of essay on How i spent my winter holiday like 100 word / 200 word / 300 words upto 500 words.

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Essay on How i spent my Winter Holiday in English

The winter vacation is a time to stay in blankets, not bathe, have a hot delicious meal, and spend time with family. It is also the time to start preparing for the final exam. I always look forward to this time of year. Christmas and New Year add good moments and make these holidays more enjoyable.

Essay on Winter Holiday in English

Essay on winter holidays in 200 words

Holidays are the best part in a student’s life. Students are fortunate to have two long holidays each year. Although the summer holidays are long, I like the winter holidays more because I have many beautiful memories associated with them. I look forward to these holidays throughout the year and am very excited for them.

I make many plans for these holidays and live to fulfill them. Our winter holidays usually start at Christmas which is one of my favorite festivals. Therefore, I start my holiday with Christmas shopping. I go to the local markets with my mother to buy decorative items and colorful lights for my Christmas tree. Me and my brother decorate the Christmas tree and love it when it lights up.

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During the holidays we visit our cousins ​​or call them home together for a few days. I love my cousin’s company. We all have a great time. My mother also makes sure that we study at least 2 hours every day to prepare for the exam.

The new year also falls during the winter holidays. We usually have a small house party to ring in the new year. This is a small part to which we invite our close relatives and friends.

All in all, winter vacation is the time for friends, family, cousins ​​and lots of celebrations. I just love it.

Essay on winter vacation 300 words


Winter holidays have always been special for me. It brings a lot of love, happiness and laughter. Each winter vacation gives many memories for long periods of time. During the winter vacation we had to eat, sleep, play and meet our friends and relatives during primary classes, but things have started to change as we enter senior classes. Now, we also have to spend time studying during our vacation. It is mentioned here that I spent my winter holidays last year when I was in seventh grade.

Number of coaching classes increased:

I enrolled for Maths and Physics coaching classes at a coaching institute nearby. Classes were held every alternate day. As the final exams were approaching our teachers, they thought that the holiday is a good time to cover the syllabus so that we have enough time for revision and tests.

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Therefore, we had increased the number of coaching classes. Since we did more study in coaching to revise those chapters at home, we had to make more time for self study each day. Therefore, most of the time was spent in studies which was tiring but helpful during the examination.

Extended Winter Break:

I live in Delhi and winters are very cold here. Our winter holidays mostly start on 1 January and school reopens on 16 January. This is the time when the cold is at its peak. During this time there is also a possibility of winter rains, which will make the weather even colder. However, our winter vacation was extended by a week last year due to extreme cold. This was very good news. We planned a weekend family trip these days. This is what I wanted after studying hard for so many days.


All in all, this winter holiday was different from the rest. It taught me the importance of following a schedule to make the most of time and do good in life.

Essay on winter vacation, essay on how i spent my winter vacation in hindi (400 words)

Winter vacation is about to begin and I have several plans for it. I plan to visit my cousin, help my mother with household chores, spend time with my grandparents, learn a new art and prepare for my final exam.

Spending time with cousins:

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I plan to visit my cousins ​​during these winter holidays. We have been planning this ever since he visited us during the summer vacation. We have a lot of plans for a few days and I am going to see them and am very excited about that.

I am lucky to have cousins ​​in my mind. Being with them is the best feeling in the world. I just can’t wait to spend time with them and indulge in various mischievous activities during this holiday.

Family Time:

I also want to spend time with my family. I am so tied up with my school assignments, coaching classes and other activities during normal school days that I am hardly able to spend time with my family. It has been a long time since I sat down with my grandparents and heard their interesting stories. I want to spend a lot of time with them during the holidays. I also want to play with the baby sister who always yearns to spend time with me. Also, I will help my mother in household chores as much as I can.

Learn a new art

In addition to visiting my cousins ​​and spending time with my family, I also plan to learn a new art during my winter vacation. Glass painting has always fascinated me and I want to learn this art in the meantime. I have already selected some tutorials online. I will refer to them to learn this new art.

A neighbor aunt of mine is also proficient in glass painting. He has painted glass on his windows and has also hung several glass painting pieces in his home. In fact, his beautiful pieces of glass paintings have inspired me to learn this art. Also, after watching the tutorial, I plan to visit it a few times to acquire this skill. I have already brought colors, brushes and frames and can’t wait to start these sessions.


I am waiting for my mid term exam so that I can enjoy my winter vacation. However, I will not only indulge in all the fun activities during my holidays, but will also study for my final exams.

Essay on winter holidays 500 words

The winter holidays are just about to begin and I have many plans, like every year. I will spend time with my parents, grandparents and siblings. I will indulge in my favorite hobby and give myself plenty of time to relax. However, I am not planning to just have fun during the holidays, but aim to study further exams.

Study for my final exam:

Over the years, I have learned that it becomes so much easier to learn chapters during exams if we have already studied them and learned them. My schedule is very busy on the days when school is running. I go to school, go for tuition class and I have to complete my homework. I hardly get any time for self study.

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Holidays are a good time to study. There is a lot of time that one can invest in self study during the holidays. I am a morning person. I like to wake up early in the morning and this is the time when I can easily concentrate. So I have decided to study at least three hours each morning during my vacation. I would sit for two hours and more during the afternoon hours. This will help me to be fully prepared for my final exam.

Spend time with grandparents:

My grandparents live in another city. We visit them in summer as well as winter holidays. This year also we will visit his place for a few days. I love my grandparents’ house. It is a large house with a large lawn with a variety of beautiful trees and plants. Going to my grandparents’ place is the best part of the holidays. I always look forward to it.

My grandparents are extremely loving and caring. They eagerly await our holidays and are happy to find us in their home. My grandmother prepares delicious food for us. We get to eat a wide variety of dishes in their place. I especially like the variety of sweet dishes prepared by my grandmother.

I also like spending time with my grandfather who shares his life experiences with us. He describes stories and real-life events that help us learn a lot about life. The days spent at my grandparents’ home have always been special to me. He has given us many beautiful memories to cherish.

other activities:

I want to be involved in some of my favorite activities during my winter holidays. I have already booked two classes a week for pottery. I would go to classes with my sister. I plan to go for regular evening walks during my holidays. I love the weather during winter evenings. A walk in the park during this time provides some relief. It’s a great experience and I don’t want to miss it at any cost.


With so many plans, I can’t wait for my winter vacation to start right now. I am waiting for them eagerly.

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