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What is National Digital Health Mission? Benefits of NDHM | NDHM Card | Essay

PM Narendra Modi has announced the launch of National Digital Health Mission (राष्ट्रीय डिजिटल स्वास्थ्य अभियान). The National Digital Health Mission is going to play a big role in providing healthcare to the people. Know about its plan and the benefits you get from it 

On the occasion of Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced to implement the National Digital Health Mission Scheme across the country, which is a big plan to improve the health of the common man. Under this scheme, a health ID will be given to each countryman, in which there will be a complete details of his/her health. 

Under this, every medical test, every disease, medicine prescribed to you in past all these information will be recorded in this one health id.

National Digital Health Mission

While announcing the National Digital Health Mission, Prime Minister Modi said that “from today another big campaign is going to start in the country”, which is National Digital Health Mission, which will bring a new revolution in India’s health sector.

Know what ‘National Digital Health Mission’

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Like ‘Ayushman Bharat‘, the National Digital Health Mission Scheme will prove beneficial for the people living in remote areas. Under this, personal medical records, examination centers, medical institutes and state medical councils will be digitized, so that people from any corner of the country can get treatment information from any doctor.

For the first time, this scheme will start in four phases, under which the first will be the Health ID, Personal Health Records, Digi Doctor and Health Facility. Later, e-pharmacy and telemedicine services will also be included in this scheme. The ID given in this is important and anyone can join this scheme at their own will.

National Digital Health Mission Card Benefits

These benefits will be available in the National Digital Health Mission a Health ID card.
– Your personal health care record will be kept in this ID. 
-You will get the facility of Digi Doctor. 
-Your health facility will be registered. 
– Telemedicine facility will be available. 
– E-pharmacy facility will be available.

Main objective of this mission

The main objective of this mission is to create a digital health system of the citizens of the country and manage the health data.

What is National Digital Health Mission? Benefits of NDHM | NDHM Card | Essay

– Increase the quality and prevalence of health data collection.

To create a platform where there is mutual availability of healthcare data.

– To prepare updated and correct health registers for the whole country and make them accessible to the people.

The scheme will be implemented in a phased manner in the entire country.

This National Digital Health Mission NDHM scheme will be implemented in a phased manner in the country, at the beginning of the scheme it will be implemented in a few selected states only. It has been approved by the Finance Ministry for this proposed scheme of Rs 470 crore. NHA has prepared its app and website. Like Ayushman Bharat, this scheme will be effective in providing better health to the people across the country.

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