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Holi Essay in English 10 Lines

Holi is a popular and colorful festival celebrated in India and other parts of the world. It is also known as the “festival of colors” and is usually celebrated in the month of March. People of all ages come together to celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm and joy. On this occasion, people play with colors and water, and enjoy delicious food with their loved ones. Many students are assigned to write essays or paragraphs about Holi for their school assignments, and they search for keywords such as “Holi essay in English 10 lines,” “10 lines on Holi in English for class 4,” “Holi par essay in English,” “my favorite festival Holi,” “Holi essay for kids,” and “essay on Holi in English for class 7.” Some other popular search terms related to Holi include “Holi per asse,” “Holi par nibandh,” “Holi composition,” “Holi speech in English 10 lines,” “lines on Holi for class 2,” and “Holi festival essay in English.” Overall, Holi is a joyous festival that brings people together and spreads happiness and positivity all around.

History of Holi

The origins of Holi can be traced back to ancient Hindu mythology, which tells the story of a demon king named Hiranyakashyap who was blessed with immortality by Lord Brahma. Hiranyakashyap became arrogant and ordered his kingdom to worship him instead of God, even going so far as to demand that his own son, Prahlad, worship him as well. However, Prahlad was a devoted follower of Lord Vishnu and refused to obey his father.

In an attempt to kill his son, Hiranyakashyap enlisted the help of his sister, Holika. She had a special cloak that protected her from fire, so Hiranyakashyap had her hold Prahlad on her lap and sit in a bonfire. However, the cloak flew off Holika and covered Prahlad instead, saving him from the flames. This event is celebrated as the victory of good over evil and marks the beginning of the Holi festival, which is characterized by the throwing of colored powders and water to celebrate the triumph of good over evil.

Essay on Holi

10 Lines on Holi

Holi is the main festival of Hindus celebrated. On the day of Holi, everyone celebrates with great pomp by applying colors to each other. Holi is celebrated every year in the month of March (Phagun). In the year 2023, Holi will be celebrated on 08 March. Holi is celebrated along with India in other countries like Canada, Nepal etc. On Holi festival, people go to their relatives’ houses with colors and sweets and, Holi is celebrated with water and colours .

Ten Lines on Holi in English for Class 1 and Class 2

  1. Holi is the famous Hindu festival
  2. It is on 08 March 2023
  3. It is a festival of colours
  4. It is a two days festival
  5. Kids play with water balloons
  6. My mother make gujiya on holi
  7. Holi is my favorite festival
  8. I play holi with my best friend amit
  9. My mother cooks tasty food on holi
  10. I love holi festival

10 Sentences on Holi in English for Class 3 and Class 4

  1. Holi is a famous an popular Indian festival
  2. It is celebrated every year in the month of phalgun (March)
  3. Holi symbolizes the victory of good over evil
  4. One day before the Holi, people do holika dahen
  5. Holi is also known as festival of colors
  6. Everyone sprays water and colour to each other
  7. Gujiya a special sweet dish made in every home
  8. It is a festival of friendship and love
  9. People cook special food and sweets on this day
  10. On this day, school, colleges and office are remains closed

10 Points on Holi in English for Class 5 and Class 6

  1. Holi is celebrated every year in the month of March.
  2. It is considered as one of the major festivals of Hindus.
  3. holi is also called as the festival of colours.
  4. Sweets and special dishes are cooked on holi
  5. One day before Holi, Holika Dahan is done by burning heaps of wood, grass and cow dung in the night.
  6. In ancient times people used natural colours. Therefore, the festival of Holi is also considered as a festival related to nature.
  7. In today’s world, people use chemical colors which damage the skin.
  8. Holi symbolizes the victory of evil over good
  9. In India, this festival is celebrated with great joy. All schools and government offices remain closed on this day.
  10. Holi is celebrated with joy not only by Hindus but by people of all communities. 

Holi par short essay / 10 lines for Class 7 and Class 8

  1. According to the Hindu calendar, the festival of Holi is celebrated on the full moon day of Falgun month
  2. On the eve of Holi, Holika dahan is done
  3. Both these days of celebration are symbols of inspiration, energy and enthusiasm
  4. The festival of Holi celebrates the victory of Prahlad over Hiranyakashipu and the burning of Holika
  5. According to the ancient stories, Lord Vishnu in his Narasimha avtar had destroyed Hiranyakashipu and his sister Holika
  6. The festival of “Holi” also marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year.
  7. Falgun Purnima is the last date of the Hindu year, the day after which the Hindu New Year begins, and is known as Navasamvatsar.
  8. In this festival, people renounce old animosity, greet each other with gulal and water balloons.
  9. Holi is also a symbol of love, harmony and goodwill.
  10. Thus the festivals which are organized to break the monotony of life and gain new creative vigor through celebration
 10 Sentances on Holi in English for Class 3 and Class 4
10 Points on Holi in English for Class 5 and Class 6
Holi par short essay / 10 lines for Class 7 and Class 8

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