10 Lines on My Mother in English

10 Lines on My Mother is the most common essay topic teachers give to students / Kids during their early ages of study. In this article, we have provided multiple version of my mother essay in 10 lines in english for all the kids. We tried to capture various aspect like importance of mother, how she manages home and keeps family together. Usually, kids gets home work “Write 10 lines on my mother”, there parent help their kids to write the short essay using internet. So our site will be very useful for you. but as a Students / Parent can 10 sentences as per their choice and make 5 lines or 20 lines essay as per there requirement.

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10 Lines on My Mother

10 Lines on My Mother

Mother is the inspiration of all children’s life because mother is the first teacher of children. It is the mother who teaches all the virtues to her children. If there is a form of God on earth, then it is called mother. Let us know 10 sentences about mother.

10 Lines on My Favourite Person My Mother

  1. My Mother name is Ayushi Rawat
  2. She is a Teacher.
  3. She is my best friend.
  4. She helps me with my studies.
  5. Everyone respects her.
  6. My mother is a hard-working woman.
  7. She takes care of my father and me.
  8. Everyday she prepares meal for my father and me.
  9. I tell all my secrets to my mother.
  10. I love her so much.

10 Lines on My Mother for Class 1 and Class 2

  1. My Mother’s Name is Lalita
  2. She is 28 Years Old
  3. She is a House wife
  4. She is very beautiful
  5. She is my best friend
  6. She cooks tasty food
  7. She teaches me good manners
  8. She tells me story everyday
  9. My mother is my life
  10. I love my mother very much

10 Lines on My Mother for Class 3 and 4

  1. My Mother’s Name is Mrs Lalita Sharma
  2. She is 30 years Old
  3. She is a house wife
  4. She is very beautiful and intelligent
  5. She takes care of our family
  6. She wakes up early in the morning
  7. She cooks tasty food for our family.
  8. She helps in with my studies
  9. My mother teaches me good manners.
  10. My mother is the best mother

10 Lines on My Mother for Class 5, Class 6 and Class 7

  1. The name of my mother is Mrs. Lalita Sharma
  2. She is the most valuable gift I received in my life
  3. She is a home maker, keeps our home clean and takes care of our family
  4. She is a symbol of love, care and scarifies
  5. Even if she is busy, she never forgets about family needs.
  6. Her place in my life is irreplaceable and her contribution is unmeasurable
  7. She teaches my discipline, moral values and encourages me be a good person in life
  8. She never scolds me on my mistake, instead teaches me to lean from mistakes
  9. She always wants to me see get all the success in the life and guide my through difficult times
  10. She is the best mother in the world and I love her very much
10 Lines on My Mother in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 | short essay | ten sentances

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