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Essay on New Year – New Year Essay in English 2022

New Year is celebrated at different times all over the world. Similarly in India, New Year is celebrated at different times. But most people consider January 1 as the new year according to the English calendar. From the night of December 31, people start celebrating the new year. By saying goodbye to the old year, the new year is welcomed with best wishes. The growing winter of December is followed by the arrival of the New Year. You can get essay on new year from this page of ours . 

Essay on New Year in English can be used by children in essay competition in their school. On the occasion of New Year, people send each other best wishes through messages, poetry, poetry, etc. and wish that the coming new year is good for them. Get essay on new year in English from this page.

essay on new year in English

According to the English calendar, January 1 is celebrated as the New Year. Greetings, greeting cards, gifts are exchanged. People go for a walk on this day and do different types of celebrations. People gather in groups and start celebrating the new year. The new year always teaches us all to keep moving forward.

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In this way, New Year is celebrated all over the world on different days. In our country, New Year starts at different times in different regions. But according to the English calendar, after the end of the year on December 31, the new year begins on January 1, and it is celebrated by people from all over the world apart from India. The new year is a time to leave the old things behind and start afresh. Preparations are made on the new year by the people of every religion living in India.

Essay on New Year - New Year Essay in English 2022

New Year brings with it new hopes, new goals, new promises, new dreams. People make some new promises to themselves and try to fulfill those promises in the coming year. It is believed that if the first day of the new year is spent well and happily, then the coming year will be spent happily. People set a goal as to what new things they will do in the coming new year. On the New Year, people in India go to temples, perform puja paths and many people have parties with their close friends.

In the new year people start new things with new enthusiasm. People go on picnics and spend some happy moments with their families. The excitement of the new year is created in children. On this occasion parties are organized at many places. People dance, sing and organize fun games with delicious dishes. Everyone starts the new year with happiness in their own way. All these celebrations are organized to bid farewell to the bygone year and welcome the new year.