You are currently viewing Essay on Computer in English 1000+ words (All Class) PDF Download

Essay on Computer in English 1000+ words (All Class) PDF Download

Get here Essay on computer in English for school students. This essay on the importance of computer education is suitable for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 for their school competitions. Also for kids, we have also provided short and easy 10 lines of computer technology. Hope you guys like this essay on Computer literacy.

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Long and Short Essay on Computer

The computer is a great discovery of modern technology. It is a common machine that has the ability to preserve a lot of data in its memory. It works using inputs (eg keyboards) and outputs (printers). It is very easy to use, so even young children can use it very easily. It is very reliable that we can keep with us and can use it anywhere and anytime.

Essay on Computer in English 300 words


Being the latest technology computer systems are used in every field now a day. This reduces the labour of the person at the workplace i.e. less time and less labour force provides the result of a higher level. In modern times, life cannot be imagined without a computer.

We can use the Internet in a computer which provides the necessary information in a very short time. It has a big contribution to a person’s life because its use is now in every field and it is present as our assistant every moment. Earlier computers were less effective and work limited whereas modern computers are highly efficient, easy to handle and can edit more and more tasks, due to which it is becoming so popular among people.

Essay on Computer

Future generation computers will be more effective as well as functional capacity will also increase. It has significantly made our life much easier. Also, we can learn anything easily by just sitting in the room connected with internet. Each and every piece of information is just under a couple of click away with internet and computer technology. We can buy anything through the internet-connected to the computer so that we can get free delivery sitting at home. It also helps with our school project.


There are hundreds of benefits of computers for human beings, then cyber crime, pornographic websites, including the disadvantages, which are easily accessible to our children and students. However, keeping in the mind the negative effects and measure to avoid the same we can utilize this greate machine to the fullest.

Essay on Importance of Computer 400 words


A unique and pioneering gift of science to the entire human fraternity is the computer. It can do work of any nature. It is easy to handle by anyone and takes very little time to learn. Due to its ease and efficiency, it is widely used such as offices, banks, hotels, educational institutions, schools, colleges, shops, industries etc. Many people buy laptops and desktops for their children so that they can enjoy work related to their studies and computerized video games.

Student use computer

A computer is a big dictionary and a large storage device to protect any kind of data like any information, study related material, projects, photos, videos, songs, games, etc.

The computer is capable of solving complex problems in a couple of minutes. Moreover, it helps us boost our knowledge. It is a data-based machine. It provides us with many tools such as text tools, paint tools etc. It is very beneficial for kids, students (if used in an effective manner) in their school and project work.

Uses of Computers

Importance of computer

The computer is very important in the field of work, education and personal use. In olden times we used to do all our work manually but today computers are used to fulfil various purposes like managing accounts with accounts, creating databases, storing necessary information. Nowadays, everyone considers it easy to work on the computer through the Internet. In fact today, the computer has become an important part of our life.


We can use it accurately for large and small mathematical calculations. It can be widely used to gather weather information, the printing of newspapers, books and curing disease etc. Also, one can use this machine for rail reservation and ticket booking, ordering food from hotels or restaurants. It is also widely used in large offices for HR, Payroll and accounts management e.t.c

Essay on Computer with Heading 500 words


In the modern world of technological advancement, for us, a computer is a wonderful gift through science. No one can even imagine their life without a computer because this short time can complete many tasks in a pinch. Computers have been a major contributor to the development of developed countries. It is not just a storage and technology device but it is like an angel who can do anything. It is also used by many people for entertainment and communication.

What is a computer?

A computer is a mechanical machine, in which many types of mathematics work based on formulas and facts. The computer is capable of solving a difficult problem in a very short time. The computer is one of the most important inventions of the modern era. This era is also called the age of the computer. A computer is the morphological, coordinative addition and qualitative coordination of a mechanical structure that can do maximum tasks in minimal time at a fast speed.

Computer functions

The computer is mainly used to perform day to day task in a very efficient manner it cal also perform complex tasks without any problem. It performs various tasks faster and more accurately. It makes maximum work possible by taking less time. This reduces a person’s labour at the workplace, ie providing a higher level of results on less time and less labour force.

uses of laptop in our daily life

Energy Saving

We can connect with our friend, Family and relatives By using e-mail, video chat. By using the Internet on the computer, we can search or get information about any subject which is helpful for our project or education-related work. Now a day money transaction is also very safe through the computer. Due to the convenience of data storage, there is a saving of paper in all places of government, non-government, schools, colleges, etc. Along with this, one can do things like paying bills, recharging mobiles and shopping from home, which saves both our time and energy. Because it gives us a feeling that we can complete those tasks faster by a computer which is not impossible but also not easy.


Computer education has been made compulsory by the Government of India in schools, colleges, and other educational institutions to help students in their professional lives as well as to develop their skills. Knowledge of computers has become almost mandatory for today’s modern jobs. Network administration, hardware maintenance, software installation etc. are very popular in higher education to be proficient in this.

Essay on Computer Education 600 words


With the invention of the computer, many possibilities which no one even thought of is now achievable. Generally, it is a device that is used for many purposes such as keeping information secure, email, messaging, software programming, computation, data processing, etc. A Keyboard, Monitor, CPU and Mouse is required to work on a desktop computer, whereas everything already exists in a laptop. It is an electronic device capable of storing and securing a large amount of data.

Charles Babbage built the first mechanical computer

Computers from earlier generation can perform a limited task but now with the increase in inversion and machine learning, it can perform the task even without the need of humans. Charles Babbage created the first mechanical computer that was very different from the modern-day computer. The goal of the invention of the computer was to build a machine that could do mathematical calculations very fast. During the Second World War, there was a need for machines which could estimate the speed and direction of the weapons of the enemy and find their exact position, which became an important reason for the creation of computers. Today’s computers are equipped with artificial intelligence techniques that help us in every sphere of life.

New generation computers

Latest computers are highly advanced, portable and more powerful than ever. Today it is being used in almost every business like exams, weather forecasting, education, shopping, traffic control, high-level programming, railway ticket booking, medical field, business etc. With the help of an Internet and computer, nothing is impossible. There are hundreds of benefits of computers for human beings, then cybercrime, pornographic websites, including the disadvantages, which are easily accessible to our children and students. With some measures, we can avoid its negative effects.

benefits of computer

Today computer has made our life and work quite easy. In fact, computers are a major invention of modern technology.

  • Today we can easily do all the work through computers in all banks.
  • Computers are very much needed in works like printing books and news papers.
  • Computer are programmed to control road traffics.
  • Police department uses cimpter to store criminal data


Today, humans are completely dependent on computer technology. In today’s time, no one can imagine life without a computer, because it has spread its footing everywhere and people have become its beginners. It has also become an important part of every student’s life. He can use it for making projects, for learning poetry, for girls, for downloading exam related notes, for gathering information etc. in a very short time. Along with increasing the skill development of the students, it is also very helpful in helping them get jobs.

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