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Essay on Mahavir Jayanti In English

The festival of Mahavir Jayanti Mahavir Jayanti 2020 will be celebrated on 6 April 2020. In this post, we will tell you the history of Mahavir Jayanti and complete information about it in the form of an essay. So let’s start.

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Essay on Mahavir Jayanti In English

The celebration of Mahavir Jayanti is especially celebrated by people of Jainism in India. People of all other religions also celebrate this day in India. It is mainly celebrated on the occasion of the birth of Lord Mahavira or Vardhaman.

Essay on Mahavir Jayanti

Mahavira was the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism. He was the originator of Jainism and he has an important contribution in establishing the basic principles of Jainism. He was born on the 13th day of the month of Shuklapaksha, Chaitra in 540 ECB in Kundalagama, Vaishali District, Bihar. Therefore every year the celebration of Mahavir Jayanti is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the month of April.

This day is very important for Jainism. The day is considered a gazetted holiday across India and is a holiday in almost all government offices and educational institutions.

Celebration of Mahavir Jayanti Celebration of Mahavir Jayanti

People of Jainism celebrate this day with great pomp and people of other religions also celebrate this day. According to the Gregorian calendar, the festival falls in the month of March or April.

On this day all temples and holy places associated with Lord Mahavira are decorated with flowers, flags. On this day, devotees of Lord Mahavir take a holy dip and participate in the puja with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

There is a tradition of this day that people also donate material such as clothes, food and money to poor people on this day. All these facilities are organized in many places in India by the organization of Jainism.

Large Jain temples such as Girnar and Palitana, Gujarat – Sri Mahavirji, Rajasthan – Parasnath Temple, Kolkata, and statues of Mahavirji in Bihar are anointed and also prayed.

In these places, some great people put some of their high ideas before all the people in which they tell the principles of Jain society.

A brief biography on Lord Mahavir Short Biography on God Mahavir

  1. Mahavira was the 24th Tirthankara of Lord Jainism. He was born into a royal family of Bihar in 540 ECB.
  2. He was born in the house of King Siddharth and Queen Trishala.
  3. It is believed that due to his birth, there was a wave of happiness on all sides and happiness was peaceful, so where does he go to rise.
  4. In search of spirituality, he left his home at the age of 30 and practiced penance for twelve and a half years. After hard penance, he attained the power of knowledge.
  5. He continued to distribute education to people throughout India for 30 years. He taught people about truth-untruth, non-violence, celibacy and aparigraha.
  6. He contributed his great contribution to Jainism to spread these great ideas and educate people.
  7. After his death at the age of 72, he attained nirvana and was considered one of the great Tirthankaras of Jainism.

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