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Essay on Mewar Festival 2022 of Udaipur

The festival of Mewar in India will be celebrated in 2021 with great enthusiasm from Monday, March 27, Saturday to March 29.

Mewar Festival 2022

Mewar festival of Udaipur

The festival of Mewar is celebrated every year with great enthusiasm and joy by the people of Udaipur, Rajasthan, India to welcome him on the spring season (the arrival of the king of seasons). It is India’s second surviving cultural festival in the world, celebrated annually in Udaipur. This three days; Runs from April 2 to April 4 and is full of fun activities. It is celebrated in the heritage city of Udaipur to lead India’s ancient culture and tradition as well as to preserve all the living heritage of Mewar in Rajasthan.

Udaipur, one of the famous recreational and spiritual destinations of India for tourists, is situated on the banks of a lake, Pichola and is surrounded by beautiful and attractive hills. It is famous for many protected shelters or sanctuaries and celebrates the Mewar festival, the second surviving festival of world heritage, every year. Celebrations of Mewar Festival All the living heritage of Mewar; For example, art, traditional singing, dance, food, colours, cultural diversity etc.

How Mewar festival is celebrated

Mewar festival is celebrated every year by organizing many traditional, cultural, periodical recreational activities of the Mewar region. Every year a colorful festival of colors is organized to celebrate the living heritage of Mewar. People join the festival and participate to enjoy the fun-filled activities as well as learn local arts directly from professional artists.

Various seminars are organized in Mewar with the aim of merging traditional handicraft with modern and contemporary styles to reconstruct the old style of art. The event provides an opportunity for handicraftsmen to showcase their talents and new endeavors in the arts by staying together for a full three days, making possible new developments in a new era in historical arts and crafts. This festival is organized by the Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation with the aim of keeping the process of heritage conservation regular.

Another organized festival is Rangoli i.e. colorful presentation of food and drinks through HRH Group of Hotels. There are professional cooks to prepare cultural, traditional, and colorful dishes of food. Folk songs and folk dances are also performed by professional folk singers and folk dancers for three days during the festival, where professional artists from all over India are invited to show their abilities.

Significance of Mewar Festival

The Mewar festival is celebrated annually by the people of Mewar to welcome the onset of spring, which brings charm and happiness throughout India. It is celebrated along with the Gangaur festival of Udaipur, which holds great significance for the women of Rajasthan. She dresses herself very well in traditional and cultural attires to attend the festivities. They perform special folk dances during the celebrations to add charm to the celebrations.

Various types of rituals and traditional activities are involved in this festival. They dress the idols of Lord Isar (Lord Shiva) and Mother Parvati and take out a procession, which travels through different parts of the city to reach Gangaur Ghat, Pichola, where the idol is placed in a special boat in the middle of the lake. taken for immersion. The festival of Gangaur is celebrated with the recognition of the strength of the pairs (husband-wife or lovers), considering the pair of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati as the ideal pair.

The festival of Gangaur is especially celebrated by women to seek the blessings of the ideal couple. Ghevar, a special sweet is prepared to offer to the deities and is distributed among the people as prasad. As the religious activities of the festival are completed, the cultural festivities begin to be performed through Rajasthani folk dances and folk songs etc. The festival ends with the lighting of firecrackers and sparklers, which are greatly enjoyed by the participants and the people.

The facility of Maharana Pratap Airport near Udaipur city makes it very easy to travel from any major city of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Kolkata etc. Train and bus services are also available from major cities of India to Udaipur city.