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Essay on women empowerment (English) 1500+ words PDF

Essay on women empowerment is a very important topic to be discussed amongst everyone. We have tried to discuss all the major aspects of women to prove the importance of a lady in our society. This essay on the importance of women can be used in various govt jobs exams like UPSC or SSC. you can download this essay on the form of pdf also linked at the end of this page. 

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Essays on women empowerment

Before knowing about women empowerment, we should understand what we mean by ’empowerment’. ‘Empowerment’ refers to the ability of a person from which he gets this ability in which he can take all the decisions related to his life. In women empowerment, we are also talking about the same ability where women are free from all the shackles of family and society, the makers of their decisions. 

Essays on women empowerment 300 words

The famous sentence said by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, “To awaken people”, women must be awakened. Once she takes her step, the family moves forward, the village moves forward and the nation is oriented towards development. In India, to empower women, first of all, it is necessary to kill all those demonic thoughts that kill their rights and values in a society like a dowry, illiteracy, sexual violence, inequality, feticide, domestic violence towards women, rape, prostitution, human trafficking and similar topics. Gender discrimination brings cultural, social, economic and educational differences in the nation which puts the country backwards. Empowering women to ensure the right to equality mentioned in the Constitution of India is the most effective way to eradicate such evils.

Giving priority to gender equality has promoted women empowerment across India. In order to achieve the high goal of women empowerment, it should be propagated and broadcast in every family from childhood. It is important that women are physically, mentally and socially strong. Since a better education can start at home from childhood, a healthy family is needed for the upliftment of women which is necessary for the all-round development of the nation. Even today, in many backward areas, due to illiteracy, insecurity and poverty of parents, there is a trend of marriage and childbirth at an early age. To strengthen women, the government is taking many steps to prevent abuse, gender discrimination, social segregation and violence etc. against women.

Essays on women empowerment

Passing of the Women’s Reservation Bill-108th Constitution Amendment is very important to solve the problems of women properly, it ensures the 33% share of women in Parliament. In other areas too, some percentage seats have been reserved to make women active participants.

The government will have to go to the backward rural areas for the real development of women and the women there will have to be made aware of the facilities and their rights from the government so that their future can be better. To make the dream of women empowerment come true, the importance of girls and their education needs to be publicized.

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Gender inequality is the main social issue in India in which the male dominance of women is lagging behind in the country. There is a need to accelerate women empowerment to bring men and women on par. The upliftment of women in all fields should be included in the national priority. The disparity between men and women gives rise to many problems which can pose as major obstacles in the development of the nation. It is the birthright of women that they should get equal importance to men in society. To really bring empowerment, women should be aware of their rights. Not only domestic and family responsibilities but also women should play an active and positive role in every field. They should also know the happenings around them and in the country.

Women empowerment has this power to change a lot in society and the country. She can deal with any problem in society better than men. She can understand well the loss of overpopulation for the country and the family. With good family planning, he is fully capable of managing the economic condition of the country and the family. Women are more capable of handling any effective violence than men, whether it is family or social.

Through women empowerment, it is possible that a country with female-male equality of a strong economy can be replaced with a country with male influence. With the help of women empowerment, every member of the family can develop easily without much effort. A woman is considered very responsible for everything in the family, so she can solve all problems well. With the empowerment of women, the whole society will automatically become strong.

Women Empowerment Bills 2019

Women empowerment is a better solution to any small or major problem related to human, economic or environmental. In the last few years, we are getting the benefit of women empowerment. Women are more conscious about their health, education, job, and responsibility towards family, country and society. She participates prominently in every field and shows her interest. Finally, after many years of struggle, they are getting their right to follow the right path.

Essays on women empowerment 500 words

What is women empowerment?

Women’s empowerment can be defined in very simple terms that it makes women powerful so that they can make every decision related to their life and live well in family and society. Empowering women to achieve their real rights in society is women empowerment.

Why is there a need for women empowerment in India?

The need for women empowerment arose because India had a gender inequality and a male-dominated society since ancient times. Women were pressurized by their own families and society for various reasons and they were subjected to many forms of violence and discrimination in family and society, which is not only seen in India but also in other countries. Wrong and old trends in society since ancient times for women were moulded into new customs and traditions. To honour women in Indian society, it is a tradition to worship women ladies as a mother, sister, daughter, wife, but this does not mean that just by worshipping women, the need of development of the country will be fulfilled. Today it is necessary that half the population of the country i.e. women are empowered in every field, which will become the basis of development of the country.

India is a famous country which has proved the phrase ‘unity in diversity’ where people of different religions live in Indian society. Women have been given a different place in every religion, which has been helping people continue many wrong actions (physical and mental) against women, as a big veil covering the eyes and as an ideal for many years. is. Ancient Indian society, along with other discriminatory practices, was the tradition of sati, city brides, dowry, sexual violence, domestic violence, killing of girls in the womb, purdah, sexual exploitation at the workplace, child labour, child marriage and devadasi system etc. The reason for such malpractices is a patriarchal society and male superiority occultism.

Socio-political rights (freedom to work, right to education, etc.) were completely banned by male family members. Some bad practices against women were removed by open-minded people and great Indian people who raised their voice for discriminatory actions against women. Due to the continuous efforts of Raja Ram Mohan Roy, the British were forced to abolish the practice of Sati. Later other Indian social reformers (Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Acharya Vinobha Bhave, Swami Vivekananda etc.) also raised their voice and fought fiercely for women’s upliftment. To improve the condition of widows in India, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar introduced the Widow Re-Marriage Act 1856 with his continuous efforts.

Essay on women empowerment (English) 1500+ words PDF

In the last few years, many constitutional and legal rights have been created and implemented by the government to remove gender inequality and evil practices against women. However, there is a need for the constant support of everyone including women to solve such a big topic. Modern society is more aware of the rights of women, as a result of which many self-help groups and NGOs etc. are working in this direction. Women are more open-minded and are breaking social bonds to get their rights in all dimensions. However, crime is going on simultaneously.

Some of the Acts passed by Parliament to empower women with legal rights are – Equal Remuneration Act 1976, Dowry Prohibition Act 1961, Immoral Trade (Prevention) Act 1956, Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act 1987, Prevention of Child Marriage Act 2006, Sex Testing Techniques (Controller and Prevention of Misuse) Act 1994, Sexual Exploitation of Women at Workplace Act 2013.


To bring true women empowerment in Indian society, one has to understand and remove the main causes of bad practices against women, which is the patriarchal and male-dominant system of society. It is necessary that we change the old thinking against women and also change the constitutional and legal provisions. 

Essays on women empowerment 600 words


In today’s time, women empowerment is a topic of discussion, especially in backward and progressive countries because they came to know much later that without women promotion and empowerment, the progress of the country is not possible. The economic empowerment of women refers to the availability of their economic decisions, income, wealth and other things, only by getting these facilities can they raise their social status.

Obstacles in the path of women empowerment in India

1) social norms

Due to old and orthodox ideologies, many areas of India are prohibited from leaving their homes. In such areas, women do not have the freedom to go out of the house for education or employment. Living in such an environment, women find themselves inferior to men and fail to change their current social and economic condition.

2) Physical abuse in the workplace

Exploitation in the workplace is also a major obstacle in women’s empowerment. Private sectors such as service industries, software industries, educational institutions and hospitals are the most affected by this problem. This creates further problems for women due to the dominance of male prominence in society. In the past few years, there has been a rapid increase in harassment of women in the field of work and there has been an increase of about 170 percent in the last few decades.

3) Language discrimination

Workplace women are still discriminated against at the gender level in India. In many areas, women are not even allowed to go out for education and employment. At the same time, they do not have the freedom to work independently or to take the family-related fallacies and are always considered inferior to men in every task. This type of discrimination worsens the social and economic condition of women and also affects the goal of women empowerment in a bad way.

4) Inequality in Payments

Women in India are paid less than their male counterparts, and the problem is even worse in the unorganized sector, especially in places with daily wages. Despite doing the same amount of work for the same amount of time, women are paid significantly less than men, and such work shows the power disparity between women and men. Women working in the organized sector are paid less than men, despite having the same experience and qualifications as their male counterparts.

5) illiteracy

Problems such as illiteracy among women and skipping studies in between are also major hurdles in women’s empowerment. Although in urban areas, girls are equal to boys in terms of education, in rural areas they are far behind in this case. The female education rate in India is 64.6 percent while the education rate of men is 80.9 percent. Many rural girls who go to school also miss their education and they are not able to pass even the tenth standard.

6) Child Marriage

Although in the past few decades, effective decisions taken by the government have reduced the prevalence of child marriage in India to a great extent, but in 2018, a UNICEF report shows that India still has about 1.5 million girls every year. Marriage is done before the age of 18, due to early marriage, the development of women stops and she is not able to become physically and mentally mature.

7) Crimes against women

Serious crimes such as dowry, honor killing and trafficking are seen against Indian women along with much domestic violence. However, it is quite strange that women in urban areas are more prone to criminal attacks than women in rural areas. Even working women do not use public transport late at night due to their safety. In the true sense, women empowerment can be achieved only when the safety of women can be ensured and like men, they can also come freely without fear.

8) Female feticide

Female feticide or gender-based abortion is one of the biggest obstacles in the path of women empowerment in India. Female feticide refers to feticide on the basis of gender, under which female feticide is aborted without the consent of the mother. Due to female feticide, there has been a considerable difference in the sex ratio between women and men in states like Haryana and Jammu and Kashmir. These claims of our women empowerment will not be fulfilled until we can eradicate the problem of female feticide.

Government’s role for women’s empowerment in India

The Government of India runs a number of schemes for women’s empowerment. A number of schemes are being run by the Ministry of Women and Child Development Welfare and Government of India for the empowerment of Indian women. Some of these main schemes are mentioned below.

1) Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Yojana

2) Women’s Helpline Scheme

3) Ujjwala Scheme

4) Support to Training and Employment Program for Women (Step)

5) Mahila Shakti Kendra

6) Reservation for women in Panchayati Raj schemes


Given the way in which India has become one of the fastest-growing economies, India also needs to focus on achieving the goal of women empowerment in the near future. We need to understand this work of women empowerment because only through this, gender equality and economic progress can be achieved in the country.

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