You are currently viewing Independence Day 2023 Speech in english for school Students and Teacher

Independence Day 2023 Speech in english for school Students and Teacher

Independence Day Speech: August 15 is the day that everyone is waiting for. Whether children or students or grown-ups, everyone celebrates August 15. if you want to give a speech on Independence Day on 15 August 2023, then you must see our post today. India will celebrate Independence Day on 15 August 2023. If you are looking for speech on independence day, this is the right place. 

Independence Day Speech in english

A speech can be delivered in your school, college or office on 15 August. Many school children are searching for speeches on Independence Day as Independence Day is celebrated in every school across the country. In schools and colleges, there can be speech competition between students. So every student participating in the speech competition wants a good speech. Not only the students, but in schools and colleges and the primary teacher also have to give 15 august speech in English. In the offices too, speech is given on 15 August Independence Day. So you can download the speech on 15 August from below. 

Short Speech on Independence Day

Ladies and gentlemen,

On this 77th Independence Day, we honor the sacrifices that secured our freedom and look ahead with determination. Our history reminds us of unity’s power, guiding us to uphold democracy, equality, and justice. Let’s conquer challenges, nurture diversity, and progress as one. As our flag waves, it symbolizes hope, resilience, and our united spirit. Happy Independence Day! Jai Hind!

Speech for school students and teachers on 15 August

“Good morning to the chief guest, principal, teachers and my dear friends. 

I wish you all a very happy Independence Day! 

Today, I have the opportunity to speak on Independence Day, I feel honored. August 15 has always been so special to us, coz on this day we remember all the glory of our country struggles, rebellions and efforts of Indian freedom fighters fighting for freedom. India’s Independence Day not only signifies the independence of India from the rule of the British Raj, but it also shows the power of our country. 

The country growing day by day and is on its way to becoming a superpower. Before the completion of four years of India’s independence, we strengthened the country by making it a republic with the introduction of the indian constitution. We are a country of vast diversity, and our unity makes us a strong nation. From technology to agriculture we are one of the top of the world, and there is no going back from here because we are always on the move to grow and do better.

Today, as we remember all the achievements of our country on Independence Day, We should not forget our soldiers. Thank you to our brave soldiers that we can live in peace in our country because of them. We know that they are always there to protect us. They protect us from terrorist threatening India. We should be inspired by our soldiers and work together to make our country a better place to live. No country is perfect, and we also have our shortcomings. On this Independence Day 2020, we pledge to do our part as citizens to make our country great.

I want to thank you once again for listening carefully to my speech And I want to give you a chance to talk too. 

Jai Hind!

Bharat mata Ki Jai!

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