You are currently viewing Poverty In India Essay in English in 100, 200, 500, 1000 words for class 10, 11, 12 school students

Poverty In India Essay in English in 100, 200, 500, 1000 words for class 10, 11, 12 school students

Poverty In India Essay: Poverty is the condition of being extremely poor for any person or human being. This is a condition when a person starts lacking important things in his life like roof, necessary food, clothes, medicines etc. to continue life. The causes of poverty are excessive population, deadly and infectious diseases, natural calamities, low agricultural yields, unemployment, casteism, illiteracy, gender inequality, environmental problems, changing trend of economy in the country, untouchability, people have less or limited access to their rights, Problems like political violence, sponsored crime, corruption, lack of encouragement, indolence, ancient social beliefs etc. have to be faced.

Poverty In India Essay Long and short composition

Essay 1 (350 words)


Poverty is one of the most serious problems of the world, in today’s time many efforts are being made all over the world to remove poverty, then this dreadful problem is not taking its name to end. This problem of poverty affects our life both economically and socially.

Poverty – a dreadful problem of life

Poverty is like that of a slave who is unable to do anything he wants. It has many faces which keep changing according to the person, place and time. It can be defined in many ways as what a person lives and feels in their life. Poverty is a condition that no one would like to experience although it has to be carried due to custom, nature, natural calamity or lack of proper education. Although a person lives it under compulsion, but usually wants to avoid it. Poverty is a curse to earn enough money for food, to have access to education, to have enough place to live, to have necessary clothes and to protect the poor from social and political violence.


It is an invisible problem, which badly affects a person and his social life. In fact, poverty is a very dangerous problem, although there are many reasons that continue to carry it for a long time. Due to this, there is a lack of independence, mental and physical health and lack of security in a person. It is very important that in order to lead a normal life, the country and the whole world have to work together to bring proper physical and mental health, complete education, home for everyone, and other necessary things.


Poverty is such a problem, which works to affect our whole life. Poverty is a disease that troubles human beings in every way. Due to this all the things like good life, physical health, education level etc of a person get spoiled. This is the reason that in today’s time poverty is considered a dreadful problem.

Essay 2 (400 words)


In today’s time poverty is considered one of the biggest problems in the world. Poverty is such a human condition, which gives rise to various problems like sorrow, pain and despair in our life. People living in poverty neither get good education nor do they get good health.

poverty a tragedy

Poverty is such a human condition that brings despair, misery and pain in our lives. Poverty is the lack of money and shows the lack of everything to live life in a proper way. Poverty makes a child unable to enroll in school in childhood and they are forced to spend their childhood or live in an unhappy family. Due to poverty and lack of money, people suffer from problems like two times bread, not able to collect books for children and not able to raise children properly.

We can define poverty in many ways. It has become very common to see poverty in India as most of the people cannot even fulfill the basic necessities of their life. Here a large part of the population is illiterate, hungry and forced to live without clothes and houses. This is the main reason for the weakening of the Indian economy. Due to poverty, almost half of the population in India is leading a painful life.

Poverty creates a situation in which people fail to get enough income so they are not able to buy essential things. A poor person lives in his life without the right to basic things like food for two times, clean water, house, clothes, proper education etc. These people fail to maintain even the minimum standard of living such as consumption and nutrition necessary for survival etc.

There are many reasons for poverty in India, although the wrong distribution of national income is also one of the reasons. People from low income group group are much poorer than people from high income group group. Children from poor families never get proper education, nutrition and happy childhood environment. The main reason for poverty is illiteracy, corruption, increasing population, weak agriculture, increasing gap between rich and poor etc.


Poverty is that problem of human life, due to which the person suffering from it does not get even basic facilities in his life. This is the reason that at present, many measures are being found to reduce poverty, so that the standard of living of people around the world can be improved.

Essay 3 (500 words)


Poverty has become a challenge in our life, in today’s time many countries around the world have come under its grip. Looking at the data released in this subject, it shows that despite so many measures being taken to eradicate poverty at the global level, this problem remains as it is.

measures to control poverty

Poverty shows poor quality of life, illiteracy, malnutrition, lack of basic necessities, low human resource development etc. Poverty is a major problem in developing countries like India. This is a fact in which a section of the people in the society cannot fulfill even the basic necessities of their life.

The poverty level has shown some reduction in the last five years (from 35.97% in 1993-94 to 26.1% in 1999-2000). It has also decreased at the state level such as in Orissa from 47.15% to 48.56%, in Madhya Pradesh from 37.43% to 43.52%, in Uttar Pradesh from 31.15% to 40.85% and in West Bengal from 27.02% to 35.66%. However, despite this, no special happiness or pride can be felt on this matter because still about 26 crore people in India are forced to live below the poverty line.

Poverty in India can be eradicated by the use of some effective programs, however, for achieving this objective, not only by the government but also by the coordinated effort of all is required. The Government of India has to devise some effective strategies to develop the poor social areas especially in rural areas through the main components like primary education, population control, family welfare, employment generation etc.

What is the effect of poverty?

These are some of the following effects of poverty such as:

  • Illiteracy: Poverty makes people incapable of getting proper education due to lack of money.
  • Nutrition and Balanced Diet: Inadequate availability of balanced diet and adequate nutrition due to poverty brings many dangerous and infectious diseases.
  • Child Labor: This gives rise to illiteracy on a large scale because the future of the country is involved in child labor at a very low cost at a very young age.
  • Unemployment: Unemployment also arises due to poverty, which works to affect the normal life of the people. It forces people to live life against their will.
  • Social Anxiety: It generates social anxiety due to the dire income gap between the rich and the poor.
  • Housing problem: Sidewalks, roadsides, other open spaces, multiple people living together in one room, etc. create bad conditions for living.
  • Illnesses: It increases various infectious diseases because without money people cannot maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness. Can’t even afford doctor’s expenses for proper treatment of any disease.
  • Poverty in Women Prosperity: Due to gender inequality affects the lives of women on a large scale and they are deprived of proper diet, nutrition and medicine and treatment facilities.


There are problems like corruption, illiteracy and discrimination in the society, which are affecting the world in today’s time. In view of this, we have to identify these reasons and make a strategy to deal with them and ensure the development of the society because eradication of poverty is possible only through holistic development.

Essay 4 (600 words)


Poverty is a condition in which people are not able to get even basic necessities of life like insufficient food, clothing and roof etc. Most of the people in India cannot get proper bread for two times, they sleep on the roadside and wear dirty clothes. They do not get proper healthy nutrition, medicine and other essentials. Poverty has increased in urban India due to increase in urban population as people are migrating from rural areas to cities and towns for jobs and money related activities. The income of about 8 crore people is below the poverty line and 45 crore urban people are on the border. Most of the people living in slums are illiterate. Despite some steps being taken, no satisfactory results are visible in terms of reducing poverty.

causes and prevention of poverty

The main causes of poverty in India are rising population, weak agriculture, corruption, old practices, huge gap between rich and poor, unemployment, illiteracy, infectious diseases etc. A large part of the population in India depends on agriculture which is poor and the cause of poverty. People usually have to deal with food shortages due to poor agriculture and unemployment. Rising population in India is also the reason of poverty. More population means more food, money and need of house. In the lack of basic facilities, poverty has spread rapidly. The very rich and the horribly poor have widened the gap between the rich and the poor.

effects of poverty

Poverty affects people in many ways. Poverty has many effects such as illiteracy, unsafe diet and nutrition, child labour, poor household, quality lifestyle, unemployment, poor sanitation, higher incidence of poverty among women than men, etc. Due to paucity of money, the gap between rich and poor is increasing. This difference itself leads a country to the category of underdeveloped. It is because of poverty that a young child is forced to work at low wages instead of going to school to financially support his family.

solution to eradicate poverty

This is very important for the betterment of humanity on this planet to solve the problem of poverty on an urgent basis. Some solutions that can play a big role in solving the problem of poverty are as follows:

  • Along with making it profitable, farmers should get proper and necessary facilities for good farming.
  • Adults who are illiterate should be given necessary training for the betterment of life.
  • Family planning should be followed by the people to check the ever-increasing population and similarly poverty.
  • To eradicate poverty, corruption should be eradicated from the whole world.
  • Every child should go to school and get complete education.
  • There should be avenues of employment where people of all classes can work together.


Poverty is not just a human problem but it is a national problem. It should be resolved by implementing some effective methods on an urgent basis. Various steps have been taken by the government to remove poverty, although no clear results are visible. Eradication of poverty is very important for the sustainable and inclusive growth of people, economy, society and country. It is very necessary for every person to unite to uproot poverty from the root.