SEBA HSLC Syllabus 2021-20 | Assam Board Class 10

Download SEBA HSLC Syllabus 2021 – 2020 in PDF format fro here. All the students of Assam Class 10th can download the SEBA HSLC Syllabus 2020. SEBA aka Board of Secondary Education has released the official time table for all the class 10th students of Assam board. This syllabus is made as per the latest curriculum decided fro HSLC students.

SEBA HSLC Syllabus 2020 – 21

For class 10th syllabus SEBA considers NCERT Books for class 10 for all the core subjects like math, Hindi, Science, English, Social science e.t.c. Hence the students of Assam Board can also follow the NCERT Solutions and text Books for there preperation.

Assam HSLC Syllabus 2020-21 for Maths

Below is the SEBA HSLC Maths Syllabus.

Assam HSLC Maths Syllabus 2020

Arithmetic Progression6
Coordinate Geometry8
Quadratic Equations6
Real Number5
Some applications of trigonometry6
Surface Areas and Volumes6
Introduction to Trigonometry8
Area Related to Circle6
Pair of Linear Equations in 2 variables8

Assam HSLC Syllabus 2020-21 for Science

Below is the SEBA HSLC science Syllabus.

Assam HSLC Science Syllabus 2020

Acid, Bases & Salts6
Source of Energy4
Chemical Reactions6
Control & Coordination6
metals & Non-Metals7
Life Processes8
How do organism reproduce5
Magnetic Effect of Electric Current5
Our Environment4
Heredity and Evolutions5
Management of Natural Resources5
Carbon and its compounds6
Periodic Classification of Elements4
Human Eye Colorful World5
Light- Reflection & Refraction8

Assam HSLC Syllabus 2020-21 for Social Science

Below is the SEBA HSLC social science Syllabus.

Assam HSLC Social Science Syllabus 2020

Partition of Bengal, Swadeshi Movement6
Cultural Heritage of India & North-East7
Assam- Anti-British Uprising in Assam-Agrarians Revolutions7
Rise of Gandhi Era and his role in the Freedom Movement7
Role of Assam in the Freedom Movement8
Geography of Assam14
Economic Geography7
Environment and Environmental Problems6
Geography of the World8
Political Science
Indian Democracy5
International Organisation World Peace and Human Rights5
Economic Development5
Money & Banking5

Assam HSLC Syllabus 2020-21 for English

Below is the SEBA HSLC english subject Syllabus.

Assam HSLC English Syllabus 2020

GrammarDeterminers, Tenses, Voice, Narration, Verb, Prepositions, Vocabulary, Sentence Correction20
Reading2 unseen passages10
WritingEssay Writing/ Story Writing/ Report Writing/ Letter Writing17
Supplementary Reading10

Assam HSLC Marking Scheme 2020-21

Here we have provided the overall marking structure for Assam HSLC Exam 2021. It consists of all subjects weight-age in examination along with internal exam.

Subject-wise Assam Class 10 Marking Scheme

Subject Name
Total Marks
TheoryInternal AssessmentPracticalTotal
Social Science9010 100
General Maths9010 100
English9010 100
English (IL)50  50
All MIL100  100
General Science9010 100
Elective Subjects
Geography(E)9010 100
Assamese(E)100  100
Cane & Bamboo Technology(E)40 60100
Persian(E)100  100
Sanskrit(E)100  100
Wood Craft(E)40 60100
Santhali(E)100  100
Textile Design & Clothing(E)50 50100
Music(E)30 70100
Dance(E)30 70100
Hindi(E)100  100
Garment Designing(E)30 70100
Nepali(E)100  100
Home Science(E)70 30100
Manipuri(E)100  100
Bengali(E)100  100
History(E)100  100
Boro(E)100  100
Fine Art(E)40 60100
Arabic(E)100  100
Advance Maths(E)9010 100
Computer Science(E)80 20100

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