You are currently viewing CBSE Sample Papers 2020-21: Class 10th, 12th PDF Download and Solution

CBSE Sample Papers 2020-21: Class 10th, 12th PDF Download and Solution

CBSE Sample Papers 2020-21: Central Board of Secondary education has released the Sample paper for all subjects for Class 12 and Class 10 in PDF Format. The Sample Papers are uploaded at the official website of CBSE. These Sample Papers are created as per the latest CBSE Syllabus. Candidates can also download the Latest CBSE Sample Paper with Marking scheme from the direct link given on this page.

CBSE Sample Paper 2020-21
CBSE Sample Paper 2020

CBSE Sample Papers 2020

Solved CBSE Sample Papers 2020 for all subjects of class 12th and 10th for annual exam 2020 are available here for download in PDF Format. If you are preparing for CBSE Board Exam 2020 then you should thoroughly Practise these sample papers. 

Sample Paper for all the Subject are available in PDF File Format. Candidate can easily download the CBSE Sample paper 2019-20 form the direct links given on this page

CBSE Sample Paper with Solution 2020

CBSE Marking Scheme is very helpful for the candidates as it gives them complete idea about the marking structure of the question paper and what part of the question carry what weightage. 

CBSE has released the Marking Scheme for Both Class 10 and Class 12 for Session 2020-21. Marking Scheme are released in the form of PDF File. Candidate just have to open the link that we have given on this page and they can easily download the CBSE Marking Scheme 2020.

Candidates preparing for CBSE Class 10 Board exam are advised to solve the Official Sample paper of CBSE. Candidates can dowloaod Sample paper for Class 10 2020 PDF file from the link below. So, start practicing Class 10 CBSE Sample paper and get familiar with exam pattern, work on your weak areas.

How Sample Paper 2020 are useful in preparation?

During the Course of their preparation for the Board Exam students learn many concepts and theories. For practice question they only use NCERT or CBSE Guess papers to practice. Which is good enough But, while you are in an examination hall scenario completely changes. Here you have time restriction, limited resources and many more.

Then Sample Paper and Marking Scheme Come for the help as they made by the official exam conducting body which is CBSE that means it is the best way to practice for the exam.

Moreover, they give you exact conditions like difficulty Level time restriction e.t.c so that you can have a realistic experience of the exam and when you sit for Exams in a real exam hall then that day you can keep calm and handle stress very well.

Some important tips for solving CBSE Sample Papers

  1. Always try to set time limit and ask family members not to disturb you when you are sample papers.
  2. Always Solve Complete sample paper in single go never take breaks which are not allowed during the exam.
  3. Never look for the solutions while you are solving the sample papers
  4. Always start with the section which you know very well this way you get more confidence and you can do well in the Board Exam. 
  5. After Solving the CBSE Sample Paper always check it with the solutions and analyze your mistakes and work on them.
  6. Once you solve a complete paper check for the correct and incorrect question see their solutions and clear your concepts.

How to use CBSE Sample paper?

  • You should know about the entire syllabus before solving sample paper.
  • While solving sample paper, you should set a time and try to solve the paper within the same time. By doing this, you will know your speed.
  • Do the question that comes first to you and do not look at the answers. Check your answers only after completing the paper.
  • Try lower marks and short questions later.
  • After solving the paper check the answer and do your analysis.
  • Try to solve one sample paper daily.

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