Daily Current Affairs 2020 in English: PDF for Govt Jobs

Daily Current Affairs in English PDF: Every day, government jobs in various sectors like Railways, Banks, Police, Army etc. are coming out. For which lakhs of people apply and prepare for the exam and also take the exam. But there are some people who pass the exam and whose selection is done for the government job. Many people do not get government due to which they get frustrated. There can be many reasons for people who cannot get government jobs. One of which is also the reason that they either did not work or they lacked some knowledge.

Daily Current Affairs PDF 2020

To get a government job and pass the exam, it is most important to increase your level of general knowledge. Out of all the subjects asked in the exam for the government job, GK (General Knowledge) is one such subject which can drop and even lift the candidate in the exam. If you want to get ahead of others, then it is important that you keep a good grip on the subject of General Knowledge. Keeping in mind all your candidates, we have given some important questions about current affairs for you in this article. These questions of GK are related to Daily Current Affairs, which by reading and memorizing you will help you a lot in the exam. Now you can read Daily Current Affairs questions from this page.

Daily Current Affairs pdf 202

10 April 2020 Current Affairs English PDF

Which Union Ministry launched a portal named “Integrated Government Online Training” (iGOT) for capacity building of frontline workers fighting COVID-19 epidemic? 
Answer – Ministry of Human Resource Development has 
recently launched an online training module called “iGOT” portal by the Government of India. The full form of iGOT is ‘Integrated Government Online Training’. It has been launched on the initiation platform of the Ministry of Human Resource Development. This training module has been launched in the initiation platform of Ministry of Human Resource Development to efficiently handle COVID-19 epidemic including doctors, nurses, sanitation workers, state government officials, police organizations and other volunteers. 

2. The government has directed the Food Corporation of India to provide food grains to NGOs at OMSS rates. What is OMSS?
Answer – Open Market Sale Scheme 
Recently, the Central Government has directed the Food Corporation of India to provide food grains to non-governmental organizations and charitable organizations serving cooked food to the needy in OMSS (Open Market Sale Scheme). During the nationwide lockdown, these charitable organizations can purchase wheat and rice from FCI godowns without e-auction. The OMSS reserve price for rice is Rs 2,250 per quintal and the wheat price is Rs 2,135 per quintal. Earlier only state governments and registered bulk users were allowed to buy from Food Corporation of India under OMSS rates. 

3. How many years has the Government of India extended the tenure of the members of the Bank Board Bureau? 
answer me
The Government of India has extended the tenure of the board members of the Bank Board Bureau for a period of two years from 11 April. The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet has also approved the extension of the term of the current part-time chairman BP Sharma. The Bank Boards Bureau was formed in 2016 to recommend the appointment of full-time directors and non-executive presidents of public sector banks and government-owned financial institutions. 

4. The Supreme Court has directed the Central Government to provide PPE to the doctors and medical staff looking for patients with corona virus. What is the full form of PPE? 
Answer – Personal protective equipment
The Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered the central government to ensure the availability of personal protective equipment (PPE). The Supreme Court directed the Center to provide sterile medical gloves, medical masks, goggles, face shields, respirators, shoe covers, head covers and coveralls to all health workers including doctors, nurses, ward boys, other medical and paramedical professionals. 

5. Who has been nominated for the US presidential elections from the Democratic Party against Donald Trump? 
Answer – Joe Biden
The Democratic Party of America has elected former Vice President Joe Biden as a candidate for the US presidential election. Earlier, US Senator Bernie Sanders announced that he was not participating in the upcoming elections. Joe Biden has therefore become the official Democratic candidate for election against US President Donald Trump.

January Current Affairs 2020

You can read the questions of current affairs every day from here.

30 January 2020

1. Which two people have been dismissed by the JDU party?

Answer: Prashant Kishore and Pawan Verma.

2. According to a report by the Government thinktank NITI Aayog, who ranked first in the list of aspiring districts?

Answer: Chandauli (Uttar Pradesh).

3. How many new water areas have received international rating under the Ramsar Treaty?

Answer: Ten.

4. Which Indian airlines have announced flights to China due to Corona virus?

Answer: Air India and Indigo.

5. In the third T20 match played against New Zealand, how many runs did India win in the Super Over?

Answer: 18 runs.

6. Which Indian javelin throwing athlete has won the Tokyo Olympic ticket?

Answer: Neeraj Chopra.

7. In which party has the badminton player Saina Nehwal joined?

Answer: Bharatiya Janata Party.

8. Which former player has been made a member in the World Cricket Committee of MCC?

Answer: Sir Aleister Cook.

9. Who will inaugurate Surajkund fair starting from 01 February?

Answer: President Ramnath Kovind.

10. Nepal has organized The Mount Everest Fashion Runway at which record to record its name?

Answer: Guinness Book of World Records.

29 January 2020

1. Which award has been conferred on environmental economist Pawan Sukhdev?

Answer: Tyler Award 2020.

2. How many students have made their name in the Guinness Book of World Records by painting a tree together in Tamil Nadu?

Answer: 7000 students.

3. How many Liquified CNG stations have been announced by the Ministry of Oil and Natural Gas in the country?

Answer: 340 stations.

4. Who has made the ruler of Qatar the Prime Minister of the country?

Answer: Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdel Aziz Al Thani.

5. Who has been appointed the new chairman of the Paralympic Committee of India?

Answer: Deepa Malik.

6. Who has won the Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2020?

Answer: Fabiano Caruana.

7. Indigo airline has banned 6 months due to which comedian’s bad conduct?

Answer: Kunal Kamra.

8. Which state government has launched a scheme to provide food for 10 rupees under the Shiva Meal Scheme?

Answer: Government of Maharashtra.

9. Has become the second-largest arms-producing country in the world?

Answer: China.

10. Which honour has been conferred on Dr Enkumar?

Answer: Green Ratna Honors.

28 January 2020

1. Which American veteran basketball player died in a helicopter crash?

Answer: Kobe Bryant.

2. The state of West Bengal has passed a resolution in the Legislative Assembly opposing which law?

Answer: CAA.

3. The central government has announced the sale of 100 per cent stake in which airline company?

Answer: Air India.

4. Prime Minister of which country Marian Suarez has announced her resignation from her post?

Answer: Slovenia.

5. Who will provide fast track visas to scientists, mathematicians and researchers from February 2020?

Answer: Britain.

6. The Asian Tennis Federation has announced who will be made life president?

Answer: Anil Khanna.

7. Which Uttar Pradesh player has a record of taking a hat-trick in the first match of domestic cricket?

Answer: Ravi Yadav.

8. How many rupees have been announced by the Maharashtra government to the state medal winners at the Khelo India Youth Games?

Answer: 1 lakh rupees.

9. Which 18-year-old singer has received 5 awards at the 62nd Grammy Awards?

Answer: Billy Elish.

10. Former US President’s wife Michelle Obama has been awarded the prestigious Grammy Award for which book?

Answer: Bikming Audio Book.

27 January 2020

1. Which Republic Day is celebrated in India on 26 January?

Answer: 71st.

2. Which helicopters were included in the parade on Rajpath for the first time?

Answer: Chinook and Apache.

3. How many wickets did the Indian cricket team beat in the second T20 match played with New Zealand to take a 2–0 lead over the series?

Answer: Seven wickets.

4. Which first female player has been selected for the Padma Vibhushan Award?

Answer: MC Mary Kom.

5. Which award has been announced to Rani Rampal, the captain of women’s hockey team?

Answer: Padmasri.

6. Which former Union Ministers have been conferred the Padma Vibhushan award?

Answer: Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitley, George Fernandez.

7. On which day is National Voters Day celebrated every year?

Answer:January 25th.

8. Who has lifted the ban on India for archery?

Answer: World Archery Department.

9. China has declared a health emergency in the country due to the rapid spread of which virus?

Answer: Corona virus.

10. FATF has announced which country to be excluded from the grey list?

Answer: Pakistan.

25 January 2020

1. The President of which country Jair Messias Bolsonaro has visited India as the Chief Guest on the occasion of Republic Day?

Answer: Brazil.

2. Former Governor Dr Aziz Qureshi has been appointed as the Chairman of

Answer: Madhya Pradesh Urdu Academy.

3. How many new words have the Oxford Dictionary included in its new edition?

Answer: more than 1000 (384 Indian English words).

4. How many of the 18 seats have been registered by Nepal Communist Party in the election of the Upper House National Assembly?

Answer: 16 seats.

5. In the first match of the T20 series that started with New Zealand, how many wickets did the Indian team achieve by achieving a target of 203 runs?

Answer: 6 wickets.

6. Which Indian players are in the top 10 in the latest Test rankings released by the ICC?

Answer: Virat Kohli (first place), Ajinkya Rahane (eighth place).

7. Astronomers have discovered which star with oxygen reserves?

Answer: J0815 plus 2729.

8. According to a report, which is the most polluted city and least polluted city in India respectively?

Answer: Jharia (Jharkhand), Lunglei (Mizoram),

9. Which state has secured first place in Khelo India Youth Games?

Answer: Maharashtra.

10. January 25 is celebrated as which day?

Answer: Indian Tourism Day.

24 January 2020

1. Who has been awarded the Subhash Chandra Bose Disaster Management Award 2020?

Answer: Uttarakhand DMMC.

2. Chandigarh Police has appointed 25 boxing medalist Reena to which post?

Answer: Head Constable.

3. Which day is celebrated on 24 January?

Answer: National Girl Child Day.

4. Maharashtra government has announced which new scheme to start from 27 January?

Answer: Mumbai 24 hours.

5. Which BJP MLA from Gujarat has resigned from his post?

Answer: Ketan Inamdar.

6. In the case of the democracy index, India has fallen 10 places to which place?

Answer: 51st. place

7. Which award has been given by President Ram Nath Kovind to 49 children from 5 to 18 years?

Answer: Bal Shakti Award.

8. Army Chief MM Narwane has visited which state for the first time?

Answer: Jammu and Kashmir.

9. Which birth anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose has been celebrated on 23 January?

Answer: 123rd birth anniversary.

10. Maharashtra government has made it mandatory to teach in all schools?

Answer: Indian Constitution.

21 January 2020

1. Who has been appointed the new president of the Bharatiya Janata Party?

Answer: Jagat Prakash Nadda.

2. Which new bill has passed in Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly?

Answer: Three state capitals bill.

3. Presidency University’s Alumni Association will honour Nobel Laureate Abhijit Banerjee with which award?

4. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has estimated India’s growth rate to be what per cent in the current financial year?

Answer: 4.8 per cent.

5. North Korea has appointed which former commander as its foreign minister?

Answer: Ri Son Gone.

6. According to a report by SEMERUS, which are the most searched internet players from 2015 to 2019?

Answer: Virat Kohli (1). Mahendra Singh Dhoni (2).

7. Who holds the first and second place in the latest ODI rankings released by the ICC?

Answer: Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma.

8. Who has won the gold medal in 800 meters freestyle swimming at Khelo India Youth Games?

Answer: Anurag Singh.

9. Krishak Bharti Cooperative Limited (KRIBHCO) has been elected as the Chairman?

Answer: Rajya Sabha MP Dr Chandra Pal Singh.

10. January 19 is celebrated as which day?

Answer: NDRF Establishment Day.

20 January 2020

1. What has the Ministry of Railways changed the name of Mughalsarai Railway Division to?

Answer: Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Railway Division.

2. Former MP Savitri Bai Phule has announced which new party to form?

Answer: Kanshi Ram Bahujan Samaj Party.

3. How many people have made a record by joining 18000 km long human chain for water life greenery in Bihar?

Answer: 5 crores.

4. Which nuclear missile in India has successfully tested in Andhra Pradesh?

Answer: K-4 ballistic missile.

5. India has won the series 2–1 by defeating Australia by how many runs in the last ODI match?

Answer: 36 runs.

6. Rohit Sharma has become the player who scored 9000 runs for India?

Answer: Seventh.

7. In which tournament wrestlers Bajrang and Ravi Kumar have won the gold medal in their category?

Answer: Rome Ranking Series Tournament.

8. At which peak has Mithali Prasad of Bihar attained victory?

Answer: Mount Ankakagua (6962 m).

9. Union Minister Arjun Munda has been appointed as the Chairman of

Answer: Archery Association of India.

10. Which fair will be inaugurated by President Ramnath Kovind?

Answer: 34th Surajkund Handicraft Fair.

18 January 2020

1. The United Nations has estimated India’s likely growth rate in the current financial year to be what percent?

Answer: 5.7 percent.

2. Lieutenant General SK Saini has been appointed to which army post?

Answer: Deputy Chief of Army Staff.

3. After Kerala, now the assembly of which state has passed a resolution against the CAA?

Answer: Punjab.

4. In the second ODI match played with Australia, by how many runs did India score 1-1 in the series?

Answer: 36 runs.

5. Which Indian player has become the player to complete 7000 runs in the lowest number of innings (137)?

Answer: Rohit Sharma.

6. Which player in spin bowling became India’s first spinner to take 100 wickets in the lowest match (59)?

Answer: Kuldeep Yadav.

7. Which new scheme for fuel conservation has been launched by the Government of India?

Answer: Enabled Campaign.

8. UCO Bank has been selected for a trade with which country?

Answer: Russia.

9. ICICI Bank has launched which new system for the protection of digital banking?

Answer: OTP based login.

10. How many dollars of the loan agreement has been signed by the Indian government with the World Bank for the Assam Inland Water Project?

Answer: 88 million dollars.

17 January 2020

1. Who has got first place in the country in CA examination?

Answer: Suryansh Aggarwal (Noida).

2. Who has been appointed the new Prime Minister of Russia?

Answer: Mikhail Mishstein.

3. Which Indian player has been dropped by BCCI from his annual contract?

Answer: Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

4. The government of Madhya Pradesh has banned the sale of what is open.

Answer: Acid.

5. According to a report by telecom regulator TRAI, which company has become the largest telecom provider?

Answer: Reliance Jio.

6. What has researchers at IIT Madras invented to make eco-friendly hydrogen fuel?

Answer: Seawater.

7. For which story collection of Sindhi writer Vasdev Mohi has the Saraswati Samman of 2019 been conferred?

Answer: chequebook.

8. Bipul Bihari has been appointed as the member of whose bureau?

Answer: IUPAC.

9. Which shooter has won the gold medal in 10-meter rifle shooting at the Khelo India Youth Games?

Answer: Gina Khita.

10. The fifth edition of which function has been started in Goa?

Answer: Science Film Festival.

16 January 2020

1. Which Indian cricketer has been named ODI Player of the Year by ICC?

Answer: Rohit Sharma.

2. Which village of Madhya Pradesh has become the first village of Single-Use Plastic Free State?

Answer: Sindora (Indore).

3. Which American e-commerce company has announced an investment of Rs 7100 crore in India?

Answer: Amazon.

4. Which award has been awarded to Virat Kohli by ICC?

Answer: Spirit of Cricket.

5. Which Indian singer has made a world record by singing 1000 songs in 1000 days?

Answer: Dreams Abraham.

6. Which cricketer has been selected for the Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy?

Answer: Ben Stokes.

7. India’s Statue of Unity has been given a place in the eight wonders of which list?

Answer: Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

8. Which award has been given to Ishwar Sharma?

Answer: Global Child Prodigy Award.

9. Which female officer got the opportunity to conduct the parade on Republic Day for the first time?

Answer: Tania Shergill.

10. The state of Kerala has challenged which law in the Supreme Court?

Answer: Citizenship Amendment Law.

15 January 2020

1. January 15 is celebrated as which day in India?

Answer: Indian Army Day.

2. In which record have you registered your name by making 1995 kilo khichdi together in Mandi district on the day of Makar Sankranti?

Answer: Guinness Book of World Records.

3. Which country’s currency has been removed from the list of manipulators by the US?

Answer: China.

4. The government has announced to make the hallmark mandatory from next year?

Answer: On gold jewellery.

5. In the first ODI, by how many wickets did Australia beat the target of 255 runs to defeat India?

Answer: 10 wickets.

6. What is the researchers of Swiss University prepared 18-carat gold?

Answer: Plastic.

7. India and Bangladesh together have announced the production of which film?

Answer: Bang Bandhu.

8. Who has been appointed as the Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of India on behalf of the government?

Answer: Devabrata Patra.

9. In which city has the 5th edition of Raisina Dialogue started?

Answer: New Delhi.

10. ISRO has announced which of its satellites to be launched on January 17?

Answer: GSAT-30.

14 January 2020

1. According to the report released by the Indian Meteorological Department, which year of India has been the warmest so far.

Answer: the Year 2019.

2. Uttarakhand state government has proposed to give monthly pension of how many thousand rupees to the victims of the acid attack?

Answer: Six thousand rupees.

3. Which river has been renamed as Saryu in the cabinet meeting of the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh?

Answer: Ghagra.

4. Who has been appointed as the Director-General of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)?

Answer: Dr AP Maheshwari.

5. Which famous critic and litterateur has died at the age of 83?

Answer: Khagendra Thakur.

6. Union Fisheries and Animal Husbandry Minister Giriraj Singh has laid the foundation stone of the country’s first automatic milk plant, where is it located?

Answer: Mathura.

4. According to the first trade agreement in China and the United States, how many dollars of American products will China buy?

Answer: 20 thousand million dollars.

8. Which team has won the Spanish Super Cup for the 11th time?

Answer: Real.

9. Which cricketer has been included in the West Indies team after 3 years in the International T20 team?

Answer: Dwayne Bravo.

10. Which film has received 10 categories of nominations for the Oscars of the year 2020?

Answer: 1917.

13 January 2020

1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced the name of Kolkata Port after whom?

Answer: Shyama Prasad Mukherjee.

2. Which prestigious award has been conferred on Indian bowler Jasprit Bumrah?

Answer: Poly Umrigar Award.

3. India ranked at the World Shooting Ranking 2019?

Answer: First.

4. Which player holds the record for making the Big Bash League the highest individual score?

Answer: Marcus Stoinis (147 runs).

5. Which house has been found by NASA like Earth?

Answer: TOI 700D.

6. The birth anniversary of which great man is celebrated on 12 January?

Answer: Swami Vivekananda.

7. Which Indian has been selected as the International Young Player of the Year?

Answer: Sweety Kumari (Bihar).

8. Which woman of Taiwan country has won the presidential election again?

Answer: Sai Ing-Wen.

9. Which Indian female cricketer has been awarded the Best International Cricketer of the Year award?

Answer: Poonam Raut.

10. Which new scheme has been launched by Union Minister Smriti Irani?

Answer: YashSwini Yojana.

11 January 2020

1. In the Central Government, which bill has been announced to be implemented in the country with effect from 10 January 2020?

Answer: Citizenship Amendment Law (CAA).

2. Who will be inaugurated by Union Steel Minister Dharmendra Pradhan today?

Answer: Integrated steel hub.

3. In the final match of the T20 series played against Sri Lanka, by how many runs did India win the series 2-0?

Answer: 78 runs.

4. Who has become the fastest captain to score 11000 runs in international cricket?

Answer: Virat Kohli.

5. Indian women’s hockey team captain Rani Rampal has been named for

Answer: World Games Athlete of the Year.

6. January 10 is celebrated as which day in the world?

Answer: World Hindi Day.

7. Sultan Qaboos bin Said has passed away?

Answer: Oman.

8. What is the position of India in terms of powerful passport in Henley Passport Index 2020?

Answer: 84th.

9. Andhra Pradesh government has launched which new scheme to provide education to poor and needy women and children?

Answer: Amma Vody.

10. Henley Passport Index has been ranked first for powerful passports in 2020?

Answer: Japan. 

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