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Essay on Bihu Festival in English in 100, 200, 300, 400 Words

Essay on Bihu Festiva: Here you will get Paragraph and Short Essay on Bihu Festival in English Language for students of all Classes in 100, 200 and 300 words. Here you will get essay on my birthday in English language for all classes students.

Essay on Bihu Festival in English

Essay on Bihu Festival in Hindi Language

Essay on Bihu Festival (100 words) 

Bihu is a festival celebrated in the Indian state of Assam that is associated with the harvesting of crops and is celebrated thrice a year. First comes Rongali Bihu that according to Hindu calendar comes in Vaishakh and shows the arrival of spring. Bhongali Bihu is celebrated in the month of Paush, on which a figure made of bamboo is worshiped by setting fire to it. Kangala Bihu is celebrated in the month of Kartik and no enjoyment is celebrated on this day. The festival of Bihu fills the people of Assam with happiness and shows their unity and love.

Essay on Bihu Festival (200 words) 

The Bihu festival is associated with farming in Assam in India. Bihu is an important festival of Assamese people in Assam. The word ‘Bihu’ is derived from the language of the Dimas people. Dimasa is one of the oldest inhabitants of Assam in India. The word ‘bi’ means ‘to ask’ and ‘hu’ means ‘peace and prosperity’. His superior deity is “Brai Sibrai” or “Father Sibrai”. The first harvest of the season is offered to the father praying for peace and prosperity.

It is celebrated in the month of April and the commemoration continues for a month or so. Bihu is a corrupt festival that brings humanity, peace and brotherhood among various artists and religions. The festival ‘Bihu’ continues for seven days which is called ‘Ext Bihu’. The seven days are known as Chat Bihu, Goru Bihu, Manus Bihu, Kutum Bihu, Senehi Bihu, Mela Bihu and Chera Bihu. It is celebrated with great pomp and prosperity in all the states of Assam. Folk songs and dances are also celebrated in the festival. People call it Bihu Geete or Bihu Songs. The dance mainly involves movements of the hips and arms. It consists of dhol (drum) tal, pera (an instrument made of buffalo horn), taka, bani (flute), axutali and gogona. The traditional food made during the festival of Bihu are pita, lars (traditional food of rice and coconut) and jalopan.

Essay on Bihu Festival (300 words) 

Bihu is the national festival of Assam, which marks three different phases of the cultivation calendar for paddy, the native crop of Assam. The people of Assam celebrate three types of Bihu every year – Rongali Bihu, Kashi Bihu and Magh Bihu Ronaji Bihu or Bohag Bihu is celebrated in the month of Bohag (mid-April) and marks the beginning of the sowing of seeds. It is the principal Bihu of the three and is celebrated over a period of several days. Konti Bihu, also known as Kongali Bihu, marks the completion of sowing of plants and transplanting of plants.

Magh Bihu or Bhogali Bihu celebrates the culmination of the harvesting period. Traditionally, Bihu is celebrated with folk dances and songs, symbolizing the communication of love and romance. Today, cultural programs are organized based on Bihu dance and songs, accompanied by traditional musical instruments like dhol, toka, pepa etc. Kati Bihu is celebrated in mid-October, when people offer silent prayers by lighting earthen lamps in a paddy field. On the other hand, Bhogali Bihu is celebrated in January after the harvest of the crop. The Bihu festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and passion, irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

Bohag Bihu is the most popular of all and marks the arrival of spring. The festival is celebrated over many days and it is a period of great fun and enjoyment. Traditional folk songs and dances are the main attraction of this festival. Bohag Bihu is celebrated in April, Kati Bihu in October and Magh Bihu in January every year. Every occasion has its own importance. Cultural traditions make the festival very entertaining and popular across the world.

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