You are currently viewing Essay on Coronavirus in English – Symptom / Vaccine

Essay on Coronavirus in English – Symptom / Vaccine

Essay on Coronavirus in English: Popularly known by the name of COVID 19 corona virus is like any other flu. Started from china it spread all over the world in a very short span of time. Here in this essay/article we tried to include all details from the definition of corona to, its prevention and how one can stay safe of this virus. This article can be used by school students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 or college students in their essay competition.

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Essay on Corona virus

इस निबंध में हमने कोरोना वायरस  संक्रमण से जुड़े सारे तथ्य जैसे कोविद 19 क्या है, इससे बचने के उपाय, कोरोना बीमारी होने की स्थिति में किन बातों का ध्यान रखे आदि।

Essay on Corona virus

What is corona virus?

Corona virus belongs to a family of viruses whose infection can cause problems ranging from a cold to breathing problems. This virus has never been seen before. The virus infection started in December in Wuhan, China. According to WHO, fever, cough, shortness of breath is its symptoms.

Fun Facts: Do you know that Corona virus ie Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a very tiny but lethal virus. The corona virus is 900 times smaller than a human hair.

What are the symptoms of Corona Virus disease? 

Covid-19 / corona virus starts with its first signal which is a fever. This is followed by a dry cough and then after a week or so breathing trouble starts to occur.

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These symptoms do not always mean that you have corona virus infection. In severe cases of corona virus, pneumonia, excessive breathing difficulties, kidney failure, and even death can occur. 

The risk may be serious in the case of the elderly or people who already have asthma, diabetes or heart disease. Similar viruses are also found in colds and flu viruses.  

Medicines used when the corona virus infection occurs? 

There is no cure for corona virus at this time but medicines that reduce symptoms of the disease can be given. Stay in isolation until you recover. Scientists working day night to to develop a vaccine to treat the corona virus. It will be tested on humans by the end of this year. Some hospitals are also testing antiviral medication.

What are the preventive measures of KOVID 19 infection? 

The Ministry of Health has issued guidelines to prevent corona virus. Which are:

  • Keep washing your hand at a regular interval of time.
  • Alcohol-based hand rub can also be used if soap not available.  
  • Keep the nose and mouth covered with handkerchiefs or tissue paper while coughing and sneezing.  
  • Stay away from people who have cold and flu symptoms.  
  • Avoid the consumption of eggs and meat. 
  • Avoid exposure to wild animals.

Who and how to wear masks? 

If you are healthy, you do not need a mask. If you are caring for a person infected with the coronavirus, you must wear a mask. 

People who have fever, cough, or shortness of breath should wear a mask and go to the doctor immediately.

Method of wearing a mask

Masks should be worn in such a way that your nose, mouth, and part of the beard are covered. If you feel there is an opening at any side of the mask or your mouth and nose are not fully covered, then adjust it. Masks should be changed every day. 

How to reduce the risk of the corona, read the remedy 

Viruses that resemble the corona are spread through droplets falling from coughs and sneezes. Wash your hands, cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing. If the hands are not clean then avoid touching the eyes, nose, and mouth. 

How to prevent corona infection from spreading? 

Do not travel by public vehicle such as bus, train. Do not invite guests to the house. DO not ask for someone else’s household item.

If you are living with lots of people, be more cautious. Stay in separate rooms and clean the shared kitchen and bathroom continuously. Do this for 14 days so that the risk of infection is reduced.

If you have come from an infected area or have been in contact with an infected person, then you may be advised to stay alone and contact a doctor immediately for a checkup.


Viruses such as the coronavirus cannot survive outside the body for much longer so, everyone should follow the safety guidelines released by the health ministry to avoid infection of COVID

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