You are currently viewing Essay on Corruption English [10 Lines] [Class 1-12] in 1500+ words

Essay on Corruption English [10 Lines] [Class 1-12] in 1500+ words

Get here Essay on Corruption in free India in English in pdf format. This essay is useful for all school students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or in various govt jobs exams like SSC and UPSC. In this article, we have talked about how corruption is a threat to development in India. also, multiple short and paragraph like 10 lines or composition of 1500+ words are provided here.

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Essay on Corruption – Short and Long

Corruption refers to an act done by an individual or a group, which seriously compromises the rights of an individual or other public. “Corruption” includes various activities of governance, administration. Corruption is not only limited to the government and their offices, but it also includes private businesses and organizations. Corruption impedes the path of development of a society and a nation. A corrupt system loosens people’s trust in government over society, resulting in fear and anarchy.

Essay on Corruption 300 words for Class 3, 4


As we all are aware that corruption is harmful to both the country and society. It also creates obstacles for the development of society along with personal development. It is a social evil that has subdued the human body and mind socially, economically and intellectually. It is continuously strengthening its roots due to increasing human greed towards wealth, power and position.

Widespread corruption in India

Corruption is the misuse of natural or public resources and power for any personal interest. According to sources, it is learned that India is third in corruption cases. Corruption is prevalent in civil service, political, business and other areas. India is trained for its democracy but due to corruption, the democratic system is not functioning smoothly. Politicians are primarily responsible for all types of corruption prevailing in the country.

Essay on Corruption

We had expected our politicians by electing them to guide our country in the right direction. Initially, he makes a lot of promises to us, but once he wins the election, he forgets everything and gets involved in corruption. But still, we have full faith that one day India will be corruption free when our political leaders will be free from greed and will use their power, position and wealth properly in the interest of the country and not to fulfil their luxury and desires.

We should choose an honest and loyal leader for India like our former leader Lal Bahadur Shastri, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel etc. Only such leaders can make the country corruption-free.


The politicians and youth of our country have to be aware of the causes of corruption and solve this problem by forming a group together. It has become necessary to take drastic measures for the increasing level of corruption.

Essay on Corruption 400 words for class 5, 6, 7


Corruption is a contagious disease that has spread its roots well in the minds of bad people. No one was born to do such activities in society, but some bad conditions of life have forced them to do so. Gradually he got accustomed to do all these wrong activities. However, people suffering from any problem, disease etc. should have patience and trust in themselves and never do wrong things in their lifetime.

Corrupt politicians involved in corruption

Today, a person is willing to do any wrong thing to fulfil his selfishness. One wrong move can ruin many lives. We are not alone in this place, but there are other people like us, so we should also think of others’ interest and lead a peaceful life.

Now the Government of India gives many benefits to poor people on the basis of rules and regulations to bring equality in the society. However, they do not get the benefit of these benefits because the rights of the poor are killed by the authorities. They are committing corruption against the law just to fill their pockets with money.

There are many reasons for corruption prevailing in the society. The political leaders of the present day are making interest oriented policies rather than nation oriented programs and policies. He wants to become a trained politician to serve his interests and needs rather than the interests and needs of the citizens. The level of the system of earning money in the human mind is increasing as well as moral qualities are decreasing. The level of trust is declining which gives rise to corruption.

As tolerance for corruption increases, the number of common people is increasing. There is a lack of a strong platform in the society to oppose corruption, widespread illiteracy in rural areas, poor economic infrastructure etc. are the cause of endemic corruption in public life. The norms of the low salary of a government employee lead him to corruption. The complex laws and procedures of the government dissuade a person from receiving any form of assistance from the government.


At the time of the election, corruption gets to its peak. Politicians always support poor and illiterate people during their speech by showing them the dream of a beautiful future but do nothing after winning, so loyal leaders are needed to completely remove corruption from the country.

Essay on Corruption 500 words for class 9, 10


Corruption is spreading like a disease in India as well as abroad. It has become a rapidly growing social problem for Indian society. It has been initiated by opportunistic leaders in general. He never thinks of the interest of the country and for the fulfilment of his small selfishness, he causes corruption and damages the country. He hands over the wealth of his country in the wrong hands and in the minds of people living in other countries, he creates a wrong perception for India.

The negative impact of corruption on the country

The leaders of the country are destroying our old customs and civilization to fulfil their personal desires. In the present time, a person who does his work honestly by following the right principle is called an idiot in modern society. On the contrary, those who earn profit by working in wrong ways are considered good for society. However, corrupt persons easily cheat and rule ordinary, simple and innocent people.

Corruption in India is increasing day by day, one of the main reasons is the increasing relationship between officers and politicians with criminals, who are weakening the country. India became independent in 1947 and gradually started to grow stronger and developing but in the intervening period, the disease of corruption started which stopped the path of development of India.

Transactions run in both the government and non-government departments of India, that is, by paying or making some money. And because of this, now the situation is going from bad to worse, earlier money was given for doing wrong work or for doing work at the wrong time, now money has to be paid for doing the right thing also. But even after giving money, it is not certain that the work will be done in the right way and at the right time.

Corruption is prevalent in every field, hospitals, education, jobs, government offices, nothing has remained untouched by corruption. Today everything is a business and a source of making money in the wrong way. Educational institutions are also involved in this, they give the seat to those who pay for it, they have no meaning with the meritorious students. Very weak students get a place in a top university while meritorious students are left behind in life due to lack of money and study in a normal college.

At present, private departments are doing better than government departments. The private company gives a job based on the candidate’s skill, ability, technical knowledge and percentage of their good number, while in government department they have to pay a lot of bribes.


Today, for any type of government post (high level or low level) such as the market of bribes like teaching, clerk, babu, nurse, doctor or sweeper etc., the amount of bribe increases as the level of job is increasing. This is a very serious situation, and it has become extremely important to eliminate it for the welfare of the country.

Essay on Corruption 600 words for Class 11, 12


At present, corruption in India has taken a terrible form. This is not only hurting our country economically but also destroying our cultural and traditional values. In today’s time, people have become so mad after money that they have forgotten the difference between right and wrong. If we do not stop this problem of corruption in time, it will crack our country like a fire.

corruption in India

Corruption is spreading like a disease that is spreading not only in our country but all over the world. This is the fastest emerging issue in Indian society. Normally, it starts and propagates by opportunistic leaders who are hollowing out of the country for their personal interests. They are selling the country’s wealth in the wrong hands, as well as tarnishing the image of India in foreign countries.

They are destroying the old civilization and culture of India for their personal benefits. At present, people who follow good principles consider the world to be stupid and those who do wrong as well as make false promises are good for society. Whereas, the truth is that such people cheat straight, ordinary, and innocent people and always try to dominate them.

Corruption is increasing day by day because there is a nexus between the officers, criminals and leaders which is weakening the country. India got independence in 1947 and it was developing slowly that at the same time corruption spread disease and it stopped growing India as soon as it started. In India, a practice has gone home in the minds of the people that no work can be done in government and non-governmental organizations without giving the bribe and due to this thinking the situation is going to fall further.

Prevalence of corruption

Corruption is prevalent everywhere, be it a hospital, education, government office or anything, no one is untouched by it. Everything has been traded, money is being earned almost everywhere wrongly, the educational institute is also wrapped in corruption, here money is taken to give seats to the students whether their marks are worth it or not. Very weak students also get admission in any college on the basis of money, due to this good students are left behind and they are forced to study in ordinary college.

Today, non-government jobs are proving to be better than government jobs. Private companies give jobs to anyone on the basis of their ability, efficiency, technical knowledge and good marks, while for government jobs many times have to bribe like teachers, clerks, nurses, doctors etc. And the amount of bribe always keeps increasing based on the market value. Therefore, stay away from malpractices and stay with virtue, then corruption will end automatically.


The problem of corruption in India is becoming more and more frightening day by day. We have to keep in mind that corruption is not only damaging our present but also our future. In today’s time, inflation is increasing rapidly due to the bribes given for selection in jobs and jobs in government offices. Therefore, every section of the country will have to come together to stop this problem, only then the end of this monster of corruption is possible.

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