You are currently viewing Essay on Wonder of Science in english [Class 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9] 1500+ Words PDF

Essay on Wonder of Science in english [Class 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9] 1500+ Words PDF

Get here Essay on Wonder of Science in english for school students of class 1 to 12th. You can also download the pdf of essay through the link below. multiple essay are wriiten here for ssake so candiates like 10 lines, short or long paragraphs which are easy and simple and any one can use this as their homework. 

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Essay on Wonder of Science – Long and Short

The reason behind every event is science, cyclone, storm or rain or boiling and freezing of water etc. Science is not limited to mere tools, but science can be seen from Earth to Brahman. It would not be wrong to say that the modern era is the age of science. Today’s person is very much dependent on science. In other words, in the absence of science, the life of the person is filled with difficulties. 

Essay on Wonder of Science

Essay on Wonder of Science 300 words


In short, the systematic study of natural knowledge is called science. There are different types of science like – natural science, life science, and there are different branches of these types like – physical science, chemistry, biology etc. It gives us the reason and consequences behind the incident.

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Some great gifts of science to mankind

  • Power – power to Mankind Science (Electricity) is a great gift. The house is not only illuminated through electricity, but most of the appliances that we use in our daily life, run with the help of electricity. Apart from this, electricity contributes significantly to hospitals, industrial sector, corporate sector etc.
  • Traffic and Transport – Today we cover any long journey in a few hours. This is a product of science, as well as science has invented cycle, motor cycle, ricksa, car, bus and airplane. By which a person can make their journey easier by using them according to their income.
  • Role of Science in Agriculture – Many innovations, inventions of science have increased the quality and quantity of produce in agriculture. Harvesting machines, tractors, improved seeds, food, etc. are a gift of science to farmers.
  • Avoidance of natural disasters – In fact, no one can overcome natural disasters, but there are some inventions of science with the help of which one can get an indication of these disasters in advance, which leads to less loss of public money. Will be.
  • Seismograph – This is a geometer system, with the help of which the earthquake is likely to be detected, and its intensity is measured through the Richter scale.
  • Anemometer and Doppler Radar – These are cyclone and storm measuring instruments. This leads to an estimate of the speed of natural disasters.


Science plays a major role in our lives. And mankind has many facilities as a gift of science, which he uses from completing the tasks of his daily life to protecting himself from the wrath of nature. 

Essay on Wonder of Science 400 words


Science is a subject whose range and area is increasing day by day. Natural and systematic knowledge of an object or creature is called science. We all know, boiling of water is a natural phenomenon, but water always boils at 100 degrees and freezes at 0 degrees. This is science.

Inventions of science that are curse for the earth

  • Rocket bomb missile – Science is the result of rocket bomb missile and nuclear power, which are useful in our trouble, but their increasing number is a crisis for the world. Terrorism is co-operative through this, as well as nuclear power are a danger signal worldwide. It has extremely dangerous powers. On the morning of August 6, 1945, the US Air Force dropped a “Little Boy” atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima and three days later a “Fat Man” atomic bomb on Nagasaki. Whose side effects can still be seen there. The world is familiar with nuclear power, therefore, there is a provision that, without the permission of five countries, it cannot be used by any country.
  • Due to pollution, the terrible form of weather – with the help of science, the world has attained a higher dimension of development, but pollution in the world is also increasing at a rapid rate through science. The gas released from the factories feeds on the air. The continuous burning of fossil fuels is leaving an undue impact on the environment. Due to which we can clearly see its impact on South Asia during the time of winter, where the mist spread far and wide for longer than anticipated.
  • Unemployed Ga Ri – Science has given us tools and equipment as a gift to make our work easier. Because of which it can do the work of many people alone and in less time. But as a result, big industry companies are using one machine instead of 100 people. Due to which employment has been greatly affected.
  • Unreasonable effects on health – Commendable innovations of science that make our daily lives simple such as harmful gases like cars, motorcycles, fridges etc. have a profound effect on our health, and are also curses for the environment.


We have many benefits from the miracle of science. It makes our life easy as well as comfortable. But just as every coin has two aspects, in the same way both the benefits and the disadvantages of science affect the person and the environment.

Essay on Wonder of Science 500 words


Definition of Science- Science is the systematic study of the things present in nature. Science is the systematic knowledge that comes from study, thought, observation and experimentation. Which is done to know the nature of a subject of study. Our life has become easy and comfortable with the help of science. Today we cannot do our work in the absence of tools given as a gift of science, even our survival can be difficult. In the summer, we get relief from the temperature touching the sky and the cold that freezes humans.

Types of science

Natural Science (Natural Science) – is the systematic knowledge of natural and physical world within the natural sciences. Under this, we study the following topics.

  • Physical Science (Physics) – the physics, a huge branch of science, according to some scholars in the study of the components of the conversion of energy and fluid and the natural world and its internal functions. Such as location, time, speed, matter, electricity, light and sound etc.
  • Chemistry  is the branch of science under which the study of the organization, structure, properties of substances and their changes during chemical reactions are studied. Which literally means the study of rasas + ions means rasas.
  • Astronomy (Geography) – The study of space and aerial objects is called astronomy. There are other sciences related to natural sciences such as Oceanography, Geology, Ecology, Astronomy etc.

Life Science – Under life science, all kinds of animals, trees, plants and animals are studied. The major branches related to it are as follows.

  • Biology – Under biology we study the life, life and processes of life.
  • Botany – In this, studies related to plants and plants are done.
  • Zoology – Under Zoology, animal related studies are done.

Social Science – Under this type of science, we study social method and human behavior. It is divided into various categories.

  • History – Under this topic, we study the history of events.
  • Political Science – Study of governmental system and political activities.
  • Geography – The study of the physical structure of the Earth.
  • Economics  The study of wealth.
  • Social Studies (Social studies) – the study of human society.
  • Civics ( Sociology) – Social development and functioning of the study.
  • Psychology  Study of human behavior.
  • Anthropology – the study of various social aspects of human.

Formal Sciences (Formal science) – In this part of the science we study the formal system, such as mathematics and logic and so on.

  • Mathematics  Study of numerals.
  • Logic ( Reasoning) – Arguments of the study.
  • Statistics – Science related to the analysis of numerical data. Similarly, system theory and computer signs etc. come under it.


The systematic study of an object or subject, knowledge of that subject, is science. The boundaries of science extend very far. Such as Life Sciences, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences etc. Who make us know the reason behind the events. 

Essay on Wonder of Science 600 words


“Science is a beautiful gift for humanity, we should not destroy it” – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. As we were moving from the Stone Age, science filled us in the set of features of the present era. It simplifies our lives and inspires us to ponder the wonders of science.

Many such inventions of science, which make our life easy and enjoyable. Science has a very important contribution in our life.

Science invention

  • Science has provided many such plastic craft instruments that we use in daily life.
  • We cannot live in the absence of motorcycle, car, cycle, bus, all these means of traffic, it saves our time during our journey. And the journey of the bullock by airplane is a great achievement of science.
  • Antibiotics, ingestion and so on are the result of many pharmacology.
  • Today we can also make food with the help of science, microwave, gas, stove and index stove used in the kitchen are the product of science.
  • Through science, cleanliness has improved a lot more than before, we use vacuum cleaners and many other such small and big appliances that we use in private and public place cleaning.
  • Press, room heater, water heater, Kular, AC Etc. All these devices make our daily life simple and comfortable. We have become so used to these devices that in the absence of them our work stops.
  • Superstition has been abandoned because of science and the view of everything has changed.
  • The invention of telecommunication (mobile phone, telephone) makes our work easy and keeps us in touch with our loved ones.
  • Filters and mineral water provide us with health. This too is a product of science.

Some inventions of science that have revolutionized the human world.

  • Wheel – 3500 BC The wheel was invented which assisted mankind in agriculture and transportation.
  • Printer ( Printing Press) – In 1440, John Gutrberg Germany invented the printing Presh, which other copy fast raid books which was an extension of knowledge widely.
  • Telephone – Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876, which made many tasks easier through telecommunications.
  • Mobile phone – American scientist Martin Cooper together with his team made the mobile phone in 1973 and it weighed 2 kg. It later became the best medium of telecommunication.
  • Motor cycle – Gottlieb Demelier and Wilhelm Maybach built the motor cycle in 1885. Which sparked revolution as a means of transport.
  • Blv the invention – American inventor Thomas Alva Edison was Blv as presented to the world in 1879.
  • Internet – In 1969, Team Berners Lee disowned the Internet and hence is called the father of the Internet. The Internet is considered to be the most dynamic medium of communication, and it is a unique gift to humans.


Our life has become easy and comfortable with the help of science. Science has given us many such assets as gifts which have affected the life of a person, changed it. In which mainly mobile, internet, bulb, light, cycle, computer play an important role. This is seen as the basic ghost requirement of man in today’s time.

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