You are currently viewing Essay on Deforestation in English for Class 5, 8, 10, 12 in 1500+ Words

Essay on Deforestation in English for Class 5, 8, 10, 12 in 1500+ Words

Get here Essay on Deforestation in English for all class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 or college student in 1500+ words. These essay are written in such a way that it helps you understand what is deforestation and reforestation and their effect on environment. Different versions of essay like short / long essay and some lines on Deforestation and its effects are provided here. Students can also download this essay on PDF format through the link given below. So, let’s start with the essay.

Deforestation is the permanent tree harvesting of forests to clear the forests for people to get free land for use such as farming, housing, industrialization, urbanization, etc.

Essay on Deforestation in English

Short essay on deforestation 100 words – Introduction

Deforestation is the removal of forests on a large scale by cutting plants or burning forests to meet private-scale needs. Forests are of great importance for the management of the natural balance in the environment along with the entire human fraternity. However, trees are regularly pruned without seeing its ill effects on human society and the environment.

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Wood has historically been of great importance since ancient times and is used for many purposes such as building fuel, building houses, ships, paper production and many other daily activities of humans. Forests are essential for us and our future generations to enjoy and live a healthy and peaceful life in a healthy environment free from pollution.

Essay on deforestation in 150 words for class 4, 5

Deforestation is arising as a major global problem for society and the environment. This is like a severe punishment for the planet and signals the end of life on this planet. Regular harvesting of forests is threatening the climate, environment, biodiversity, the entire environment as well as the cultural and physical survival of humans.

There are many reasons for deforestation such as wood extraction due to increasing human population and industrial interests of the people. Trees are considered to be the primary product of the forest and are structural components of the physical need of man.

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The human population needs more land to live and harvest to explode, so they need to cut down forests. In this way, deforestation is happening rapidly to meet human needs in many ways. However, the effects of deforestation are intensified by deforestation. It is affecting human life to a great extent by forcing negative changes in environment and environment.

Essay on cutting of forests 200 words for class 4, 5, 6

Deforestation is the removal of trees on a massive scale to meet all the needs of a growing population. Man is so selfish; They are deforestation by completely removing forests without retaliation. However, they do not know that they are unknowingly digging a big pit for themselves. People are turning forests into land to make more wood, fuel, harvesting, building farms, homes and cities to live comfortably.

Loss of forests is the result of many effects such as loss of animal house, change in environment, seasonal changes, increasing temperature, rising environmental heat, global warming, increasing greenhouse gas effect, melting snowflakes and glaciers, sea level. Growth, weakening of the ozone layer, holes in the ozone layer, death of marine animals, increased risk of natural disaster such as hurricanes, cyclones, thunderstorms, floods, droughts and many more negative changes that are sufficient to sustain the existence of life on Earth Huh.

In balancing human life and environment cycle with water cycle, soil production, providing habitat for animals, providing oxygen, using harmful CO2, regulating environmental temperature, preventing soil degradation and many more Forests play great roles. By cutting the forests, we are stopping all positive activities done by forests in favor of human and environment.

Essay on deforestation, 250 words for class 5, 6 ,7 ,8

Deforestation is the cause of rapid damage without regularly cutting plants. It is endangering wildlife, human health and the environment. Rising human population, increasing congestion, increasing competition in the world compel man to cut down forests and establish well developed cities or farms or lands for harvesting.

In a competitive world like this, every country wants to overlap other developed and advanced countries to move forward and make them powerful. People need to cut down forests to build homes, parks, multiplexes, industries, public infrastructure, paper production, fuel, etc. Some greedy people are cutting forests and increasing the danger to wildlife and human beings to earn more money by selling the forest. life.

Wild animals are migrating and dying, native flora and fauna are permanent, the environment is changing negatively and disturbing human life. The natural habitat of the most important animals is being destroyed because some are migrating to other areas or entering human areas or dying.

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We need to conserve trees to prevent deforestation or preserve plants to save the sanctuary of animals so that natural cycles of the environment can be maintained to save lives here in the future. Conservation of forests is also necessary to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide gas, as well as to obtain fresh and healthy oxygen.

Deforestation increases air pollution, increases levels of toxic gases in the environment, increases soil and water pollution, increases environmental heat, and many more. All the negative effects of deforestation cause many health disorders and most importantly lung and respiratory problems.

Essay on Cutting of trees 300 words for class 7, 8, 9, 10

Deforestation is the refining of forests by humans. Increasing human population day by day is increasing the need for land on earth for agricultural, industrial, residential, commercial, cities and other purposes including the permanent removal of forest. In the last century, our earth was covered with forests everywhere, but now only a few numbered forests exist in a day.

Deforestation is a major problem in India as well as other countries. It is a global issue arising as a major environmental and social issue worldwide. Deforestation disturbs human life by creating many imbalances ecologically and environmentally. Deforestation is becoming increasingly dangerous and indicates the need to cut plants for the protection of human life.

Some people are deforestation to fulfill their greed to earn money from wood. People are cutting plants for their agricultural activities, logging (to make papers, matchsticks, furniture, etc.), urbanization (road construction, housing, etc.), desertification of land, mining (oil and coal mining), Fire (to get) heat), etc.

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Deforestation is affecting human health and fresh environment through climate imbalance, increased global warming, soil erosion, floods, extinction of wildlife, decreased levels of fresh oxygen and carbon dioxide gas and many more.

Deforestation is very important to run life better. There should be some stringent rules and regulations by the government of the country, which everyone should investigate deforestation. There should be simple and easy ways to make common people aware of the causes and effects of deforestation.

Population must be controlled to reduce the need for deforestation. Whenever a plant is cut, there should be rules to re-plant the old one.

Long essay on deforestation in 400 words for class 10, 11, 12

Deforestation is the permanent destruction to increase the sources of life and use of forests. Cutting plant is not bad but cutting it permanently is bad. If someone is cutting the plant, it should be replicated at the same place or elsewhere. Harvesting is one for many purposes such as harvesting, livestock, logging, building houses, furniture, roads, firewood, industrialization and many other purposes. Deforestation is affecting the environment more badly and more rapidly.

In the last century, the earth was full of forests but at present about eighty percent of the forests have been cut and destroyed and even the rain forests have disappeared permanently. Forests are needed for the good of wild animals, humans and the environment. Many unique species of plants and animals have become permanently extinct due to deforestation.

The process of harvesting plants is disrupting the natural carbon cycle and increasing its level in the environment day by day. Forests are the best means to use CO2 gas from the environment as well as to remove other pollutants from the atmosphere and thus to maintain freshness of the environment. Whenever trees are destroyed or burnt in any way, it emits carbon and methane which is dangerous to human life.

Both gases are called greenhouse gases and are involved in the greenhouse effect which eventually causes global warming. Forests are very essential for proper rainfall, getting medicine, freshness in air, removing air pollution, obtaining wood for many purposes, etc. When we cut plants, it troubles all the chakras and human life.

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Instead of cutting plants to meet the paper requirement, we should get into the habit of recycling old things to avoid new plant cuts. It is not possible to imagine a planet without water, life is not possible. And similarly, life is not possible without plants and forests because they are sources of rain, fresh air, animal habitat, shade, wood, etc.

Without plants, rain is not possible on the earth, nor fresh air, nor animals, nor shade, nor forest nor medicine. Everywhere there will be only heat, hot, dry, flood, storm, carbon dioxide gas, methane, other poisonous gases, no winter season and rainy season, summer season only.

We must join hands to stop deforestation. We should not waste paper and avoid unnecessary use of things like paper kitchen towels, facial tissues etc. We should think about the reuse and recycle of paper things to reduce the need to cut plants. Saving forests and plants is in our own hands and only a small step by all of us can show a big result towards stopping deforestation.

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