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Essay on Gandhi Jayanti in english

What is the history of 2 October? Why is 2 October celebrated? Get to know through an essay on October 2. Mahatma Gandhi was born on 2 October 1869. Mahatma Gandhi’s full name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and he was also called by the name of Bapu. This day is remembered by paying tribute to Bapu. Also, 2 October is celebrated as a national festival. Gandhi Jayanti is a government holiday especially across the country and essay competitions are also held in schools. Also, 15 June 2007 has been declared as the International Day of Non-Violence by the United Nations General Assembly. One cannot forget Mahatma Gandhi’s contribution to the freedom of the country. Bapu fought against the British all his life, gave freedom to the country and devoted his entire life to the country. 

Essay on Gandhi Jayanti 

Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated with great enthusiasm on 2 October. On this day preparations are made by the government officials at Rajghat in Delhi. Rajghat is the tomb of Mahatma Gandhi. On this day the Samadhi Sthal of Rajghat is decorated with flowers and all the leaders of the country come to Rajghat and pay tribute to the Father of the Nation. At the place of Samadhi, morning prayer is also held on 2 October and the sacrifice made by Mahatma Gandhi is remembered. The unique way of giving freedom to the country is also remembered. Because Bapu always chose the path of non-violence and learned to choose the path of non-violence.

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We all know that Bapu’s contribution in liberating the country is huge. Gandhiji started such a big movement of the country with the help of non-violence, truth and peace. Bapu has liberated the country with the help of these principles. Gandhiji believed that the British could rule in India because they got the support of Indians. Apart from that, they used to get financial help from Indians only. Gandhiji appealed to the entire country to boycott English products altogether. Which benefited India and the British suffered a great loss.

Bapu had made many movements and all the movements were for the freedom of the country which were successful. The beginning of the first movement was from 1919. In 1919, there was a movement of Jallianwala Bagh scandal. In which the countrymen gave full support to Bapu. After that Gandhiji started the Salt Satyagraha which was successful. Salt Satyagraha was the most successful. This movement is also known as Dandi March. The journey lasted for 26 days. Which started on 12 March 1930 and ended on 6 April 1930 in a coastal village of Dandi.

Gandhiji’s movements started with some people. Which started with a few people but later the whole country was joined. The entire country was ready to follow Gandhi Ji. The main purpose of the Dandi March was to oppose the English tax system. Because of which the lives of Indians had become miserable. Due to this movement many arrests were also made. But the British could not stop this movement. And this movement got immense success. Due to which the British were seen to be weakening their rule.

Seeing the success of every movement, the British were also forced to think. The British found it difficult to face the non-violence movement. The British government seeing losing its rule. This was the first time when the whole country was fighting together for independence, that too on the strength of non-violence. And women also joined the movement for independence of the country. Due to which women also got freedom. Mahatma Gandhi was the man who thought of liberating the whole country and started the movement. He told the whole country that blood for every fight is not revenged with the blood. The fight can fought by following the path of non-violence. Even if it is a fight to liberate the country.

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