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Essay on International Women’s Day 2022 in English

Women’s Day 2022 : In today’s time women and men are considered to be the same, but this was not the case earlier. earlier, women were considered to be the shoes of men. In this time of today, women in every region contribute equally to men. It is often asked that when is International Women’s Day celebrated and when is Indian Women’s Day celebrated? So let us tell you that Women’s Day will be celebrated on 8 March 2022 in India.

international women's day

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Essay on women day in English

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Ravindra Gupta is a verse in Sanskrit- ‘Yasya Pujyante Narayastu Tatra Ramante Deity:. That is, where the woman is worshiped, the deities reside there. Woman’s honor has been given great importance in Indian culture. But in the situation that appears in the present, women are being insulted everywhere. The man is ‘using’ it in his own way, considering it as an ‘object of enjoyment’.

This is a matter of great concern. But it is necessary to consider how to respect the woman while maintaining our culture. Mother should always be respected. Mother means woman as mother, in its holiest form on earth. Mother means mother. Mother is considered more than God, because the birth-mother of God has also been a woman.

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We can see this in the context of Mother Devaki (Krishna) and Mother Parvati (Ganapati / Karthikeya). But according to the changing times, the children have reduced the importance of their mother. This is a worrying aspect. Everyone is drowning in wealth and selfishness. But the respect of the woman as the mother who gave birth must be compulsory, which has reduced at present, this question is being spread all over the world like the Yakshaprashan nowadays.

The new generation should introspect about this. Girls are beating the game. If we look at the girls of today, we find that these girls are winning a lot these days. They can be seen moving in every field. Girls are moving fast in the merit list of various examinations. At one time they were considered weak, but they have acquired proficiency in every field on the strength of their hard work and merit power. His talent should be respected.

A woman’s entire life is spent walking shoulder to shoulder with the man. Her childhood passes under the shadow of the first father. In the father’s house also he has to do the housework and also have to continue his studies. This sequence continues until marriage.

Essay on International women day 2022

In August 1910, a meeting of the Second International Socialist (organized by the International Women’s Conference) was held in Copenhagen to celebrate the annual celebration of International Women’s Day. Finally, the annual celebration of International Women’s Day was established with the help of American socialist and German socialist Louise Jietz.

However, no date was set for that meeting. It was announced to celebrate this program to promote the right to equality for all women. It was first celebrated on 19 March 1911 by millions of people from Austria, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland. Various types of events such as exhibitions, women’s parades, banners etc. were kept.

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Issues such as the demand for voting by women, ownership of public office and ending gender discrimination in employment were put forth. It was celebrated in America every year on the last Sunday of February as National Women’s Day. It was first celebrated by Russian (Russians) women in 1913 on the last Sunday of February. In 1975, a rally was organized in Sydney by the Women (Australian Builders’ Labor Federation).

The International Women’s Day celebration of 1914 was held on 8 March. Since then, it started celebrating everywhere on 8 March. The 1914 program was specially organized in Germany for women’s right to vote. During the celebration of the year 1917, the “bread and peace” by the women of St. Petersburg demanded the end of the First World War, along with the Russian food shortage.

Gradually it started celebrating in many communist and socialist countries like China in 1922, Spanish communist etc. from 1936. How International Women’s Day is celebrated International Women’s Day is a special event which is celebrated by the people as well as business, political, community, educational institutions, inventors, TV personalities etc.

On 8 March around the world by the female leadership. Celebrated by organizing a variety of events such as breakfast, dinner, women’s issues, lunches, competitive activity, speeches, presentations, discussions, banners, conferences, women’s parades and seminars, including activities promoting other women’s rights. goes. It is celebrated all over the world to raise awareness about women for their rights, contribution, importance of education, livelihood etc.

The female teacher is gifted by her pupils, by her children to parents, to sisters by brothers, to daughter by her father. Most of the professional institutions, government and non-government offices, educational institutions, remain closed on this day. People usually wear purple ribbon during celebrating this festival. Essay on respect for women  You can also see mahila diwas par shayari on this great day of women empowerment. Looking at the history, mother Putlibai had planted the best rites in Gandhiji and Jijabai in Shivaji Maharaj.

The result of this is that we still know Shivaji Maharaj and Gandhiji today because of their superior deeds. His personality is vast and unique. By giving better values, making a child an example in the society, only a woman can do. Therefore, the woman is honorable. The culmination of indecency is becoming the culmination of indecency with women nowadays.

We read and see daily in newspapers and news channels that women were molested or gang raped. This will be called moral decay. Hardly a day goes by when there is no news of indecency with women. What is the reason for this? In print and electronic media, pornography is increasing day by day. It has a very bad effect on the minds and minds of the youth. They start considering its implementation.

The result is heinous and hate crime like Delhi gangrape. It is very important to consider this to protect the honor and dignity of the woman, as well as to protect her honor and identity. Indecent clothing is also a reason Certain ‘modern’ women’s attire is also not decent. Sexual offenses are also increasing due to these clothes. These women think differently. They think that we are modern. This idea cannot be said to be appropriate. It does not emerge from the fact that the crime has also inspired them due to their clothes.

From history , some famous women like Goddess Ahilyabai Holkar, Mother Teresa, Ila Bhatt, Mahadevi Verma, Rajkumari Amrit Kaur, Aruna Asaf Ali, Sucheta Kripalani and Kasturba Gandhi etc. have made their name and fame in the whole world with their mind and words. is. Kasturba Gandhi has played an important role in liberating the country by becoming the left hand of Mahatma Gandhi, shoulder to shoulder with him. Indira Gandhi has influenced India and world politics on the strength of her determination.

They are not called iron-women only. Indira Gandhi did not lose her courage despite the death of her father, husband and a son. Like a firm rock she continued to work in her field. Former US President Ronald Regan even called her a ‘clever lady’, because Indiraji was also adept at politics and speech. In the end, we would be right to say that we should respect every woman. As a result of disregard, feticide and not understanding the importance of women, the number of women is not even half the number of men.

Man should not forget that only after giving birth to a woman, she has been able to exist in the world and has reached here. It is not right to reject or insult him. In Indian culture, women have been given due respect for Goddesses, Durga and Lakshmi etc., so she should be given due respect. Women’s Day Articles – Special Articles on Women’s Day International Women’s Day “IWD” is also called International Working Women’s Day or Joint Pagan Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace to focus on the contribution and achievements of women in the society, in different regions of the country all over the world. March 8 is celebrated every year.

The program of this festival varies from region to region. It is generally celebrated to honor the entire female fraternity, to appreciate their actions and to show love and respect for them. Since women are the main part of society and play a big role in economic, political and social activities, celebrate International Women’s Day to appreciate and remember all the achievements of women. The celebrations of International Women’s Day began as a social political event during which holidays were announced in many countries.

While celebrating this festival, like the celebration of Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, men express their love, care, appreciation and attachment towards women. It is celebrated every year with special theme of the year and pre-planning to strengthen political and social awareness towards women’s struggle for its precious contribution.

Women’s day 2022 Colour

Purple is color for IWD 2022, whereas the combination of White Purple and green represents women’s equality in society.

International Women's Day ribbons colors

Women’s day 2022 Theme

The Theme of international women’s day 2022 is “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow“.

The sole aim of this theme to give women equal role and status in the society and open door of new opportunities to them.

Women’s day 2022 History

International Women’s Day history
  • In 1908, approx. 15000 women garment workers protested through New york city demanding for better pay and against bad working condition.
  • On 28 Feb 1909, Theresa Malkiel, American Socialist Party suggested to dedicate this day in honor of last year’s protest.
  • On August 1910, Luise Zietz (leader of social democratic party Germany) suggested women’s day annually in International Socialist Conference held in Copenhagen.
  • On 19 Mar 1911, International Women,s Day was marked for the first time when a millions people protested for and demanded equal rights for women.
  • In 1913, Russian women celebrated 1st women’s day on last Saturday of February
  • In 1914, women’s day was celebrated in 08 March in Germany and women demanded the right to vote which was accepted in 1918. Since then International women’s day is celebrated on 08 mar 2022.

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