You are currently viewing Best App to Make Status Videos from Images for Whatsapp and Instagram, Facebook
Best App to Make Status Video from Images for Whatsapp and Instagram, Facebook

Best App to Make Status Videos from Images for Whatsapp and Instagram, Facebook

If you have never made a Status Video and want to make WhatsApp Status using photos and video, then you have come to the right place because today I am going to tell you about the Status Bane Wala App, the best WhatsApp status maker.

With the help of which you can create amazing and unique status and share these status on your Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, i.e., all social media platforms.

Friends, a few years ago, to create status, we needed PC and computer, and in that also it was necessary to have knowledge of video editing, only then we could create status.

But in today’s time, there is no need for any PC to create status because today we can create status in amazing and excellent HD quality from a smartphone itself, and to create these status, we are going to use the best status making app, the Status Bane Wala App. WhatsApp status creator enthusiasts can rejoice because it simplifies the process.

This app makes it easy for anyone, even those without video editing knowledge, to become a WhatsApp status maker and an Instagram status creator. You can easily craft unique status using your photos and videos, and the app ensures the highest quality HD status.

Say goodbye to the days of needing a PC or computer for status creation – with this smartphone status creator, you have all the tools you need at your fingertips. Whether you’re sharing on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform, this status generator has got you covered

Status Banane Wala App Download

I would like to tell you that whatever status you create through these apps will be better than the status created by PC. Yes, friends, you have heard it right because, in today’s time, all the statuses you see are mostly created by these apps. This makes them the best status maker for Android choice for many.

These apps offer an array of features that make your statuses truly exceptional. They come with many effects and background music, allowing you to create a status that rivals those of professional video editors. In fact, I personally use these apps to create status because they make the process so seamless and the results so impressive.

So, friends, let us move ahead understanding the importance of time and explore more about the best status maker for Android. With these apps, you can unlock your creativity and make status updates that stand out on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

1. MBit Music Video Status Maker

The first app in our list is named MBit and it is the best application for making status and it is easiest to make status with MBit because you can make the status of your photo with it.

In this you get to see Trending Video Effects, which are the most popular status, their effects are also available in it. Mp3 Music is given in it so that you do not need to download music from outside.

Along with this, you get different types of wallpapers, if you want to make a professional status which you can upload on YouTube and Instagram, then you should make the status of these wallpapers.

You can make these statuses of 30 seconds which will be easily supported on any platform and if you want, you can set the time duration of the status as per your choice.

In MBit, you get to see templates of different categories in which templates like Love, Sad, Friendship, Popular, Events etc. are available. You can create status by selecting whichever template you like.

How to make status from MBit App?

STEP1– First of all download MBit App from the link given below and open it.


STEP2– After opening MBit, you will get to see many templates, select any one template.


STEP3– Now you will see the option of Add photo in the bottom left corner, click on it.


STEP4– Now select the photo for which you want to make status and select the right tick option.


STEP5– After selecting the photo, your status has been created and below you will see the Save option, by clicking on it you can download your status.


Download MBit 

2. Make Status

status-banane-wala-app is also a popular status app because all the famous statuses you might have seen have been created by and anyway it is still used by 5 crore people to create world wide status.

From this you can guess how much popularity has got, in this you also get to see video effects and templates for different celebrations and festivals.

Besides, whichever category of status you create, you will get to see all the features related to it – Template, Music, Photo, Effects, Background, through which you can create a good and professional status.

In this, you are not going to see any drawback of putting music in status because millions of MP3 music is available in which you can use any of your favorite music in status and that too absolutely free of cost.


3. Mast: Music Status Video


If you want to make Status Video in One Click, then Mast App has been brought only for you, which literally creates good and HD Status in one Click and that too for free.

In this you get to see popular music status which you can use to make your own status and in this you get to see a section of latest tech which you can use to make cartoonist status.

Meaning, you can make your own photo or video into cartoon status, which has become possible due to the tech features given in it and different templates can be seen for all festivals and people like to put status in festivals the most. .

The most different and unique feature that I have found in this is that it has Amazing Pictures template which has many features in it, we can create status by adding our photo.

Download Mast

4. Video: Status Making Apps


Friends, Vido is also a great app through which you can make short video status and along with photo, you can also make video status and no video editing skill is required to make status with it.

With this, you can create Lyrical Status using Mp3 Music and your photo, that too within a minute, which makes the status really fast and many different types of particle video effects can be seen which adds to the status.

In this, you also get the facility to create Spectrum Status, which is mostly seen in YouTube Status. If you have ever seen Status on YouTube, then most of them make Spectrum videos.

Besides, whatever status you create, you get many video qualities to download it, so that you can save your status in both Low Quality and HD Quality.

Download Vido

5. VidStatus – Short Video Status


If VidStatus is called All In One App, then perhaps it would not be wrong. I am saying this because along with creating Status, you can also download Status. Yes, you have heard it right.

You can download and save Whatsapp Status with this, along with this you get to see many popular statuses made which we can directly download and use.

Along with this, many unique features are also available through which we can create amazing status and if we want, we can publish the created status in this app, which will increase our popularity and it is possible that we can also do some earning through it.

In this we get the facility of Face Swap Video Maker through which we can change our face and put the face of any other object which will create a completely unique status for you.

Download VidStatus

6. Noise


Noizz is also an amazing application with 100 million downloading and most of the statuses that you get in it are festival related and you will get to see most of the religious statuses in it.

In this you get to see the option of Beauty Of Light, by enabling which we can make any dark object white and shiny, which will increase the value of the status even more.

In Noizz, you get the option of 10000+ Magic Effects, which is a big figure because making the status of ten thousand themes is not an easy task, that is, you will have to spend years of time, so you can understand that Noizz is not that kind of app.

Download Noizz

7. Biugo


If you are thinking of making funny and casually status then you should use Biugo App in which among all the templates you get to see, funny template has the highest number of templates.

With this you can change the age of your video, that is, if you are a young person then you can make yourself a child and by adding some filters and music to it, you can create a completely different status.

In this you also get the category of Music, through which you can use exactly the same Mp3 music as you want to create Status, which will make your Status look absolutely professional and people will also enjoy watching the Status.

If you want, you can also link Biugo with Instagram app, through which if you get any trending status, then you can import it into Biugo and create the same status or even better status.

Download Biugo

8. Wenlow

Most of the status wala apps that we talked about above were Indian and used to create normal Indian status, but Venlow is such an app through which you can create Us Type status which is made in America and Australia . .

The user interface of Venlow is of simple white color which will give you a premium feel in appearance, along with this you can create HD quality status with it, it even supports 4K resolution.

You will create Full Screen Status with this and you must have seen many statuses which are in Full Screen and the fun of Full Screen Status is not available in Cropped Status and Venlow gives you a chance to create Premium Status absolutely free.

I can say with full assurance that if you create a status through Venlow app once, you will forget to use any other status app and now I am going to use only Venlow app for creating status.

Download Venlow



If you want to create status by converting photo to video, then Buzo has been brought only for you and it is the best app for most of the youngest people because with it you can also create Love and Anniversary Status or Sad Status.

You can wish your marriage anniversary by making your wedding photo as status, that is why I said that this is one of the best apps for the youngest people.

It is not that a teenager cannot create a status with it, but anyone can use it to create a status easily and it also works like a Status Downloader from which you can download the status.

Whatever app you have heard about makes status from photos, but with Buzo you can also make status of videos and cartoon clips, that too will be your own status and people like such status the most.

Download Buzo

10. Audio Status Maker


You must have understood from the name of Audio Status Maker App that this is an app for creating Audio Status through which you can create a good Audio Background Status and write any text and such status is rarely used in today’s time. .

That is why you can create this kind of audio status and I would like to tell you that no other app is available to create audio status, that is why you can create a good status with Audio Status Maker app.

With this, you can trim and edit the audio easily, so that you can cut the best part of any movie or music, extract its audio status and speed up or slow down the audio as per your choice.

You can also show your art above the audio. You can also place a small size photo which provides some information about the audio status.

Download Audio Status

11. Boo – Video Status Maker


If you are thinking of making Memes Video Status then Boo can be a useful app for you because in it you get to see many funny and meme templates from which you can make memes from photos.

In this you get to see Breaking News Template which makes it easy to create any Meme Status and Miss Universe TV is also available through which girls can create status for themselves.

There is also an option of Magical Videos through which we can display any of our images or videos in a glass cup and many such different templates are available which we call Magical Videos.

Download Boo



If you are looking for an app from which you can create status with customization as per your wish i.e. you can create status manually, then Beat.Ly has been brought just for you.

In which you will get to see different types of Status Editing Tools, using which there is a little learning curve, that is why this app is the best app for professional people.

In this, a template is also available for beginners, which can be used to create a normal status, but the effects given in it are no less than anyone because updated trending effects have been given.

In this, you get the option of Facial Effects through which you can capture facial features, that is, you can make your face in fire status or make your eyes like the eyes of a lion, which is definitely worth seeing.



In conclusion, the Status Bane Wala App stands as the best status maker for Android, offering a seamless and impressive platform for creating captivating statuses. With the help of this app, you can easily craft unique status updates from your photos and videos, enhancing them with a variety of effects and background music to rival professional editors.

Gone are the days when PC-based status creation was a necessity, as these Android apps provide the highest quality HD status directly from your smartphone. In today’s digital landscape, where most of the statuses you encounter are generated using such apps, embracing this technology allows you to keep up with the trend and produce status updates that shine on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and all other social media platforms. So, take advantage of the ease and creativity these status-making apps offer and elevate your status game today.