You are currently viewing Best Video Editing Apps Free for Android and iPhone Download without watermark
Best Video Editing Apps Free for Android and iPhone Download without watermark

Best Video Editing Apps Free for Android and iPhone Download without watermark

Hello friends, welcome to our another new blog post in which today I am going to tell you about Best Video Editing Apps Free for Android and iPhone Download without watermark

I know you already know about many video editing apps which are great but the worst thing about those applications is that they have the problem of watermark.

Like Kinemaster which is a popular app and also makes great videos but watermarks can be seen in it and one has to pay a premium to remove the watermark from it.

But in all the applications about which I am going to tell you today, watermark will not be visible and any video made through them will be in 4K HD quality. 

Because you have to spend money to make 4K video with Kinemaster, but don’t worry, you do not need to worry, all the features of the best video editor apps, we will tell you about are available for free.

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So friends, let us move ahead understanding the importance of time and know about downloading Video editing apps for youtube which is going to be the most unique and different and the most interesting thing is that you can also download it from the link given below.

That means, I am going to give the download links of all the apps that I will tell you about, which you can download in a single click, so let’s start the article

1. Splice – Video Editor & Maker 

The first application in our list is named Splice and it is a very good app. The biggest reason for keeping it at the first place is that with it you can do Pro Level Desktop Editing.

That means you can do video editing with it like a PC because we know that the best video editing that can be done on a PC is a bit difficult to do on a phone, but Splice App has proved this completely wrong.

Because in Splice you get to see all the features which are there in a PC software and the best thing about it is that you do not get to see watermark in any video you make with it, which is its biggest advantage.

And I would personally like to recommend Splice to you because it is optimized for small screens, that is, it is going to give you a great editing experience in Android.

Now let’s talk about the features of Splice, with it you can add video clips, add background music and all the basic features can be seen.

Along with this, Advance Video Editing Features are also provided like- Title and Overlay Text and Fast Motion of Video which is done in a PC Software which makes it different and unique.

How to make video with Splice?

STEP1– First of all download and open the Splice App.


STEP2– After opening the app, you will see a new page and below it you will see the Get Started button, click on it.


STEP3– After clicking on Get Started, you will see a Plus(+) icon, so click there.


STEP4– After clicking on the Plus icon, your gallery will open, now select the video you want to make and after selecting the video, you will see an arrow on the right side, click on it.


STEP5– After selecting the video, you have to select the Aspect Ratio for which you will get to see all the Video Content Platforms like – Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram. Select the screen size for which you want to make the video.


STEP6– Now the video of your gallery will come in this app for editing, now you can make the video according to your skill and after making the video, you will see the Download Up arrow at the top to save or download it . Click on it.

STEP7– Now select the quality in which you want to save the video and click on the Save button below, now the video made by you has been saved in your phone.  


Video making app Splice Video Editor & Maker Features – 

  • Edit Faster With Intuitive Timeline
  • Pick Your Favorite Moment
  • Add Text And Overlays
  • Add Music
  • Video Making With Speed ​​Effects
  • Share & Save Your Video
  • Export Videos In High Quality
  • Save Videos To Your Camera Roll
  • Choose From A Huge Library Of Free Music

Download Splice

2. Vidma Video Studio

Vidma Video Studio is also an amazing Short Video Making App which will help you in making a stylish and attractive video and with this you can export and import 4K video.

That means if your video is in 4K then you can send it to this app and after making the video, you can also save the video in 4K quality, this is the meaning of Export and Import and this will be very useful for you in video editing. Is.

In this also you are not going to see watermark which is the biggest thing for us and in this you get to see many great transitions and transitions are also very important in the video.

Because if you have 10-15 different video clips, then transition plays a big role in joining them at one place and it would probably not be wrong to say that it is impossible to join different video clips without transition.

Impossible means that the video will not be smooth at all without transitions and you will get to see many transition effects in it and there are many video filters too.

Along with this, you also get to see all the basic features like cutting and trimming a big video, which is best for making short videos.

I would like to tell you that you get to see more than 70 unique and new Video Effects which is a fantastic thing, I can say with confidence that you are going to like Vidma app 100%.

Vidma free Video editing App Features – 

  • Explore a Library of 500+ Popular Music Tracks
  • Apply 70+ Video Effects for Creative Editing
  • Enhance Transitions with 30+ Cool Effects
  • Create Slideshows with Ease
  • Add Video Overlays, Stickers, and Text
  • Achieve Dynamic Visuals with Speed Ramping
  • Merge Video Clips Seamlessly
  • Crop and Resize Video Ratios to Your Preferences
  • Infuse Cinematic Vibes with Movie Filters and Effects

Vidma Video Studio Download

3. Video Editor – Glitch Video


Friends, Glitch video is very popular in the video editing industry because it enhances the video to the next level, which looks like a professional video to people.

Very few people use Glitch Video Effects because this option is available in very few apps and software and even if it is available in some, it is premium, but you can create Glitch video with it for absolutely free.

Apart from this, it is also very stylish and whatever video you make with it will be seen as stylish and there are so many video glitch filters which I cannot explain in words.

And you will get to see a lot of some glitches, there are more than 100 glitches and some of them are very good which you are going to like a lot.

In this you will also get to see background music which you can put in your video and the most interesting thing is that all this music will be seen copyright free which you can use without any hesitation.

Even if you publish these background music videos on YouTube, you will not face any problem or copyright issue, that is, it is not just an app but it is going to work like a destination.

Would like to tell you that this is not a local or similar app but has been created by InShot Inc which is a popular brand in the video editing industry.

Video Editor Glitch Video App Features – 

  • Seamlessly Combine Videos and Photos
  • Access 100+ Video Effects for Creative Editing
  • Apply 100+ Effects for Captivating Glitch Videos
  • Enjoy a Library of Free Music Tracks
  • Enhance Your Content with Stylish Stickers and Text
  • Apply Retro Filters for Vintage Aesthetics
  • Adjust Playback Speed for Dramatic Effects
  • Experience the Nostalgic Charm of a Retro VHS Camcorder
  • Import Videos from Your Gallery with Ease
  • Easily Adjust Aspect Ratios for Versatile Media Compatibility

Download Glitch Video

4. Videoleap Editor By Lightricks


This is a very amazing app because in it you get to see a unique feature through which you can Chroma Key the video, that is, you can change the green screen into a beautiful background.

Because many times it happens that the background of the video where we are making is not that good, in such a situation, with this app you can change the background and add the background of your choice.

Even it supports all types of formats because there are different video formats for YouTube and different formats for Instagram, so it supports all types of formats in which you can do video editing.

If you are a beginner in the field of video editing and do not have even the slightest idea about making videos, then it also gives you many video tutorials by watching which you will easily learn to make quality videos.

I would like to tell you that in this also you do not get to see watermark which is an important thing and it also gives the facility to create Mix Videos by which two photos can be created by combining them with each other.

And not only this, but till now 3 Million Hours of video has been made in Videoleap and that too free of cost for which people do not need to spend any money.

Videoleap Editor By Lightricks App Features – 

  • Simplify Professional Video Editing
  • Transform Your Concepts into Reality
  • Generate Stunning Visual Effects
  • Artfully Blend Video Elements
  • Polish Audio with Professional Sound Editing
  • Employ Green Screen/Chroma Key Compositing
  • Customize Video Clip Fit or Cut to Desired Format
  • Maintain Original High-Quality Resolution
  • Enjoy Unlimited Undo/Redo Capabilities
  • Seamlessly Add Images or Intros to Videos (Without Watermarks)

Download Videoleap



Friends, Canva is an application through which you can edit photos as well as videos and it is the most used app these days and Canva App is still available in my phone.

Not only me but every person who creates content will see 100% Canva App in his phone, that is why Canva cannot be ignored because it is very important to have it in your phone.

Just as many templates are available in Canva for editing photos, similar templates are also available for making videos and thousands of video templates are available.

Making a video using these templates is a very simple process, you do not need to do much hard work, just select a video template of your choice and put your recorded video in it and your video will be completely edited.

In this, you have been given many excellent templates to create Instagram Reels and you can also share these videos directly on any social media platform, that is, there is a very good option of sharing.

And if you make any video with this, you will not see watermark and all the features are available absolutely for free and I can tell you with full confidence that if you start making videos with Canva, then you will not be able to use any other app. It won’t feel good.

Canva App Features – 

  • Experience the Freedom of Free Access
  • Create Effortlessly Editable Collages
  • Explore a Vast Collection of Thousands of Free Templates
  • Seamlessly Edit Videos with Ease
  • Access Millions of Free Video and Audio Resources
  • Fine-Tune Light Settings, including Contrast, Highlights, and Shadows
  • Utilize Color Grading Tools for Enhanced Visuals
  • Achieve Precision Trimming and Retouching with Slider Controls

Download Canva

6. KineMaster 

Friends, if we are talking about online video making app and the name of KineMaster is not mentioned in it, it is not possible that it is a different matter that the problem of watermark is seen in the free version of KineMaster.

But this cannot be ignored, KineMaster is the first and oldest app for video editing and almost every YouTuber has made his first video with KineMaster.

With KineMaster you can make the best videos for YouTube and I know many YouTubers that they still make their YouTube videos with KineMaster even though they can buy many premium apps if they want.

There must be some reason why those people, despite having millions of subscribers, edit videos with KineMaster and the biggest reason for this, I felt, is that you can see KineMaster tutorials everywhere.

Due to which people are making unique videos using only KineMaster and KineMaster is also such that it provides you almost all the small and big features in its platform.

If you are a beginner and want to make the first video of your life, then you should use KineMaster only, from which you will get many tutorials to watch on YouTube and once you learn to make videos, then you can easily use any app. You can do it and make any video you want.

KineMaster App Features – 

  • Access High-Quality Templates
  • Easily Remove Backgrounds
  • Enhance Your Content with Visual Effects
  • Employ Dynamic Transitions with 30+ Animation Options
  • Choose from a Vast Selection of Stickers, from Collage to Cute and More
  • Add Animated Subtitles and Text with Numerous Font Choices
  • Access Thousands of Creative Assets
  • Apply Voice Changing Effects
  • Utilize a Variety of Built-In Animations for Extra Impact

Download KineMaster

7. VN Video Editor 


If you are a Vlogger and want to edit Vlogs Video, then VN Video Editor has been brought for you, which you can use to make Vlog video blindly and many Vloggers edit their Vlog Video with this app. .

The biggest benefit you are going to get in this is that you get to see a Vlog camera in it, inside which you can shoot Vlog video and edit it directly.

Due to which you will not need to import any video from outside because you can directly shoot your video with it and create great Vlogs and templates for Vlogs are also available.

Which you can use to enhance your Vlogs even more and VN Editor is available for both Android and IOS, perhaps this is the reason why big vloggers use VN Editor even from IOS phones.

Perhaps I once heard that when Shourav Joshi shoots his Vlogs from mobile, he edits them with VN Editor only, which is a big thing.

Here you also get to see text template and stickers which are especially for videos, that is, stickers will also be seen in 3D view which will always be seen in motion.

If we talk about its advance features, then there is an option of Speed ​​Curve in it, through which you can slow down or fast the specific part of the video and this will be useful when you speed up the video of bike riding because somewhere in the Vlogs, When we go for a walk, that time is made fast.

VN Video Editor App Features – 

  • A Sleek Mobile Video Editing Tool
  • Access Text Templates and Stickers
  • Enjoy Advanced Editing with Speed Curve Controls
  • Add Keyframe Animations for Precise Effects
  • Ensure Secure Project Sharing
  • Swiftly Create Rough Cuts
  • Easily Delete and Reorder Elements
  • Utilize a Multi-Track Timeline
  • Save Drafts at Any Point
  • Apply a Variety of Rich Filters for Stunning Visuals

Download VN Video Editor

8. Motion Ninja


You can call Motion Ninja an all rounder video editing with which you can do video editing from beginners to advance level and in this also you get to see Chroma Key.

Which works absolutely correctly and if any of your videos is in green screen, then you can easily remove its background and replace it with the desired background.

In this you get to see Speed ​​Ramping which works perfectly and no other app in Android can do Speed ​​Ramping better than this.

And for making short videos, Motion Ninja is considered to be the best app for Android and in it you also get to see Key Framing and this is a very required feature for video editing.

In this you get to see 4K Export and my phone is not that special but 4K Export in my phone is very good with this application.

In this you also get to see a hidden feature whose name is Cut Out, with the help of which there is no green screen in your video, that is, whatever the background is, you can easily change the background of that video because of the Cut Out option.

Motion Ninja App Features – 

  • Create Customized and Advanced Animations
  • Utilize Time Remapping and Optical Flow Techniques
  • Choose from a Variety of Title Templates
  • Harness AI for Video Cutouts
  • Employ Professional-Grade Color Adjustment Tools
  • Make Use of Popular Green Screen Effects
  • Enhance Video and Picture Quality with Quality Enhancer
  • Adjust Speed Remapping for Variable Footage Speeds
  • Enjoy Highly Customizable Effects

Download Motion Ninja

9. Video Guru


If you want to do Pro Level Video Editing then you must use Video Guru App and Video Guru has been liked a lot by the people, you will be surprised to know that 2 Million people have given it review.

In this, you get to see all the tools which should be there in a video editing tool, however, you also get to see Extra Options which are not seen in other apps.

As far as I have gathered information about Video Guru application, it shows that if you are a YouTuber or a video creator who makes videos for any platform, then you must use Video Guru.

Video Guru App Features

  • Unlock Full Video Functions with No Watermark
  • Seamlessly Merge Multiple Video Clips into a Single Video
  • Trim and Cut Videos to Desired Lengths
  • Modify Video Speed from 0.2× to 100×
  • Add Fun Speed Effects for Creative Editing
  • Swap or Blur Video Backgrounds, Perfect for Instagram
  • Create Videos in Popular Aspect Ratios
  • Fine-Tune Original Video Volume Levels

Video Guru Download

10. FilmoraGo

If you have even a little knowledge about video editing, then you must know the name of Filmora because it is a very powerful software which is used for editing videos in PC or Mac Book.

But today Filmora’s Android and IOS application is also available which you can download from Play Store, here I am going to tell you about Filmora’s Android app.

Since this is Filmora’s app, it is a Powerful Video Editor with which you can create great videos and it would probably not be wrong to say that you can create videos with it just like PC.

The biggest reason for Filmora being popular is that the more powerful video editing tools it has, the easier it is to use these tools, that is why it has become so popular in the world wide.

In this, the speed of the video can be controlled by Curve Shifting and in this you get to see Unique Effects and Filters and the filters that you will get to see in Filmora are not in other apps.

That is why the video editing of all the popular videos you have seen on YouTube is different from others, the reason is that they use Filmora’s Filters and Effects.

FilmoraGo Download

11. PowerDirector – Video Editor

power director

If you want a heavy size video making app then you should look at PowerDirector App and I don’t need to introduce much about PowerDirector anyway.

Because this is also a very popular app like KineMaster and it is also known as Silent Editor because editing videos in it is the easiest and the features are also seen at Beginners Level.

It becomes easy to use because the icons of all the editing tools are visible in it and their names are also very simple so that even a new user can edit the video with it.

As far as I have analyzed it, it gives interface and UI a little towards Picsart, so people who use Picsart can easily interact with PowerDirector.

I am able to completely relate to it and now I am going to do video editing work only with it and the most important thing that I have seen in it is that it provides a royalty-free stock library for free which contains many videos. It is available for free.

Here you get to see videos of popular copyright free websites like Shutterstock and Pixabay, through which you can find the video of your choice and you also get the search option to find the video.

Download PowerDirector

12. VivaCut – Pro


If you want to do awesome level editing in your Basic, then you should look at VivaCut Pro application because it is very easy to use, its user interface is awesome and you can easily learn to use it.

Since friends, unless you learn video editing, no app will be of use to you, but VivaCut is going to help you a lot in learning video editing which can take your video editing skills to a different level.

Its UI is very minimalistic and in it you can add multi-level video layer and simultaneously do key framing. Yes friends, you have heard it right.

If you do not know what Key Framing is then you can Google it because there are many things in Key Framing and this app supports all those things.

With this, you get to see a marked highlight of whatever video layer or text you add, which does not cause you much trouble and your timeline remains completely organized and accurate.

Because I have seen many YouTubers, they make some mistakes in the timeline due to which their video editing is not good, but you can eliminate this problem with VivaCut Pro app.

Download VivaCut Pro

13. Alight Motion 


The user interface of this application is not that easy or minimalistic, that is, it is a little hard to use, which means it is slightly above the basic option.

That is why it can be best for experienced people because it has been brought for those who are already in the video editing field and want to improve their video editing.

In this you get to see Motion Track through which you can apply motion to the video in different views and you get to see many Icons and Stickers.

If you want, you can also draw icons yourself and you get to draw these stickers in 3D View and can keyframe them in stickers and videos.

In this you also get to see the features of adjusting color and Chroma Key is already available in it, about which you already know. 

Here you also get to see Visual Effects and by going to the Visual Effects section, you can use all types of Visual Effects and presets like Aspect Ratio etc. are given in it, so you can check them out.

And Blending Mode works very well in it, go and check it and if you want to learn any effect or face any problem while editing video, then in this you will get to see thousands of video tutorials from there you can learn. Can.

Download Alight Motion

14. Vita – Video Editor & Maker


The name of the application which is at number fourteen in our list is Vita, I know that you must already know about Vita App because many people do video editing with it and it is very popular.

But we have not added it to our list because it is popular, but the main reason for this is its template section in which you will get to see thousands of video templates.

To use these templates, as soon as you open this application, you will see an icon of a template on the top of its homepage, on clicking which lakhs of icons will appear in front of you.

Now you must be wondering what is the meaning of template, so here you do not have to do any video editing, you can convert any video into aesthetic video.

You get to see the template of the type of video you want, if it is someone’s birthday then there is a different template for that and if it is someone’s anniversary then there is a different template for that.

If you want to upload a video for Instagram Post or want to upload any video with Brand Collaborate with someone and you want to do video editing on the go but there is no compromise in quality, then you can use these templates.

Download Vita

15. Smooth Action-Cam SlowMo


If you want to make SlowMo videos, then this application has been brought only for you and it makes Smooth SlowMo videos, perhaps that is why this word is also seen in its name.

I would like to tell you that this mobile app seems to be directly competing with PC software because with it you can do very dangerous montages and the video will be so smooth slow mo that you will not even realize that the video is shaking.

While making a Slowmo video with this, you have to keep in mind that the video you are exporting should not be more than 60 FPS so that a good SlowMo can be made.

It is not that it can only do SlowMo, but it can also do other video editing tasks like – In this you get to see the option of Cut, Trim and Delete and the option to cut the video in it is a little advance level. Is of.

That means if any clip in your video is useless then you can directly select it and delete it and that scene will be deleted from the video and this is going to be more beneficial for those who make tutorial videos on YouTube.

Download Smooth Action-Cam

16. Present For Lightroom – Koloro


If you do not have much confidence in Effects and Filters and want to edit everything manually then you should use Koloro App which is published by Lightroom.

Although you get to see the effects in this, but you can set each and every single thing manually, that is, you can make the entire video as per your wish and skill.

Yes Friends, you have heard it right, if you do not want to take advantage of any extra ordinary features in it, then you should know how to make some videos, although it is not that difficult, you can easily make videos with it, I can say this with confidence. I am.

I want to explain to you through an example, the way we retake pictures in Lightroom, we can do color grade, you can call this application the video version of the same Lightroom.

Like here you get all the things, you get HSL with which you can set Single-Single Color manually and with this you can create the most unique video of the entire Video Editing Industry.

However, you may need a little practice if you have never used Lightroom’s Photo Editor App before because people who have used Lightroom can easily do video editing with it.

Download Koloro

17. Prequel AI Video Editor


Friends, if you are looking for video apps for your Instagram, then you should use Prequel App because 90% of the videos with Viral Filter and Effects that you get to see on Instagram are made by this app .

You might remember that recently a filter went viral where you could see very vibrant and gray type shorts, so that is the same filter. There is a filter called Indi Kit in it, with which you can make such shorts.

And another filter went viral in which Sky Sea Race comes from the background, that too is from this application, which means all the popular effects here mostly come from this application.

And in this you get a lot of Effects & Filters, you will get tired of using them but all of them are not going to end and this is an AI app, that is why it always keeps generating new filters automatically.

In this way, new filters keep coming in new updates and you can make a complete video in one click, so guys, what else do you need and this is my most favorite application in reels editing.

Download Prequel AI

18. GoPro Quik: Video Editor


If you want to make quick and quick videos, then GoPro Quik App has been brought only for you because it automatically syncs the music in the video, so that we do not take time in choosing the music.

And our video gets ready fast. The biggest feature of it that I have seen is that whatever video you edit in it, you can leave it midway.

So whenever you start editing that video, that video will start from the same place where you edited it and closed it because a powerful cloud computing is seen in GoPro Quik.

Due to which while editing your video, the real time gets saved in that cloud, then you must have understood what I want to understand to you, along with this you can also see its PC software.

With this, the video you are making in the mobile can be edited in the PC also and here also the Cloud Option is very useful. In GoPro Quik you will get to see the same option which is seen in their mobile application.

Whatever video you make with this gets automatically highlighted and this is one of its most special features and in this you get all the tools with which you can do maximum video editing.

Download GoPro Quik


video show

Friends, VideoShow is becoming very popular these days. You can estimate its popularity from the fact that more than 10 Crore people have downloaded it and are making great videos with it.

Perhaps this is the reason that till now VideoShow has got a good Star Rating of 4.5 and apart from that, 5 Million people have also given their review which is a big thing and I have not added this app to my list because it Is it so popular or does it have so many reviews?

Rather, I have added it to my list because it makes videos very amazing. If you want to make intro video for any of your platforms, then this can be the best app for you.

In this you get to see Multi Layer Editing through which many different videos can be shown in a single video, which means if there is a person in your video, then other videos can be played on his body.

Today’s YouTubers use it very rarely because they do not know how to use this option or they are not aware of this feature, although it is the first choice of big YouTubers.

If you are also a Beginner Youtuber or Content Creator, then this option can increase your video editing skills up to 10X and your channel will also grow.

Download VideoShow

20. Film Maker Pro 


The 20th application in our list is very special because with it you can make a short film and whatever video you make with it is mostly uploaded on YouTube because I have seen many popular YouTubers uploading their videos through this. Let’s make.

And they are earning money by uploading it on YouTube, among which the biggest name is Sumit Cool Lifestyle Youtube Channel, who has a good number of subscribers on YouTube and they prepare their short films using this app.

Apart from this, you can also use Film Maker Pro for comedy videos and those who have started their YouTube channel with it have almost been successful and they are also very happy.

In this, you get to see the Intro template for the type of film you want to make, along with it you also get a copyright free background video which you can use anywhere in your film.

You even get to see more than 2000 resources in it, which you can use at different places while making a movie video because it includes names like Intro, Sticker, Transition, Green Screen, Font, Overlay, Poster etc. .

Not only this, to give an even more premium look to the video, Glitch Effect, Rhythm, Art, Vintage etc. can be seen and the video can also be zoomed in, zoomed out.

Download Film Maker Pro

21. YouCut – Video Editor & Maker


YouCut is an app from which you can avail premium features for free. Yes friends, you have heard it right. YouCut makes available to you all those features for free which other applications charge premium fees for.

Now you must be wondering which premium features it provides for free, then its biggest example is Stylish Templates which is absolutely free of cost and anyone can use it easily.

In this, different categories of video templates can also be seen, in which a separate list of templates can be seen for Beats, Reels, For U and thousands of unique templates have been given in one category.

The template is for those who want to make videos quickly, but in it you also get to see Manual Editing Tool, which you can use by clicking on the Plus icon.

In this you get to see a great and popular transition whose name is Turn Page, due to which the transition of your video clip will appear as if the page is changing and many of you use this type of transition in videos. Would definitely want to do it.

Perhaps it would not be wrong to say that whatever editing is done in the world of editing, you can do it with the help of YouCut application and you can also find it available on Play Store.

Download YouCut 

22. Magisto


I would like to tell you that Magisto is a very simple app with which you can easily do video editing. There is no need to do much to make a video because it automatically edits the video.

You can make many types of videos with this, you can do personal video editing and also promote your business, that is, those who are real estate or event organizers, then you can easily promote them by making videos or short clips here. You can promote your business by editing.

Friends, when you open Magisto for the first time, you get to see two options, one is Personal Video and the second is Business Video. Out of these, you will select the one for whom you want to make a video.

And whichever one you select, you will get to see exactly the same type of video editing tool and in this, you will also get to see videos as per your choice, which you can consider as social media.

Because you can upload the video made by Magisto in it and it will be all your requirement because if you want, you can upload the video in it or save the video and post it anywhere on YouTube or Instagram.

Download Magisto

23. VLLO – Intuitive Video Editor


Friends, this is a dangerous video making app which is of 94 MB but in it you get to see Pro Features and one thing worth seeing in it is that you will be able to export 4K without watermark.

Although you will have to watch an ad to export 4K video, but if you want 4K video then you watch an ad and export 4K, which according to me is a very good option.

If we talk about its features then there is no problem in it, it is easy to use and you will be able to split, increase or decrease the speed, reverse the footage or do you want Pro option in video editing, you get all that in Vllo. .

Although it is completely free, which is enough for your video editing in the beginning, but if you learn to use all its free tools well, then you get a Lifetime Subscription.

I have seen many video editing apps but Lifetime premium option was not seen in any of them. Yes, Monthly and Yearly Subscription is available in all the applications.

In this you get to see an option named VLLO Stock in which when you go, you get to use all the things related to Gaming, Background, Intro ETC which can be used as per the need in video editing.

Download VLLO

24. ShotCut – Music Video Editor 

ShotCut is an editing software which is available for all three operating systems, be it Windows, Mac or Android, it is available for all three which you can download for free.

You can also remove the green screen with it and apply a spectacular background as if you are the king of editing because it removes the green screen very fine in the way VFX is used.

You can create the look of the video exactly the same and all the applications do the cut but there is no option to increase the cutting speed in any of them but this can be seen in ShotCut.

You can even change the volume of the video, increase or decrease it and can also add background music, that is, this application is completely Beginners Friendly.

In this way, all the tools for video editing are available in ShotCut, but one of its disadvantages is that we do not get to see any template in it, but everything is available for editing.

Anyway, it is Beginner Friendly, so you will not face any problem in making videos and even if any problem arises, you can easily learn video editing by watching the video tutorial of ShotCut on YouTube.

Download ShotCut

25. GoCut – Effect Video Editor


If you want to make Lightning Video then you should use GoCut App because in it you will get to see many popular Lightning Effects which will be automatically added to the video.

Because the work of applying lighting effect in all these videos is done by template because manually applying lighting in the video can be a very difficult task which is not at all easy for a beginner.

However, for those who already do video editing, it also has the feature of applying lightning manually and it gives Amazing Velocity Control which you can do completely manually.

In this, you get the option to add text in the video and different types of fonts and designs are given in it, through which you can do editing with lyrics.

Now you must be wondering whether we will be able to add audio in it or not, then definitely you can add audio also and in GoCut you will not have to think about the basic feature because all the basic features are given in it.

Download GoCut



Friends, AndroVid is a very popular app with 50 million downloads. If it is called All In One Video Editor then perhaps it would not be wrong at all because I have given you information about about 25 apps above.

But I am surprised to say that in this you get to see the maximum number of video editing tools and features, that is, if all the features given in all the above apps are combined in one place. AndoVid App will be ready.

The most interesting thing is that when you edit a video with it, you get to see all the tools at one place, so that you will be able to use those editing tools easily and you will definitely use those tools because they are useful for you. Is in front.

And you must have heard a saying “What is seen sells.” And at this place this saying is visible exactly in feet, along with it the details of the video you are making can also be seen.

You get to see the quality of that video written and details like its size, format of the video etc. All this can be seen when you are editing live video.

Download AndroVid

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