You are currently viewing [2023] Best Slow Motion App for Android Free APK Download
Best Slow Motion App for Android Free APK Download

[2023] Best Slow Motion App for Android Free APK Download

Best Slow Motion App for Android Free APK Download: Dear reader, do you also want to make your video slow motion and want to share slow motion video in short video apps like Josh, Takatak etc. then you have come to the right place because I will tell you about Video Ko Slow Motion Karne Wala App .

Best Slow Motion App for Android Free APK Download

Since friends, you would know that whatever video goes viral on short platform is mostly slow motion video, in such a situation it becomes very important for us to make slow motion video to perform well on short video platform.

Slow motion app is needed not only for short videos but it is also useful on YouTube because with the help of these apps, you can also make slow videos fast. In such a situation, this app is very beneficial for those YouTube creators who say they are slow.

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1. Effectum


Friends, if you make a slow motion video and there is no smoothness in it, then there is no benefit in making a slow motion video and only if there is smoothness in the video, you get the benefit of slowing down the video. 

That is why I have told you about the best slow motion app with which you can make slow & fast videos very easily and you can also download it from Play Store.

In this, you get to see many effects for slow motion video, in which both video slow motion, fast motion, reverse motion and slow + fast are available which is most useful.

Slow + fast motion effect is mostly used to make short videos and slow motion video is used in all the short videos which have become popular.

The biggest advantage of slowing down the video is that there is no problem of watermark in the video because I have used many such applications which slow down the video.

But Watermark comes in it which completely ruins the Slow Motion Video which we cannot even upload on YouTube or other platforms. Perhaps this is why Effectum is the first application on our list.

Download Effectum

2. Slow Motion: Slo Mo Fast Mo


You can see the name of the second Video Ko Slow Karne Wala App Download in our list, in this you can only make the video slow motion and fast motion.

But the special thing about this app is that it is developed and published by Watermark Remover which you can download from Play Store or the link given below.

This slow motion video editor can easily create slow and fast motion effects. It can slow down the video playback speed and also make the video playback rate fast.

If its biggest feature is called Magic Slow-mo, then it would probably not be wrong because with the help of this feature, along with video slowmotion, magical effects can also be seen.

In which not only the video is seen slow, but magical artistry is also included in that video, due to which the video looks like a professional slow motion video, which you will understand only when you make the video slow motion with it.

Download Slow Mo Fast Mo

3. Video Speed ​​Changer


Friends, the biggest reason for adding Video speed changer app to our list is that it has been highly liked by our Indian youth. Perhaps this is the reason why Video Speed ​​Changer has a star rating of 4.7 despite having more than 10 lakh downloads.

There will hardly be any slow motion dither present, which shows that the video speed changer app is very good and people who have used it before you are also satisfied with it.

In this, you can add multiple fast motion & slow motion effects in the same video and very easily make any video fast motion and slow motion according to the selective speed. If you want, you can download it from below.

The most useful thing that I have found in this app is that there is no limit for video motion, that is, you can slow down the video as per your wish.

On the other hand, you can also speed up the video as per your wish and if you want, you can create posts for your social media accounts and publish them directly.

Download Speed ​​Changer

4. Video Speed ​​(Slow Motion Video App Download)


This app has been developed by AndroTechMania, in this also you can make a very nice and smooth video in slow motion and share it on any social media platform instantly.

You can watch your videos in fast or slow motion and save your creations with this slow motion and fast motion video editor. No hidden charge will be taken from you for using it, it is a completely free app.

You can use this app in different ways. You can record something falling and watch it in slow motion or watch your friends fall and watch it in slow motion, it will be very fun for you.

That means you can experiment with your personal videos so that you will learn a new skill and it also gives you the facility to record video so that you can adjust the speed of the video in real time.

This can prove to be a better solution for your experiment and fun with friends and with this you can make video recording 4X Fast & Slow in Real Time so that the speed of the video will change automatically as soon as the video is recorded.

Download Video Speed

5. Slow Motion Video Editor


You must be knowing from the name itself what kind of application it is, in this you do not make an ordinary video slow or fast but edits a wonderful slow motion video.

In this you can do many things to improve your video. You can shorten the video with the help of Trim Option or slow down or fast speed the video and create a completed video using Amazing Filters and Effects.

With slow motion video editor you can easily create stunning content and share it on social media like TikTok, Instagram Reels, Stories, YouTube and more.

It also gives you special sound track which is specially made to be used with Slow Motion Video and using these sounds makes your Slow Motion Video look even more professional.

And all this music is copyrighted free which you can use without any hesitation, apart from that you can also import your favorite music and if the music is of your choice then it adds to the video.

Download Slow Motion editor

6. Slow Motion Video Maker (Video Fastening Apps)

Slow Motion Video Maker

Friends, this fast video slow motion app has been developed by Eco Mobile, which has been downloaded five million times world wide, you can also download it from play store.

Slow Motion Maker is a completely free video speed editing application for android users. The slow motion camera makes it easy for users to adjust slow motion or fast motion to produce the most impressive video.

In this we get to see many great features in which we can slow down the video to 0.25, x0.3, x0.5 and in this we also get the option of video cutter with which we can make any long video short. Can.

With this we can also create our own magic video which will look like a movie scene because we can slow down the video speed and create multiple layers which will look amazing.

I myself had once made a Magical Video when I had to prove to my friends that I would make a unique video and I did exactly that, I reduced the speed of the video a little and applied a Magical Filter. After that a completely unique video was ready. 

Download Slow Motion Maker

7. Video Velocity

Friends, if I tell you the truth, then hearing the name of Video Velocity fills me with excitement because with it you can change the velocity of the video, which simply means that you can change the video speed.

With this, you can speed up or slow down a specific part of the video and before slowing down the video, you can preview it so that you will know how the video will look after slowing down.

After that you can save the Slow Motion Video and with this you can also edit the video at Pro level, which means by editing the Slow Motion Video you can make it even better.

Effects and transitions can be applied in it, which will be ready to be shared directly on any social media platform and mostly Video Velocity App is used to change the speed of small videos.

This does not mean that you cannot change the speed of a long video with this, but I myself have slowed down a long video for my YouTube video with this, although I have not slowed down the entire video but have slowed down some specific parts in it.

Download Video Velocity

8. Smooth Action

If we are talking about changing the speed of the video and the name of Smooth Action is not mentioned in it, it is not possible because its name comes first in changing the speed of the video along with smoothness.

Because it gives you the option of 120, 240 and more than 480 FPS which you can edit directly and if you have some knowledge of editing then you will know that the higher the FPS in the video, the smoother the video becomes. .

And if the FPS in a slow motion video is high, then that video looks wonderful to watch and it is not that you will have to put in a lot of effort to make the video slow motion.

In fact, you can change the speed of the video with just a few clicks and if I talk about my favorite feature, it is the Advance Slow-Down Algorithm which makes the video slow in deep levels.

You will get an idea of ​​this only when you do deep level video slow motion and this can be done only with the help of Smooth Action App.

Download Smooth Action

9. Time Cut

[2023] Best Slow Motion App for Android Free APK Download

If you ask me personally what is the name of the best slow motion app, then I will take the name of Time Cut because with it you can make Optical Flow Motion Video which will make a very smooth video.

You can do Curved Slow Motion with it, along with it you can see Motion Magic like Montage, Hero, Bullet etc. and its User Interface is very amazing which you will like very much.

It gives you the option of AI Smart Motion Blurred due to which the video becomes blurry while doing motion and it is AI based, that is, you do not know at what time the video motion will be blurred and in which part.

But my friends, believe me, the AI ​​that does Motion Blurred can surprise you because it automatically detects which bad part of the video should be blurred so that no unwanted object is seen in the video.

Download Time Cut

10. Slow Motion & Fast Motion Video


If you want to slow down the video as well as make the video fast, then this app has been brought just for you and perhaps you may find its name a bit strange to hear, but believe me, this is a great application for changing the speed of the video.

If you don’t believe then you should know that till now it has been downloaded by 5 million people and it can be compared with the first application of our list.

Whose UI also looks similar but in terms of features, both are seen competing with each other because in this you get to see Uniqe Slomo Editor which is specially designed for editing Slow Motion Videos.

You might have seen a video on YouTube which is 360° round with slow motion. Apart from that, a similar scene can be seen inside water, so you can do this kind of slow motion editing.

Download Motion & Fast

11. FX Motion Pro


FX Motion Pro is also a great application and is a bit unique because with it you can make a video on green screen, add VFX to it and make that video slow motion.

With this, you can record live video, that too with Speed ​​Control Option, that is, the speed of the video you record can be increased or decreased according to the situation and this option will be most useful to you at that time.

When you need to change the speed of a video immediately in an emergency, you can start direct recording and add music or voice over to the video clips at the same time.

You must have often seen that the background music in Slow Motion Video is 100%, that is why there is an option to add music in this app and you can control the volume of the music.

In fact, in all the slow motion videos I have seen, there is sweet music, which means the sound is very low, that is why when you add music in slow motion, try to keep its sound as sweet as possible.

Download FX Motion

12. Fast Motion Video Editor


Nowadays, Fast Motion Video Editor is also being liked a lot by the people and the biggest reason for this is that with it you can increase or decrease the volume of the real sound of the Slow Motion Video.

And you can add music in it, although friends, you do not get to see any music library in this, rather the music which is to be used in the video has to be imported from your phone.

In this you get to see Advance Speed ​​Point Motion, with the help of which the speed of the video will become much faster in the part of the video where you point.

Download Fast Motion


Today you learned about Video Ko Slow Motion Karne Wala App. I hope that the expectation with which you came to our blog has been fulfilled. If there is any problem, then you can tell us by commenting.

If you like the article then do not forget to share it with your friends and on social media platforms, this gives us motivation and we try to write better articles as much as possible. So let’s meet again in another great article, till then take care.