You are currently viewing RRB JE Question Paper With Answer For 02 June 2019 – Download PDF for RRB JE CBT 1

RRB JE Question Paper With Answer For 02 June 2019 – Download PDF for RRB JE CBT 1

RRB JE Question Paper With Answer For 02 June 2019: RRB JE 02 June 2019 question paper and answer keys are available here for the candidates who have appeared in the exam and looking for RRB JE 02 June CBT 1 Question paper and solution. For now official RRB JE 2019 02 June paper and solutions are not released. So, for the sake of candidates we are providing you with the memory based question paper and Answer keys of RRB JE 2019.

RRB JE Question Paper With Answer For 02 June 2019 – ( Unofficial )

As usual RRB releases the Provisional Answer keys for RRb JE 02 June All shift Paper. After that candidates can object against the answer key by following the objection raising procedure.


  1. Difference of SI and CI is 8 rate 8%, for 2 years find principle.
  2. Difference of si and Ci is 124.15 for rate 10% of 2 year if interest is compounded half yearly, find the sum?
  3. Sinθ/(1-cosθ)=?
  4. Value of 1/(√2+√3-√5)- 1/(√2-√3-√5)=?

RRB JE Important Maths Questions

Question Distribution Topic wise

TopicsNo. of QsLevel
SI/ CI2Easy-Moderate
Time, Speed and Distance4Easy-Moderate
Time and Work3Easy-Moderate
Number System (HCF/LCM)2Easy
Ratio & Proportion1Easy
Statistics (Mean)1Easy
DI (Tabular) 

General Intelligence & Reasoning (Stage 1 &2)

In the General Intelligence & Reasoning section, candidates can score more marks. However, he/she just need the accuracy and speed of the exam.

RRB JE Reasoning Questions

  1. AZ, DW, GT,?
  2. 165, 275, 15, 25, 3, ?
  3. Rita sees in east direction finally he takes 4 times , finally in which directions she is?
  4. A man goes to east direction and covers a distance of 1 km and then he takes takes right and cover distance of 2 km , takes left and cover 1 km, finally he covered distance in east direction?

Reasoning Exam question distribution according to topics.

TopicsNo. of QsLevel
Seating Arrangement (Circle & Linear)2Moderate
Word Arrangement 
Venn Diagram1Easy
Blood Relation1Easy
Mathematical Operations3Easy
Odd one out2Easy

RRB JE Exam Analysis – General Awareness (Stage 1 & 2)

General Awareness is consist of 15 questions. It can be overall easy depends on your knowledge and efforts taken.

1. 72nd Himachal day is observed on which date ?

2. Wetland day ?

3. IUPAC name of acetic acid?

4. Smallest cells of human body ?

5. When we add sulfuric acid into zinc(zn) then which gas is produce ?

6. Mandleev periodic table is based on which ?

7. Isotopes definition ?

8. Stapalchase is related to which game?

9. Decision of Replay of out in cricket is decided by which number of empire?

10. Cells which are below of our skin is called as?

11. If we add salt to choose potato then color of potato will be

TopicsNo. of QsLevel
Current Affairs4-5Easy

RRB JE 2019 All Dates Question Paper with Answers

Meanwhile candidates can check RRB JE Unofficial Question paper and Answer for all dates from here.

RRB JE Official Answer Key 2019

Official RRB JE 02 June Answer key will be released at the zonal website of each RRB. Candidates can download the 02 June 2019 answer key by login in to the candidates portal by providing their registration number and date of Birth. Meanwhile you can refer the unofficial answer key to get an idea about your performance in the exam.

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