You are currently viewing RRB JE Question Paper With Answer For 26 May 2019 – Download PDF for RRB JE CBT 1

RRB JE Question Paper With Answer For 26 May 2019 – Download PDF for RRB JE CBT 1

RRB JE Question Paper With Answer For 26 May 2019: RRB JE 26 May 2019 question paper and answer keys are available here for the candidates who have appeared in the exam and looking for RRB JE 26 May CBT 1 Question paper and solution. For now official RRB JE 2019 26 May paper and solutions are not released. So, for the sake of candidates we are providing you with the memory based question paper and Answer keys of RRB JE 2019.

RRB JE Question Paper With Answer For 26 May 2019 – ( Unofficial )

As usual RRB releases the Provisional Answer keys for RRb JE 26 May All shift Paper. After that candidates can object against the answer key by following the objection raising procedure.


Q. Car, Van, Bus, Auto find odd one out ?

A. Auto (3 Wheeler )

Q. Agar 8888,666,44 agla kya hoga ?

A. 2

Q. 4 ka sambandh 128 se ha to 6 ka smbandh kisse hoga ?

A. 648

Q. Find odd one out 324, 100, 290, 144 ?

A. 290

Q. 01 Dec 2022 ko konsa din hoga ?

A. Thursday

Q.  Question from Odd one out ?

Q. Ek Admi East me chala 5 KM fir do baar right muda to uska face kis direction me hoga ?

A. West

Q. 15:65::24:__

A. 101

Q.  5#3@4 and 8#9@3 then find 6#5@4 kya hoga ?

Q. 1, 12, 35, 16, 20 ___

A.  27


Q.  Power ki unit kya hot ha ?

A. Watt

Q. Highest ionization kiski hoti ha ?

Q.  Earth par agar mass 66 kg ha to moon pr kya hoga ?

A. No change

Q. Sound frequency ki unit kya hoti ha?

A. Hertz

Q. perfume kis khusbhi hamare naak tak kis process se aate ha ?

A. Diffusion process ke through

Q. Time is 0.2 sec frequency kya hogi ?

Q. Wavelength ka Symbol kya hota ha ?

A. Lambda

Q. LPG me konse gas hoti ha ?

Q. Neutron ki khoz kisne kare ?

A. James chadwik

Q. Joule / Coulomb kiska unit ha ?

A. Volt

Q. Konsa animal skin ke through breath krta ha ?

A. Frog

Q. Pole and focus ke bich ke distance ko kya kehte ha ?

A. Focal Length

Q. What is electric Current ?

A. Rate of flow of charge

Q. Strongest Bone konse hoti ha ?

A. Femur bone

Q. Graphite Konsa chemical boand hota ha ?

A. Covalent

Q. Human Eye ka lens konsa hota ha ?

A. Convex

Q. Pupil kiska part hota ha ?

A. Human Eye

Q. ammeter ko Galavanometer me kese convert krte ha ?

A. Series me highresistance lagake

Q. Galavanometer ko ammeter me kese convert krte ha ?

A. Parallel me low resistance lagake

Q. Ammeter konse current measure krta ha ?

A. High Amount Current

Q. Lens Formula kya ha ?

A. 1/f=1/v+1/u

Q. Solar Energy ka Source Kya ha ?

A. Sun

RRB JE 2019 All Dates Question Paper with Answers

Meanwhile candidates can check RRB JE Unofficial Question paper and Answer for all dates from here.

RRB JE Official Answer Key 2019

Official RRB JE 26 May Answer key will be released at the zonal website of each RRB. Candidates can download the 26 May 2019 answer key by login in to the candidates portal by providing their registration number and date of Birth. Meanwhile you can refer the unofficial answer key to get an idea about your performance in the exam.

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