You are currently viewing RRB JE Question Paper With Answer For 27 May 2019 – Download PDF for RRB JE CBT 1

RRB JE Question Paper With Answer For 27 May 2019 – Download PDF for RRB JE CBT 1

RRB JE Question Paper With Answer For 27 May 2019: RRB JE 27 May 2019 question paper and answer keys are available here for the candidates who have appeared in the exam and looking for RRB JE 27 May CBT 1 Question paper and solution. For now official RRB JE 2019 27 May paper and solutions are not released. So, for the sake of candidates we are providing you with the memory based question paper and Answer keys of RRB JE 2019.

RRB JE Question Paper With Answer For 27 May 2019 – ( Unofficial )

As usual RRB releases the Provisional Answer keys for RRb JE 27 May All shift Paper. After that candidates can object against the answer key by following the objection raising procedure.

RRB JE Questions Asked 27th May 2019 – Mathematics

The questions asked in the Mathematics section were of easy to moderate level. The questions asked are distributed in an equal manner among various topics.

  • tan (40 + 35) = ?
  • cos A (1+tan A) sin (1-cot A) =  ?
  • Daughters age is 1/4th father’s age. After five years her age will be 1/3 rd to her father age. What will be the ratio of her age to her father after a span of 5 years?
  • At what rate, a sum will get doubled in 2 years?
  • What percent material is wasted when a cylinder with a given height and radius is transformed in a cone of different radius and height?
  • Find 4 + 44 + 444 + 4444 + 4444
  • If sin x + sin^2 x = 1 then find cos^2 x + cos^4 x ?
  • Find the ratio of the volume of a cone, hemisphere, and cylinder if the radius and height are equal i.e. 1:2:3.
  • Convert 0.23 (bar 38) infraction
  • Convert (a fraction) in the lowest form.
  • Train based 2 Qs
    • A train crosses a platform in 5,5 sec and a person standing on a platform in 2 sec. What is the length of the train?
  • A person moves to city B with a speed of 25 km/hr and comes back with a speed of 20 km/hr. The total time taken was 1 hour 48 minutes. What is the distance between two cities?

RRB JE Questions Asked 27th May 2019 – General Knowledge

The questions asked in the GK section were again easy. Get the RRB JE questions asked in GK with the answers by going through the table given below –

RRB JE Questions Asked  27th May 2019– General Knowledge – All Shifts 
What is the reason for the Girl Child Act 2019?Highlight the inequalities faced by girls in the countryPromote awareness about the rights of a girl childGenerate awareness on the importance of girl education, health, and nutrition.
One question was based on Dams. –
Sri Lankan Satellite Ravana was launched in which month? April 2019
Few questions were based on sportsperson and related field. –
What is the name of Air to a surface missile launched by India?Agni-V
Name the first woman who crossed the English Channel?Gertrude Caroline Ederle
Kuchipudi dance form belongs from which state? (Options: Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Tamil Nadu)Andhra Pradesh
Name the first Chinese who came to India?Fa-Hien
Who was the person who made the first Indian movie?Dadasaheb Phalke
Deepika Kumari is associated with which sports?Archery
Award for Best Learning App?BYJU’s The Learning App
Who received the award for the best startup?Aviotron Automation

RRB JE Questions Asked 27th May 2019 – General Science

The questions asked in the General Science section were of easy to moderate level. Get the RRB JE questions asked in the GS section with the answers by going through the table given below –

RRB JE Questions Asked 27th May 2019 – General Science – All Shifts
What is the SI unit of current?Ampere
The mirror image and focal length are given. Find the Refractive Index?
What is the application of ‘Arjun’ developed by India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)?
What is Refractive Index formula?n1 × sin(θ1) = n2 × sin(θ2)
One question was based on Voltage.
What is the effect on Current when resistance increases?
If Voltage & Charge are given, then find the value of power?
One question related to voltage.
One question based on Archimedes principle
One question based on Law of Gravitation
How to change the current when half the resistance and voltage is constant?
One question-based on Litmus paper
The modern periodic table was introduced by?
Which fuel is used in AC Train?Diesel
While going down the Periodic Table, Electronegativity increases or decreases?Decreases
Oxides are acidic or basic?Oxides based on their acid-base characteristics are classified as acidic, basic, amphoteric or neutral.
Which gas is formed during the reaction of Acid rain + Suphur+ COSulfur Dioxide
Aquafina is written on which of the bottles?
If you move downward in a group in the periodic table, Alkalinity of an element decrease or increase?
One question was based on POP (Plaster of Paris).
Which of the following is a drawback of the Rutherford model?
Name the element which is similar to Beryllium?
Group 17 elements are called as?Halogens
What is the colour of solution of salt and water?
Which is the strongest bone?Femur
Which mineral causes blood clotting?Magnesium
Name the climber (plant) from the given options.
Sponge in biology is Plant or Fungus?
Who proposed ‘Origin of Species’?Charles Darwin
One question was based on water borne diseases.
What is the Length of the small intestine?20 Feet (6 meters)
Name of the Organism which takes oxygen? (Options included Aerobic and Anaerobic, etc.)
Pepsin is secreted by?Gastric Glands
Name the Climber Plant from the given options.

RRB JE 2019 All Dates Question Paper with Answers

Meanwhile candidates can check RRB JE Unofficial Question paper and Answer for all dates from here.

Official RRB JE 27 May Answer key will be released at the zonal website of each RRB. Candidates can download the 27 May 2019 answer key by login in to the candidates portal by providing their registration number and date of Birth. Meanwhile you can refer the unofficial answer key to get an idea about your performance in the exam.

RRB JE Official Answer Key 2019

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